2021 Armitage Round-up #42

Anyone else getting Movember vibes from this pic?

I know, the beard/stubble is there, too, but from this teenage girl selfie angle the moustache gets more attention… And hooray for Rome! Glad to know that they are filming the Vatican scenes in the Eternal City and not in some studio. Especially so since RA once said he particularly loves Italy. Is he doing the whole “method” thing here, or why is flying in costume, though?

Anyway, let’s hop into the round-up.

  1. Since I didn’t keep up with the latest pictures from off- and on-set, here’s a link to richardarmitagefanpage with screen shots from a recent interview
  2. Fizzyxcustard is taking prompts for fan fics again
  3. Ausschweifendemotte is back – with her Prizma art manips
  4. Thewarriorandtheking spoils us with wet Thorin
  5. Astrovian puts the TSC make-up artist together with RA. The Sonyas are lucky...
  6. And *that* smile reminds me of Thornton… Gif of Father Quart from the snippets in recent interviews, by astrovian
  7. And the whole shebang of moving Quart, giffed by astrovian, too
  8. Asks and answers – here is middleearthpixie answering the question how Thornton would comfort you in a bereavement situation
  9. Riepu10 calls it “Scorpio season”. I call it hot 🔥
  10. I haven’t read this fic, but maybe for those who find the thought of RA as a priest hot, this Father Quart x female reader piece by linasofia might be interesting. Smut warning!!!
  11. Thranduilofsmirkwood posted a fan manip (by someone else). Very funny – and somewhat prescient regarding RA’s current role
  12. LOL. This is Guy talking to me after walking up my 5 flights of stairs. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  13. Never ignore Guy Friday. Posted by armitangel-1972

There we go.

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18 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Round-up #42

  1. I think, since they were filming at Aueropuerto de Madrid-Cuatro Vientos with the jet aircraft in the airplane hall so this photo is taken on this set. #5 beautiful smile and nice black T-shirt without collar 😊 #7 oh, a lot of shots from the set. Have a nice weekend everyone.


    • Could be. Hm, in the book, however, there is no mention of Quart on a plane, and even less on a private jet… The production has moved on to Rome, though, and RA himself posted the other day, saying bye-bye Spain, hello Rome.


  2. 1. & 7. Look at the lovely creases in the thighs of those nice, tight pants/trousers. I think that costume designer responded to my earlier complaint. Thank you, costume person.
    1. & 5. And thank you also to makeup lady for giving him a big smooch from all of us. She’s hooked. We will see her at the next con event, my prediction.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. I always have a bit of a cringe when RA puckers his lips in selfies. Just not my favourite look on him…
    I notice his hair seems very lacquered in the photo, keeping it smoothed down. Can’t help wondering whether he’s wearing a hair piece? #team hairpiece forever.
    Whatever, I am looking forward to the release of the Man for Rome and seeing RA play a man of the cloth. Wonder whether RA gets to remove his shirt playing Father Quart?!


    • Same here, Zigzag. I really, really, really dislike most of his selfies. They are often slightly distorted (“fish eye lens effect”), making his face look fleshy, and that typical angle of shooting from above just really makes me cringe. Ah well, it’s all subjective. I can see that the majority of fans is thrilled with his selfies… Hairpiece? ooooh, blasphemy!!!
      I am wondering about the “kit off” situation, too. The book is unambiguous in that respect… *coughs*


  5. Not the biggest fan of moustache on men but I would like Richard anyways 😉 Wonder if he is travelling in set costume or if it is for a scene. I guess they arereally going to Rome as he twitted Ciao Roma and other members of the crew flew to Rome too. I love Rome and HIM being there makes it even better


  6. Definitely moustache emphasis there. Thanks for the reminder about RAmazon. I often forget. The problem is that I’ve got too many bookmarks now, which almost renders it pointless. You can also download the Amazon link to your desktop. On Chrome, minimise the screen (click squares, top right) so both website and desktop show. Then click the padlock on the Amazon url and drag to your desktop.
    Guylty, do let us know if you would welcome donations to the upkeep of the RAnet.
    Thanks for the round-up, it’s great to see some new pics of our man.


    • Glad I am not the only one who zoomed in on that moustachio… 😬.
      Thanks for your great tip re. Amazon link. I have actually copied it into the text because that is a really easy way of keeping the link handy!
      And thank you for the offer of donations for the costs of RAnet upkeep. We’re fine this year (i.e. for the next 12 months) (already paid). I shall write a separate post with accounts and explanations at some stage. Hopefully the Christmas shopping will contribute nicely.

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  7. Maybe Richard was filming a scene in that plane and that’s why he’s in costume?

    Good one about the Amazon links! I rarely order via Amazon but will definitely keep in mind. Great idea to have the money cover the RAnet costs. Hope it will garner enough income.


    • I was thinking that too, re. filming on the plane, but I have just finished re-reading the book and there is nothing like that in it. Mind you, that doesn‘t mean much. They might have re-written the story for the film and also updated it to suit 2021. After all the book is from the late 90s…
      Thanks for considering the Amazon links. If they don‘t bring enough in, I‘ll come back and possibly do a round of donations and/or an impromptu fundraiser for it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Re: #12 ⚔️ I don’t think you’d be gross or smelly girl, but I’m always thrilled to see you like one of the WAGW funnies. 🌻 I rarely order anything from Amazon, but instead of going out to buy shampoo, a new phone case and screen, I copied your kindly provided link and ordered them on line that way. (🤞🏼hope I did it right)

    FYI—Always think I’ll find time to read and am trying to follow/read Carly Quinn’s Oasis on Kindle Vella. It’s a new thing I’m trying to figure out, but since the main character is Sir Guy . . . well you already know my weakness. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    If anyone wants to know: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B093RGB26C


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