#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Evening Update Day 1

It’s been a long day after being woken up by the dear husband at a quarter to 6 am 🥴 but before I hit the sack, here is the update after the first day of auctions being live. We crossed the €1,000 watershed early this morning. Another smaller watershed may be in reach tonight. Today’s stats are…

Here we have the current top 3. The Red Wine Set is forging ahead, followed by the Thorin Fan Set and the Crucible poster set. The latter seems to be quite coveted – and rightly so as it is a fabulous opportunity to snap up all three of the posters released for The Crucible. Many thanks to the bidders.

Currently, we have the €1,500 mark almost in reach. We are now at a total of €1,450 (and 3 Cent!), so who knows, maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning we will have a new watershed?

For your consideration, here are a few affordable options for bidding.

The Into the Storm DVD is currently at €5 – a nice little Christmas gift to yourself?

Your chance to get an authentic Playbill from Love Love Love together with a neat little magnet with a RA motif – currently at €10

The Ocean’s 8 DVD received a bid – thank you – and is at the €10 minimum price.

Also at €10 is the Uncle Vanya script.

At this point many thanks to everyone who has been bidding already. You have started us off really nicely, and every bid counts. Day 2 tends to be a bit slower, but maybe we’ll see a little movement overnight.

Please do check out the auctions over on ebay. You can find them all HERE.

And now good night!


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