Dog Collar Drama

Any more scoops and Guylty Pleasure will have to rebrand as an ice cream parlour!

Seriously… Take a closer look.

Puppy eyes…


27 thoughts on “Dog Collar Drama

    • 🤪 Glad you spotted that particular phrase. It was a little mean of me, but I just love the phrase “rüstiger Rentner” so much, especially when applied to someone who quite clearly is *not* an old fogie 😉.


  1. Thankyou for giving me a laugh to start my day, this is so funny!
    That Dan Kennedy shot is one of my favourites too, and just how I hope Father Quart will look – short hair (but not Dolarhyde-short) silver temples and stubble – stunningly gorgeous!


    • I just kept laughing about the “dog collar” nickname for this part of the priest outfit and somehow the visuals came to me…
      I really like that look. It’s peak mature attractiveness imo.


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