Ouch! 💥

Fresh from the press or rather: Twitter.

Is that an ouchie I see there?

Has a curious heart shape…

The image on the left is a crop from a group picture posted on Twitter (see further below).

And for some reason, when I look at that picture, I think of that expression “tall glass of water”…

I mean, tall, yes. But glass of water? Because he is so wholesome? Or because I am thiiiiiiiiiiiirsty? 😂

Anyway, important announcement:

I have finally drawn the winner of the Spook-tacular Halloween RAPS. Apologies that it took so long. The winner of the shrine is…


Congrats, Manu! I just need your address and then I will send the shrine to you, asap!

Thank you to all for taking part!

The draw protocol can be found via link on the randompicker seal:



33 thoughts on “Ouch! 💥

  1. Nice pic, almost full length 😊 Richard has that bruise also in the pictures with the ship. Congratulations to the winner!
    Btw Mr Grazas reaction to the RA photo from the concert was: Oh, wow!!!… No, not because of the concert… I was speechless for three seconds until I guessed where this delight came from. I’m sure you know what he wishes now as a Christmas gift 😂 😂


      • Yep, LOL. He insists on specifying it as a flannel shirt 😊 and says men love them because they are nice and warm and fit for almost any occasion. And because he says that RA has a good taste in flannel shirt with this yellow-gray pattern so I have no choice than to find comparably nice one 😂 Hihi, in desperation I even enlarged the photo from #GloriaBustamante IG because of the label under the last button but the quality is too poor so that I can’t see it. Probably this brand would be too expensive anyway.
        PS. He says he’s pretty sure that Mr Guylty wants such shirt too 😂 😂


        • LOL, you could be right. Mr Guylty is big into flannel shirts, too. In fact, he had a couple of really nice ones when I initially met him, about a 100 years ago. Maybe I’ll have a look online and buy some – and then pass them off to my mum who always asks me what she can give to her son-in-law…


          • The shirt you found is really nice. Thank you 😊. I wouldn’t find it because they don’t have it here in the online store. Now I have the article number and I can try to order. Hihi, Mr Graza had also several such shirts when I initially met him, about a 100 years ago (as you say 😉). And because I still like to wear his shirts, because they reach almost to my knees, at home sometimes *gig*, and I still remember the flannel ones as warm, and surely I wouldn’t look good in a onesie, hihi, so I am convinced. Very lovely of your mom to ask you what she can give to her son-in-law …
            Oh, you are from Bremen (in the fotos I see The Musicians, but I can’t see the Statue of Roland) and you have Heimweh… Hugs 💗


  2. I’ve never heard the expression tall glass of water before 🙂 OMG thank you, I usually never win in this kind of competitions I’m totally surprised and happy! I’m going to love the shrine. I’ll PM you my address. I still can’t believe it

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