James Bond is Dead, Long Live James Bond?

The new Bond is out – and the customary casting carousel is taking up steam. This morning I stumbled across a German clickbait slide show on this very topic, entitled “Wanted: Successor for Daniel Craig – who will be the new James Bond”. And good Master Armitage makes an appearance:

The only reason I am posting this unoriginal and speculative piece of non-news here, is the caption for Armitage. It reads: “He is considered a Shakespeare expert, he was introduced to a wider audience in the “Hobbit” trilogy as dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield: Admittedly, Richard Armitage is not a superstar. But neither was Daniel Craig before joining Bond. Due to his age, the 50-year-old is only considered an outsider choice.”

Um. Right. Two things.

“Shakespeare expert”. Eh… What? Where? What have I missed? Jeepers, GMX, do your homework. Iirc there are two Shakespeare pieces on RA’s CV, one of which was the rite-of-passage spear carrying at the beginning of his career. Not sure whether that makes anyone an expert in the bard’s oeuvre. No doubt, RA has what it takes to be a Shakespearean “great”, but his involvement with Shakespeare has not been career-defining thus far…

And secondly – the ouch-y age reference. Sore. And touching the actor’s sensitive spot. In this case I am glad to know that Mr A doesn’t read things that are written about himself, because who wants to be reminded of their age?

Personally, I think the Bond ship has sailed long ago, or latest, when Craig signed up for this, his last outing as the world’s most famous spy. While I like the Bond franchise, I was never really on board with dream casting Richard in this role. Mainly because I feel that he is too good than to be wasted on a formulaic movie franchise with only limited scope for in-depth portrayal of emotional strife. Yes, he could easily play the suave and almost super-human double O agent. But would it stretch his acting muscle? I don’t think so.

That said, I am looking forward to seeing where Bond will venture next. Regé-Jean Page would be my preference. I’d like to see a person of colour in this influential and far-reaching franchise. That would set an example. Moreover, Page is young enough to take Bond forward for a number of years. Oh, and he is easy on the eye with a wide appeal, as Bridgerton has proven.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the Bond franchise at all?


42 thoughts on “James Bond is Dead, Long Live James Bond?

  1. I just want them to announce the new one so the speculation is over. Rude or not, they are right that RA‘s not gonna get cast due to his age, so my interest is minimal and I’d love for the topic to disappear from RA Twitter. The role has nothing going for it except prestige imo. As you said, acting wise it’s not particularly juicy.

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    • The speculation gets old very quickly. It’s exciting for a little bit, but ultimately I just want to know and then move on.
      Age is definitely a factor. In this case I was just wondering why they are mentioning him at all when it is really not very probable that they’d cast a middle-aged actor…


      • Yes. It seems like they haven’t updated their standard list of possibles in a while and he’s still in the rotation for some reason. Too lazy to come up with new ideas? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  2. Page would definitely be my 1st choice too – though the poc aspect might be one among many other possibilities. But everything depends on the role or rather the scripts. That said the newest film seems to fulfill the expectations as much as Daniel Craig has been a very impressive incarnation of 007. I think an actor has to decide very thoughtfully if he wants to submit his choices to one role for the foreseeable future. And yes, RA’s ship has sailed some time ago.


  3. maybe the ‘Shakespeare expert’ reference comes from his Richard III connection? he has said several times over that he’s greatly interested in the real person and would like to play him or take part in a retelling of the story in some way. so someone just surfing around looking for info on Richard Armitage could stumble upon that and draw their own conclusions.

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    • Maybe that is it. Or – haha – maybe the writer read RA’s recent tweet thread in which he replied to the questions by the Jacket Custodian, where he says he can recite the RIII opening by heart… That might give the “expert” impression.


  4. I like the Bond movies, but I think he probably has options that are more meaningful for him. The physicality is a factor though he would definitely do an amazing job, period. Not sure he would want to be tied down to something like that, though. Yeah I’m tired of the speculation since it always reads out the same way 🙄

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    • I agree with you there. I don’t think that he’d like to be tied down to a franchise that requires several years of (more or less) exclusive commitment. Not to mention that he might also not appreciate all the publicity and celebrity that comes with it…


  5. I am wholeheartedly in agreement on Page as the next Bond. Young, talented, attractive…hot, really hot and really attractive…did I mention HOT!? Yes, I would have no problem watching him! I believe, because Page declined a second season on Bridgerton, that he’s already been slotted for the role. Though, of course, I have nothing to base that statement on. Just a wish on my part.

    Peace- Liz

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    • That’s such a good point, Liz. I was wondering,too, why Page decided to forego another season of such a successful show. If he is already under contract for a major movie franchise, that would make sense!


  6. “Bond baddie” over Bond was always Armitge’s answer when asked this question. Looking back, I see the odds given in London were as high as 10 to 1 (in 2014, the last time I wrote about this). In 2010 London odds were 50 to 1. No way are they higher now. GMX was looking for clicks.

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    • Definitely clickbait. And wow, I had forgotten that he was so high on the list in 2014. Well, that was just during the whole Hobbit frenzy, no wonder that his star shone brightly then…

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  7. I’ve booked to see this last Craig Bond on Opening Night across the UK, tomorrow, with my folks. Biggest cinema night in the UK for 18 months!

    Richard was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Many actors have been, but there is a certain ‘standard’ to get in to that co, and he did. I don’t think Shakespeare ‘expert’ therefore is too much of a stretch to describe him? His White Boar production company hints at his continued interest in Shakespeare, notably Richard III. Let’s hope that happens in the future?

    Alas I think his age precludes his ‘serious’ consideration for this role. It’s not so much his current age, but they are essentially looking for someone to play in 2-3 movies as a minimum. Craig did it for 15 years. Someone starting next year needs to dedicate maybe a decade of their life to it, so it’s not the actor’s starting age they’re thinking of? The role is physically demanding – Craig got quite bashed about.

    Barbara Broccoli says they’ll recruit next year and haven’t decided yet. Who knows? I hope that Richard’s Lucas North and John Porter roles have allowed him to play out any ‘boys with toys’ gun toting action hero yearnings he may have had when younger?

    I recall they scuffed up Sean Bean to play against Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, and I think Richard could make a very creditable / exciting Bond nemesis, if he was inclined? His Kruger role a little prequel?

    Anyway, thanks for the blog as I was thinking about this now too. x


    • IDK, Zed, to be honest I don’t really think that one spear carrying outing makes a Shakespeare expert. There are plenty of his peers who have done exactly the same – started out as a spear carrier with the RSC, and yet they are not known as Shakespeare experts.
      As hard as it sounds, I also think that he is now a tad too old to take on the role of Bond – with 10, 15 years of physically demanding acting ahead. It would make more sense for the Bond producers to elevate an emerging talent to the new Bond.
      How did you like the film, btw?

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  8. I am not mad about the Bond films or Bond himself (sexist reactionary upholder of the status quo) and disliked the charmless Daniel Craig. Saying all that, Armitage would have been perfect as Bond. Yes he may older but Roger Moore must have been in his 60s. It it good to still see buzz about RA as Bond though and even my sniffy son last night said that RA would be great. Me and bad guys, I’d rather he played the evil nemesis (I even fancied Jaws when I was young!) so we decided he should play both Bond and his evil twin brother. I’ve only seen Page in Bridgerton, does he have the required steeliness for Bond?

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  9. We’ll have to wait at least till next year for the speculations to stop because the producers won’t choose someone sooner than 2022.
    I think it’ll be intersting to see who they’ll tap for the role and what that guy will do with the franchise, but atm I can’t imagine anyone else playing Bond than Daniel Craig.
    Re the article: this seemed to be an very old list of possible candidates because half of them seem to be too old for doing this this physically demanding role over a loner period of time.


    • Every generation needs a new Bond… See, for me, Bond is never Daniel Craig (although he did a good enough job with him), but Pierce Brosnan. Ha, but I am also 10, 15 years older than you…

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      • For me it’s either Brosnan or Timothy Dalton (who I guess everyone hated), but if you ask me what picture comes up in my head when I say “James Bond,” it’s still Sean Connery. Actually the only scene I remember from a Bond film with Brosnan is the one in the Hamburg parking ramp.


      • That’s true and I am perfectly fine with Craig giving the role to someone else after 15 years of James Bonding 😉 Hopefully I’ll get a lot of new movies with Craig to watch that’ll excite me like the second Knives out film.
        But atm I truly can’t imagine anyone else in the role of Bond, even if I am asked frequently by friends and coworkers who I would want to play the role next 🙂


  10. I watch all the Bonds but admit to remembering little about the plots when I think back on them. I don’t have any vested interest in who the next Bond will be. If Richard wants the role, I hope he gets it but honestly, I’d prefer him not to be Bond, it overshadows all other more interesting work he could be doing.


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