Ready for Dinner? Appetiser #3 for #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser

I hope you are not sated from lunchtime. Because what I have for you is not just an appetiser but a veritable nine-course-dinner. The previous amuse-bouches proved that Guy and Thorin are heavily represented in the fundraiser. And now we are talking dinner??? Well, what could that mean? Is it a film, is it the man himself? No, it is another Dauerbrenner. [German, Literally: long-term burner. Translated: long runner, evergreen] Who could it be? it is – by default – the oldest crush of them all. Thornton is the chaRActer that made RA famous, and he is still one of the best-loved chaRActers from Richard’s oeuvre. Not a surprise then, that he is so well represented with items in our auction – although it came much as a surprise to me that *I* also contributed not just one, but *two* Thornton-themed items to the fundraiser. Without further ado, here is a look at the main course:

We are kicking off with another cunningly held-back article that first surfaced in the last fundraiser. This is a memo pad custom-made by Young. Who wouldn’t want to keep tabs on Mr Thornton??? Available in the eBay auctions.

In case you lose out in the Thornton goodness on eBay, Kate has laced her magic on a tag for the Etsy sale. For display or as a bookmark, the choice is yours. Only one available, though, so you may need to be fast!

But don’t fret. In case Kate’s tag has been snapped up, you will be sure to be able to snap this piece up. I have designed an ad for Thornton’s Marlborough Mills and had it printed on cotton tote bags. What else, but cotton! Plenty of them available over on Etsy.

You may need to be faster when it comes to these itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny glass bell jars with a miniature Mr Thornton frolicking in the snow. Armidreamer has made a handful of them, and they will be for sale on Etsy.

DVDs are Dauerbrenner in their own right. Donated by Jane, the North & South DVD will go into the auctions on eBay. One – two – three – yours.

One of a kind, and also on eBay, this is a wooden sign made by Kate. The rose is yellow, the wood is hard, and a bookmark completes the whole set. Could be yours if you bid wisely.

Many people already own a copy of North and South, the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. But have you ever seen this before? This is the book – with *that* kiss on the cover. *dies* It was spotted, snapped up and donated by Adina and will be available in the eBay auctions.

After many a bid on various auctions, Sonja finally managed to snap up a second-hand tea set with yellow roses. I hand-poured soy wax into the cups to make them a candle. There will be six tea cup candles available on Etsy – plus a few other matching items.

Finally, the pièce de résistance, matching my dinner theme. Michele has put together a Thornton Care Package with a cute picnic theme. I won’t give away the details of what is contained, but I’ll disclose that there are 10 items in this set, and that is not even counting the cutesy basket.

Now, if only Mr Thornton came for dinner, too…

As before, my thanks go to the kind, generous, crafty, creative and ingenious donors of all items. What a fantastic array of things they have provided us with. I can’t wait for the fundraiser!!!

Hope that has whetted your appetite even more. There is more than this, but possibly not in as handy a category as in these three “appetiser” posts. So I might leave the rest as a surprise for when the fundraiser kicks off on Saturday. I’ll probably get the small print out of the way tomorrow, though. So, lean back and think of Mr Thornton. That shouldn’t be a hardship at all…


18 thoughts on “Ready for Dinner? Appetiser #3 for #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser

    • When I was looking at my spread sheet, it just occurred to me that some chaRActers got more love… There are more chaRActers represented, of course, but the three so far stood out. I’m hungry now 🤤


  1. So many beautiful Thornton-themed items 😍 I won’t even imagine how fast we will have to be to buy Kates tag – something around 1 second 😂 And a book not to be read, but to watch the cover 😂 You contributed lovely Thornton-themed items, Guylty. The candles are cute. You undoubtedly fell in love with Thornton 😉. No wonder with this photo of him chosen by you😊 Have a nice dinner.


    • Hehe, it was a very hot dinner indeed… With a little bit of spice. Thornton is definitely good for a bit of sharpness. I am getting into him, slowly.
      And yes, I think you will have to be fast to catch Kate’s tags and ornaments, as well as any other Etsy item that is only available in small numbers. The suspense…


  2. Ha ha ha, very clever of you to use the American holiday for eating (Thanksgiving) as a theme for introducing items. I’m impressed at your creative promotions, G, and as I said a few days ago, gotta think of a client for you — someone who would PAY YOU to run a fundraiser auction for them….


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