The Man from Rome is in Seville

It’s 31°C in Seville. Lucky Richard Armitage – he gets to enjoy a golden autumn over there, as filming for The Man from Rome has started. And so will (hopefully) the trickle of pictures from the set. Here is the first one, spotted by Richard Armitage Bulgaria on Twitter:

First appearance of the dog collar Photo: Diario de Sevilla/Antonio Pizzaro

The image accompanies an article in Spanish newspaper Diario de Sevilla. There isn’t much mention of RA in it, apart from mentioning him as one of the leads of the film. Interesting: “Filming began in the summer, in July, in the Colombian city of Cali.” I don’t really remember Colombia making an appearance in the book, so this was new to me. But I also didn’t like the book much and raced through it quite quickly, so who knows what I overlooked…

So, sharp hair cut, some grey temples and the regular attire of a clergy man? Looking forward to the “well-cut suit, matching black silk shirt with a Roman collar, and his fine, handmade leather shoes”, though…



33 thoughts on “The Man from Rome is in Seville

  1. I didn’t like the book that much either though I instantly thought the plot could “win” with a good script. And I could picture a screen version. Let’s hope for the best!
    Btw I’m quite jealous too seeing him strolling along under that amazing blue sky, even if it’s for the job.


  2. Ooh, thank you for the bts photo! Hopefully as more pics start cropping up, our beautiful man will acknowledge that the cat is out of the bag as far as his costumes/hair/makeup and he will grace us with a selfie or two…dozen. A girl can dream, right?

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    • That would be really nice, if he came out with a few pics of his own… Although he seems to have a policy of only doing that towards the end of a shoot. Fingers crossed that other crew members might be more forthcoming 😉

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  3. I guess, when you think about it, not a lot happens in the book. It’s more about the history of the church and it’s parishioners and the role the church has played in their lives. Can’t believe the weather they have at the moment, 31 degrees in Oct!!

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  4. I am somewhere in the middle of the audiobook. I am enjoying it and don’t want it to end! Pérez-Reverte books are always full of interesting historical and cultural details. Richard is perfect for the role. As to Colombia, there is a story in flashback about Father Quart being wounded during a hostage situation, so probably that’s it.


  5. Just to be different, I enjoyed the book, and am glad I read it! And, of course, I visualised Father Quart as RA all the way through.


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  7. YAY! An RA sighting! That is becoming as rare as seeing Bigfoot, even here in the Pacific Northwest. I love the guy! Richard, not Bigfoot…

    Father Quart. Sounds like ho-hum. Because I read the book. As for Father Quart, is it just my imagination, or does RA seem to try REALLY HARD to NOT have even one romantic role since, well, “The Vicar of Dibley”? Why does he seem to shun those roles?

    I had a lot more to say about this, but deleted it. Suffice to say I would like to see RA in MANY MORE romantic roles. But I am not sure, in this day & age, that those romantic roles even exist any more…


    • That is such a good point, vikingsdatter! He is most definitely avoided those romantic roles, so much so that his fans have to actually fall in love with serial killers in order to sustain their romantic needs 😉. He always claims that he is never offered such roles but only cast as a villain. Menacing bone structure and face of evil. *scoffs* Far from it, but well, maybe it is a self-fulfilling prophecy?


  8. Father Quart looks like he is going to be one very yummy chaRActer! This movie seems to have been in the works for so long I’m thrilled that it’s finally happening. I wonder what the producers are aiming for – general cinema release? Or somewhere like Netflix? The Stranger did very well there.


    • Anything where the beard is off, is good in my books 😉.
      Good question about the release. I feel that this is more of a Netflix style film than a big cinema release.


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