Appetiser 2 for #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser – A Little Lunchtime Thorin

There is so much to show off, this may be a two-post day. I thought I’d release a little lunchtime treat. For all you Thorin fans out there: There is plenty of goodness for you to look forward in the upcoming auctions and sale. Let’s jump right in.

correction: Jane has sent us a little parcel that contains a Thorin memento. I won’t give away what it is just yet, but here is a look at the gorgeous box she has created. It is all hand-made and is a true surprise to unwrap and discover! Available in the eBay auctions.






All the way from New Zealand comes this brilliant piece of fan memorabilia. Well, it came by way of Jane in the UK, actually, and this is a real postage stamp, by New Zealand post, with the King in all his furry glory. The stamp is on a first-day cover and will be in the eBay auctions.





More furry goodness, but this time in a window ornament double, also from the desk of Kate. She has created several well-know pairings, one of which is Thorin with Bilbo (in the background there). While the already mentioned window ornament singles are on Etsy, the doubles will be on eBay!





Once more donated by Jane, this is a top item for all fans of Thorin Oakenshield *and* RA: Here we have an original signature by Richard Armitage, on a stills photo of Thorin (and Fili). This gorgeous memento will be available on eBay.







Graza has parted with her collection of Hobbit DVDs. Here we have the full set of individual DVDs (not a box set!) for endless hours of Thorin-watching. The set is complemented with a beautiful photo manip of Thorin and his iconic “Loyalty, honour, a willing heart…” speech. It comes mounted but unframed. (The print was originally a gift from Adina to me, but I am giving it up for lack of space on my walls.)








And last but not least, a collaboration by Ani and Anne in the shape of a beautiful Thorin set: It consists of a hand-painted wooden bowl adorned with key and jewels by Ani, as well as bookmarks, a magnet, a hand-made pendant and a Fimo-acorn, all made by Ani. It is complemented by a Thorin photo frame/folder by Anne. This set will be available on eBay.






Does that sound good to you Thorin-lovers out there? I love the variety of items we have on offer – from DVDs to hand-made originals, there is something there for every taste, I believe. The ingenuity of our donors is just awesome! I doff my hat to them!

More mouth-watering appetisers to come later! And for now I am wishing my US-fan sisters a happy Thanksgiving. Don’t eat too much 🦃!

12 thoughts on “Appetiser 2 for #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser – A Little Lunchtime Thorin

  1. Though not a personal favorite for me, I’m happy to see Thorin well represented as he is such a beloved chaRActer for many and a personal milestone for RA. And I am grateful to the fans who encouraged me to craft for him when I had previously neglected him.


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