2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #35

Hello and welcome, dear appreciators of tall, dark, handsome Brit actors. 😉 It’s the weekend, it’s autumn, it’s time for the weekly round-up – slightly delayed today due to our requested attendance at an exhibition opening. (The artist drew inspiration from Irish Cubist painter Mainie Jellett. By chance we stumbled across him last year as he was taking photos of the outside of our house, Mainie Jellett’s family home. We started talking and spontaneously invited him in to see Mainie’s studio, and he stayed in touch ever since.) How wonderful it felt to attend a cultural event, albeit socially distanced and behind the mandatory face masks. But nevertheless, it felt like a return to *life*! I’ve stocked up on culture this week, big time, also doing my volunteer shift at MoLI and nipping into the City Assembly House for a quick look at an exhibition about the “Walled Gardens of Ireland”. Being able to do such things (again) lifts my mood so much. I missed it more than I realised…

But enough of that. Let’s jump into this week’s round-up.

  1. Who’s that, coming through the doors, is that Adam… A gif set by riepu10
  2. Far over the misty Raymond… another gif set by riepu10, this time of Raybo
  3. I have no idea what Darrowtober is all about, but hell, that fan art header by mrkida-art had to be linked
  4. Is that a cheese sandwich or are you just happy to eat? Scene with Thorin, giffed by lordoftherazzles
  5. Just passing on this message from richardarmitagefanpage re. Richard’s attendance at MagicCon 4. Cancelled. But apparently he’ll be at next year’s event…
  6. A cutesy chibi!Thorin by kasirose_212
  7. Chime in on astrovian’s thoughts on Richard’s attitude to intimacy on set
  8. TBT a really suave Richard attending the promo of BS in California five (5!) years ago. Note to Miss Kate: full length RA, including shoes!
  9. I haven’t read this, but the description “RA as mafia don” is really intriguing 😁. An RPF by shalinizhara
  10. I-did-not-mean-to posts a list of AUs she will *not* write about RA or Thorin. Hm, what a pity… I mean, the “sportsteam AU” might have meat, whatever it may be?

There we go, that’s your slice of Armitage for the weekend 🍰.

Hope you have some nice plans this weekend. The above mentioned exhibition visit was a major mood booster for me, as was my accomplished wardrobe clear-out. I took a little inspiration from Herba who was talking about clearing out parts of her sitting room. I had been meaning to sort out my clothes for a while, and since we had to go to the exhibition by car, it was the perfect opportunity for dropping off stuff at a charity shop rather than lugging it there by foot. In the end I only had one hour to accomplish my clear-out, but a) I don’t really own that many clothes although Mr Guylty thinks differently and b) I was ruthless and got rid off quite a few garments. A massive bag of clothes and shoes was the result. Very welcome side-effect: My wardrobe space was tidied up, all t-shirts, jumpers etc. folded neatly on the shelves. *satisfying deep breath* I also got rid of some bric-a-brac, but unfortunately had to take a big bag of books back home – the charity shop said they had too many books already. *meh* But nevertheless, it is so gratifying to let go of things and to live a little less wasteful.

Charity shop finds rule!

Talking of waste – I’ll quickly take the opportunity to climb on my soap box. Food waste has been on my mind ever since Little Miss Guylty started training as a barista early this summer. Every day she came home from work with a big bag full of pastry and sandwiches destined for the bin. Perfectly good food – but could not be sold in the shop the next day due to food safety regulations. We talked a lot about food waste at our dinner tables this summer, and while the end consumer is *not* the worst offender when it comes to food waste, there are things we can do to avoid unnecessary food waste. *Not* choosing items in the shop which have the longes best before date, is one such thing, and I have changed my shopping habits in that respect: When buying milk, I used to choose the container that had the longest best before date on it – even though we go through milk within a couple of days. Now, when shopping, I make sure to choose a bottle that is still well within the best before date – but between one labelled 10 October and another 7 October, I will choose the earlier one.

Francis Dolarhyde, fighting food waste, one sheet at a time

And yesterday I was delighted when I came across an ad on Instagram, advertising a new (in Ireland) food app. It’s called “Too Good To Go” and connects the user with local cafes and shops that will sell “left-over” foodstuffs at the end of the day for a good price. I downloaded the app at 5pm, checked what was on offer and spontaneously decided to go for it and buy a “surprise bag” from a cafe around the corner. For €5 I got two main meals (Thai Green Curry and a Chicken-Rice dish) and a muffin. It was super easy to do – online payment and then pick-up in the shop – and the food was great. Plus, a great “win” for cheapskates bargain hunters and sustainability warriors 😉. Have a look, maybe such an app is available for your territory, too? Look for FoodCloud, Karma, Olio etc.

Right, that’s it, broadcast over.

Have a good one,

Sonja ❤️


25 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #35

  1. Are there “books for prisoners” charities in Ireland? That’s what I’ve been doing with a lot of my excess books. They are very picky as to what they take but it makes me feel less conflicted about one of my hobbies.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you for the roundup and the special head-to-toe notification. Saved. I love that tie. Might have to go back to the printer and add that one to the queue.


  3. I just bought rescue-lunch from our nearest City workplace luncheries, the main Fire station next to my work on Thursday. They sell the left-over lunch everyday at 1.30pm when the official hours are over in half price. It was so good! I had ground fish stakes and mincemeat-cabbage casserole and rosehip soup for dessert.


  4. That’s so great that you can buy wonderful food that’s about to be tossed. I’m a very dedicated no waste and sustainability advocate myself. I make sure I only buy what I will actually eat. I’ve done a massive wardrobe and house clearout over the last 2 years. I had so much stuff that I had collected over the years, Wedgwood ornaments and stuff, china, glassware that no one uses anymore. I sold most of it on eBay and took the rest to consignment shops and to Goodwill, sort of like OxFam in the US.
    Now I’m occupied with helping my son and his wife with their newborn twins (boy and girl, Liam and Zara). I think they’re adorable, but I’m just a wee bit prejudiced-lol. Once they get too mobile I won’t be able to help with much except reading to them and feeding them. I walk with a cane and have bad psoriatic arthritis so no picking up little 30 pound chonks in my future. I”m looking forward to some museum and exhibition visits before too long also.


    • Well done on the clear out. I have to admit I am pretty bad with finding the impetus to let go. There is always this feeling of “but I might need it later” in the back of my mind. No doubt that is also motivated by a certain amount of stinginess on my part 😂.
      Aw, twin grandchildren!!! I am sure they are a lot of work. Your son and daughter-in-law are lucky to have you near!


  5. That’s a great idea about the app. Food waste disgusts me. We do have a couple of cafes in our city that only use left-over food and what they make is delicious. Love the peckish Francis gif!
    Thanks for the round-up Guylty. 7) Intimate scene acting has always intrigued me too, and RA has certainly had experience of it. It’s supposed to be unsexy, and tricks are used ,but I can’t get over that they are actually touching, Actors must have to disembody their physical selves somehow from their core, soul, whatever.
    Richard Armitage as mafia don? Hmmm.


  6. Ooh, nice idea about the app. And good for you for sorting stuff out. We’ve been doing a bit before the summer holiday as well in our attic (still lots more left to do, though!) and after the summer holiday I threw out two large bin bags of clothes (into a charity container). I hate doing it but end result feels good.
    Cool about the exhibition and that artist having lived in your house. So, Mainie’s studio attracts the occasional visitor? Does it still look like how the artist used to have it?


  7. Food waste, I’m horrible and always forget what food we have. However, the last couple of years, we’ve been trying to do better and not let food grow legs to walk out of our fridge when we open it. 😀Haha Will have to check out the apps.


    • I used to be pretty bad with food waste, too, partly because I am a lousy cook (as in: I don’t really like cooking very much; it doesn’t interest me and I don’t like complicated recipes). It changed a bit when I joined an organic veg box scheme about three years ago. It is delivered weekly, and since the contents are seasonal, they vary from week to week. With a week’s worth of veg in the house, I had to change habits and start meal planning. Strangely enough, that has turned out to be much less annoying or stressful than I thought. Quite the opposite – it means that I know every day what I am going to cook. Less improvising, less food waste – and not only a more varied diet with veg I might otherwise never have tried, but also new recipes. I rely heavily on a recipe app but have found that I am actually enjoying the whole process of prepping and cooking much more than before. And less food gets wasted, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Many years of experience have taught me that the most annoying part of cooking is deciding what to make. It hadn’t occurred to me but certainly makes sense that it would be even more aggravating to those who don’t like to cook in the first place. The box more or less decides what’s for dinner.


        • That‘s exactly it. I have to use whatever comes in the box, and it has become a matter of pride (if not stinginess 😂) not to let anything go to waste. Prior to the box, my repertoire was also not very big. Since the box, the family has discovered a number of new favourite recipes, so it has really helped with the day-to-day chore of cooking and eating.

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