There, Quart, Let Me Adjust That For You

Looks like I missed some excitement last night. When I opened Twitter this morning, there was only *one* topic on my TL. 😂 And blog world already had spread the news, first via Esther, then Servetus, as well as Nellindreams and  Gratiana.  So, when I was asked by Violet whether I was going to blog the picture, too, I thought there was no point. Had been done already. But then I realised that the picture needed some adjustment.

Refresh page to see gif move again

There. I just can’t with the priest…

I mean, I have no objection to the style. Sharp suit, sharp hair cut, suave. But this is so much better. Has a bit of a fashion vibe to it now, doesn’t it?

I am going to have to dig out that book again, though.

Happy Monday, wishing you all a good start to the week!


44 thoughts on “There, Quart, Let Me Adjust That For You

  1. Oh, you missed the excitement last night (I wanted to ask you if you’ve seen the picture yet, but thought without twitter account I’m the last one to see it). I also really dislike those collars and I thought that nobody can look good in it. I was so wrong… Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I can‘t stop laughing at your words *I just can’t with the priest… *. You’re right. They definitely should abolish celibacy and the collars. I haven’t read this book, but I hope the movie will be good.


    • Yup, I totally slept through all that. But the picture actually also works quite well when you wake up to it 😂.
      Nah, I really can‘t stand the whole priest thing, even when played by a hot guy.


      • It must have been a nice wake up 😂 Pity that we can see RA in this picture in full length…
        Neither do I. I thought only I have a problem with it. I’m also glad that he changed his twitter header to a very nice one with Seville.


        • I am wondering about „selfies“ like that. I mean, *who* took that picture of him? On
          *his* orders and on his phone? Or spontaneously taken by someone else and then passed on to him? In that case, what was it about this photo that he liked so much that he wanted to share it? Questions, questions… 😄


          • Yes, many questions… 😊 …maybe that clickbait article after all hurt him a bit… or maybe he just wanted to show us how does he look as Quart, because we were curious… or maybe someone from the cast or the costume person saw that holy moly pose in these trousers and wanted to let us know that they had received the memo 😂 I have only one request: next photo with full length of the legs, please…
            Oh, they posted a new one… Something for TeamCollar 😊


  2. Talk about elephant in the room. Collar? The collar, seriously? It’s about the pants, ladies (“trousers,” for you Brits). When the first photo dropped (RA standing outside a big wooden door of some building), I thought, hello costume person, did you not get the memo that this actor gets tight pants? Show off that bum!!! Then yesterday’s photo? Sigh, memo received, problem solved. Look at those lovely thighs….

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  3. I’m #TeamCollar. Theoretically speaking. Not IRL, just for fiction purposes. Much like I enjoy reading alpha holes and wouldn’t tolerate them in actuality. Hopefully the fillum will feature some of both nekkid neck and collar.



    • Yup, I saw some of that. And only for the ‘hot priest’ 😂. (I have no idea why I have not nearly as strong a reaction to the Fleabag hot priest than the Seville Communion hot priest. Maybe because I don’t find Andrew Scott attractive?)


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