Angsty Anglican

Yes, yes, I know that he isn’t Anglican. But that is my new re-interpretation to get around the Catholic priest thing, thanks to Mezz in the comments 😘. And the angsty look needed that alliteration 😂. So, for the record and the archive, here are a couple more Quarty piccies:

This latest picture appeared in Spanish mag micinexin. Oh dear, Richard will have lots of opportunity to frown, it seems. Possibly also some lighter, brighter moves.

What a location! I’d say the perks are high with this particular job.

ETA: And no sooner do I publish, that I see another pic, this time via IG and a bit of a souvenir selfie.

I know that RA does angst like no other, but say what you will, I really like it when he smiles!



16 thoughts on “Angsty Anglican

  1. Wow, what a smile in the souvenir selfie 😊 💗. Yes, the location on the second photo is beautiful. I thought so already when I saw the photo of this location without the actors. Beautiful view. I just didn’t like those small plastic chairs and they changed them 😂 We have to go there…


  2. Of course! Anglican! Guylty, you saved that awkward collar thing! Probably only because I don’t know any anglican vicar at all! 😂


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