RA Pocket Shrine 239/? – Battle of the Leathers

What took me so long??? There is another shrine to post-reveal. It has been long received by its new owner. And since it was also part of the #RA50Auctions, you may have already seen it. But for the record… or even just for looking at the backdrop I used…

That gold tin almost looks classy… Not so sure whether the design of the inside could be classed as such, though. Trademark pithy cheekiness, I guess. But well, here is a look at Sir Gratuitous Guy.

Now that The Jacket™️ is gone, poor Guy has no change of clothes.

Fooled ya. No, he does have a reminder of his old look.

Can be switched and changed, whatever the new shrine owner prefers. It’s getting hot in here, let’s take off…

Or maybe we need a compromise?

Makes me wonder whatever happened to that long overcoat-y thing?

There we go. Something to take you back to your paper doll days. I’m still season 1 outfit… Which is *your* favourite?


23 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 239/? – Battle of the Leathers

  1. And some ‘fans’ don’t get why we’re ‘obsessed’…

    I am obsessed and not ashamed.

    (I have a few Guy bunnies sitting in my head. If I could ever find a new place to live, I could sit down and write…)


      • I wish. I’m packing and I’m trying to obtain some financial assistance for this VERY unexpected and unplanned move.

        And Guy happened and changed everything. Except I always did like the baddie with a heart of something… not coal! LOL!


          • Well, I am decluttering as I go. The first weekend of October, I’m renting a van and start hauling out the boxes I know are okay, as well as clothes that are out of season. seeing if I can get those in 2 storage units. The week of the 11th, I have off, so I’m renting a truck, hiring people to load and unload furniture. Those will have their own storage units. What’s left I’ll go through. Spawn and I have inflatable air mattresses, so we can clean and we’ll have to keep kitties out.

            Finding a place has proven beyond difficult. Beyond difficult.


  2. Great seeing this Shrine again. Thank you for another peek. If this was mine I’d be switching outfits all the time just so I could undress him. 😉🤣. Season 1 outfit all the way.

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  3. That is simply the most beautiful and wondrous shrine, Guylty, I think it is my favourite so far – and it takes me back to cutting-up my older sister’s unread Jackie magazines to make paper-doll outfits. The Jacket, Gisborne series one, is my favourite costume of his ( as well as his wedding tunic).


    • It’s a shrine for the girls in us, right? Cutting up magazines, I remember it well.
      The whole design of Guy’s clothes was really great – so versatile, just by combining different bits and pieces of it. Ingenious, really.


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