Quart Quip

I have a feeling that we may have lots of fun with this Father. I am getting daddy vibes from this…


This new picture comes from a Spanish language article HERE.

I’m sure you can come up with a much better quip!

UPDATE: And here we have a full length – even if more or less from behind.

from zenitcomunicacion on IG via RA Bulgaria on Twitter

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  1. English translation by my app
    The adaptation of the homonymous novel by Arturo Pérez Reverte has an international cast led by Richard Armitage, Amaia Salamanca, Fionnula Flanagan, Paul Guilfoyle, Rodolfo Sancho, Paul Freeman and Alicia Borrachero.
    Colombian director Sergio Dow is at the command of this co-production between Spain, Colombia and Italy. Seville, Madrid and Rome are some of the locations chosen for this feature film.
    The film adaptation of the novel The Skin of the Drum is being shot in iconic locations in cities such as Seville, Madrid and Rome. This adaptation of the work of Arturo Pérez-Reverte, directed by Sergio Dow, has an international cast made up of such prominent names as Richard Armitage, Amaia Salamanca, Fionnula Flanagan, Paul Guilfoyle, Rodolfo Sancho, Paul Freeman, Alicia Borrachero and Unax Ugalde . The film, which combines mystery, thriller and love in a story about faith, what its meaning is, how it is put to the test, lost and renewed, is scheduled to premiere internationally both in theaters in Europe and America as well as in international digital platforms, by 2022.

    Vatican City or Plaza de España in the capital of Seville are some of the places where La Piel del Tambor will be set, an ambitious co-production between Spain, Colombia and Italy, shot in English and with Richard Armitage as Quart, its protagonist. . Armitage has achieved critical and public support thanks to his roles in series such as Robin Hood or Strike Back, as well as in Peter Jackson’s trilogy based on the novel The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.

    Along with the British, actress Amaia Salamanca, who will play Macarena Bruner. The Madrilenian is one of the most popular faces in cinema and television in Spain thanks to her work in Sin Tetas no hay paraíso, Gran Hotel, Velvet or Fuga de Cerebros, and also has a pending premiere, Por los pelos, Nacho’s latest film G. Velilla (Losing the north, Villaviciosa next door).

    Salamanca’s mother in fiction will be the Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan, recognized for her roles in theater (Ulysses in Nightown), television (Rich man, poor man, Lost; Star Trek ..) and in cinema (Los otros, Transamerica, James Joyce’s Women ..)

    The rest of the main cast is equally plagued with such tall names as Paul Guilfoyle (CSI, Star Trek: Discovery, Spotlight), Rodolfo Sancho (Isabel, Plastic Sea, There Will Be No Peace For The Wicked), Paul Freeman (Indiana Jones: En Search for the Lost Ark, Strike back), Víctor Mallarino (La traicionera, Muñoz is worth 2), Carlos Cuevas (Merlí, The Summer We Live) or the two-time Goya Award nominee, Alicia Borrachero, hardened in film, television and theater (Terminator: Dark fate, The promise, Crematorio …), Unax Ugalde (Goya’s ghosts, Love in times of anger ..) or Jorge Sanz (The Queen of Spain, The girl of your eyes, Lovers …)

    Behind the cameras, the feature film features the distinguished Colombian filmmaker Sergio Dow. Producer and director of more than a hundred works, Dow has successfully entered all types of genres: documentary, comedy, drama or action. His work The Day You Want Me (1986) obtained a great reception, rising with such outstanding recognitions as the Casa de las Américas Award at the Havana Festival or the Gold Hugo for best film at the Chicago International Festival, in addition to multiple selections in Top-level competitions such as Sundance, Rio de Janeiro or Miami.

    The skin of the drum marks the return of the work of Arturo Pérez-Reverte to the big screen after other successes such as La reina del sur, El maestro de esgrima, La carta either spherical or Territorio Comanche. Consecrated as one of the writers with one of the most outstanding living catalogs of current literature, Pérez-Reverte was a reporter for 21 years covering informatively (first for the Pueblo newspaper and later for Spanish Television) all kinds of conflicts and since 2003 he has been a member of the Royal Spanish Academy. His bibliography has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and recognized with multiple international awards. Among his most illustrious characters is Captain Alatriste; one of the most successful literary series that in 2006 was also taken to the cinema and became the highest grossing Spanish film of the year, in addition to winning three Goya awards.

    This adaptation, which is now starting its filming, is produced by Piel del Drum AIE (Enrique Cerezo PC), Fundación Enic Producciones and Augusto Color SRL with the participation of TVE, Amazon Prime Video and funding from ICAA, and is supported by Enrique Cerezo PC, a production company that since the early 90’s has been behind great directors such as Alex de la Iglesia, Emilio Martínez Lázaro, Mario Camus, Dario Argento, Pilar Miró or José Luis Cuerda among many others; to his credit are hits such as The Witches of Zugarramurdi, The Thirteen Roses, The Last of the Philippines or Juana La Loca… ..


    In front of a ruined church in Seville, the priest Urbizu stops to invoke God’s help. A piece of ledge falls suddenly, killing him immediately.

    Far from there, in the Vatican, a computer hacker leaves an unexpected message on the Pope’s personal computer in which he assures that the Church of Our Lady of Tears kills to defend itself. Intrigued, the Holy Father orders the Secretaria di Affari Esteri to investigate and avoid the scandal. His director, Monsignor Spada (Paul Guilfoyle), will assign the mission to his best agent, priest Quart (Richard Armitage), young, elegant, intelligent and possessed of a long experience in the dark affairs of the Holy See.

    Meanwhile, in Seville, the aristocrat Macarena Bruner (Amaia Salamanca), a beautiful divorcee who owns the rights to the land where Our Lady of Tears stands, scandalizes the city with her inappropriate love affairs with a flamenco dancer, while he flirts around Seville and is a leading part of a group that refuses to let the Church be demolished.

    Prominent members of that group are the parish priest, Father Príamo Ferro (Paul Freeman), an elderly priest in urgent need of protection from his past; the architect Gris Marsala (Alicia Borrachero), an American nun whose role in the death of the priest Urbizu, and two others who will become known later, nobody suspects; Macarena’s mother, the 60-year-old Duchess Cruz Bruner (Fionnula Flanagan) whose harmless and sweet appearance confuses her true profession; and Father Oscar Lobato, a perfect example of the inexperienced person who finds himself in the wrong corner at the wrong time.

    The skin of the drum is produced by Skin of the drum AIE (Enrique Cerezo PC), Enic Producciones Foundation and Augusto Color SRL with the support of the ICAA (Ministry of Culture and Sports)

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  2. Very nice photos, both without collar 😉 Thanks, Guylty. Mr. Graza says that the car comes from Morgan Motor Company and that the car looks good but is hard to drive.


  3. I hope that second shot is of him hanging around admiring that car after shooting was finished for the day, because…those pants/trousers…need ironing! Costumer??? We are watching YOUR performance here, also…. (And maybe you need to compare notes with that Ilaria woman….)

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  5. As an Anglican, I can easily get past the collar, since our clergy aren’t required to be celibate. Quart is the stuff of fantasies, and I’m very happy to see the silver at his temples, along with that stubble.😍
    Hopefully this trickle of photos continues.


    • Now, there is a good reminder, Mezz. I might just in my head re-label Quart as an Anglican (I‘m sure I can conjure up some kind of convoluted backstory in my head to justify an Anglican working for the Vatican 😂) – and then fully enjoy all the seductive man-of-god connotations…
      It‘s always such a great time when we get the first glimpses of a new project… Exciting times!


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