A Message from the “New Owner” to You

The Custodian has asked me to pass on a message to you all:

“I am so overwhelmed – in a good way – with the wonderful sentiments and all the lovely and truly touching comments on my LOROS and RA ramblings, especially, of course, with respect to my personal hospice story.  We all have a story.
I promise you I will watch The Hobbit sooner rather than later!  I also failed to mention that I’m a huge fan of his audiobooks!  If you haven’t given them a listen yet, please do so.  I was reluctant initially because I prefer the written word, but after listening to one or two of his, I now have a greater appreciation of voice actors and their abilities to tell a story with many different voices/accents, etc.  I’ve now become a convert, but admittedly, I’ve only listened to his books thus far. ;))
And, of course, I am absolutely THRILLED that RA has answered my questions!  More proof that he has a marvelous sense of humor and that he appreciates his admirers.  I think he enjoyed the questions.  I know I certainly enjoyed creating them.  PEACE!”

And not that we need any further proof that The Jacket™️’s new owner – or rather “The Custodian” (I like that adage much better than “new owner” or Fan X” 😉) – really is a lovely person:

I just received a delivery from her of these gorgeous flowers, chocolates and bubbly. Totally undeservedly!

When I open the bottle of prosecco, I will toast to her, to all of you, and to RA. 🥂 Cheers!



28 thoughts on “A Message from the “New Owner” to You

  1. This is just so lovely all around! How wonderful that the custodian gave you such a beautiful (and well-deserved) reward for your labors, and I’m very glad to hear that she has dipped her toe into the audiobook ocean. I’ve long loved audiobooks but of course, RA’s narrations are in a class by themselves. I’ve just started the newest Jackman and Evans, and hope that our friend will enjoy that series soon, if she hasn’t already started.

    And I forgot to relay to her that I, too, have not see The Hobbit movies! I had the chance to see the first at a screening at work, but the weird frame rate gave me a headache and I left after about 20 minutes. This was before I’d discovered RA so I had no incentive to tough it out. As far as now…*sneezes* (don’t like Tolkien). Phew! Excuse me! Must have gotten a bit of dust up me nose.

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    • A nice reminder of her, to draw attention to the audio work. I have totally come round to liking audio books. I used to be really anti. Maybe it just takes some getting used to them, and finding out what you can and can’t do while listening to an audio book. (They are my ideal ear entertainment when crafting, but I can’t listen to them while doing anything that otherwise requires my attention.)
      I think you’d be excused if you did a “fast-forward fan viewing” of DOS and BOTFA… I mean, particularly BOTFA is really worth watching. RA’s portrayal of mad Thorin in that is really among the top performances ever, together with Proctor and Dolarhyde.

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  2. So lovely of her, those flowers are gorgeous and you absolutely *do* deserve it! Thanks for handling this extended “birthday month” with such grace and competence! (As always)


  3. Amazing. How kind and thoughtful. I love the audio books too and his David Copperfield is brilliant. Enjoy your bubbly 😋 You deserve it after all your hard work x


    • I agree. He wouldn‘t have replied if he hadn‘t enjoyed the Qs. They were well written with a nice, often funny intro, and they displayed some prior knowledge. Way to do it!


  4. It’s getting better and better! So much kindness and love and appreciation! Thank you both and other RA fans and Richard (of course!) for making me feel happy in our lovely virtual corner. We all need it, especially nowadays. Cheers 🥂 and much love ❤️

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  5. How sweet is this.. I loved reading all the messages and RA’s responses to the questions as well, it brightens my day ! And how lovely of the “custodian” to send such a thoughtful gift to you, the “gizzy” is definitely in good hands, now if we can just get her to watch The Hobbit and her thoughts on becoming a true convert, that would be fun too..

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  6. A beautiful gesture of gratitude and well deserved. Kindness begets kindness as they say. It’s true that the love you spread will come back to you.
    It’s wonderful the “ kind custodian” is enjoying the different genres in which RA has gifted us with his stellar performances.
    I find that there are many that so impressed me I have returned to them multiple times and enjoyed them even more so. I really do love the Hobbit movies and I would encourage her to watch all of the special feature “appendices” as they are gold in terms of seeing RA in his creative element and just fascinating overall.
    Best wishes to the lovely “custodian” and enjoy your fan journey. May it continue to delight you. ❤️


    • You are right, the appendices are such fun to watch. I remember watching the whole lot the night I got my extended version of THAUJ. Ok, well, we fast forwarded to the bits with RA in it, but it was gold, as you said!

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