#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Reaches First Watershed

Goooooooood Morning, HoHoHoliday fundraisers! The auctions are well under way. Since they only started yesterday evening, I felt it was a little too early for a first update on the bids last night. However, this morning we have results. And as you can see in the title above, we have a new adage for the auction updates. After milestones, landmarks and mileposts, we are now progressing to RA’s favourite of elements, water. Ahem. (Sorry, Richard.) But well, in any case, we have passed a watershed early this morning. And as I write, my iPad is dinging with further incoming bids. Hold on, let me update my screen shots… Half a day into the auctions we now have got bids totalling

Hooray, we have paddled across the magic four-figure watershed.

Thank you for dipping in your oars and getting us off to a flying start.

We are still on day 1, and things are quiet-ish which is much welcome to me after my usual listing day frenzy yesterday 😵. Consequently, not all items have yet received bids.

36 out of 40 auctions are running, so to speak, with 4 auctions currently waiting for a first bid. For your consideration, here is where you could potentially jump in:

1. We have some custom-engraved drinking glasses on offer with a festive holiday motif. A fan item for the classy fan 😍 . Bid HERE.

2. Or if you are more partial to the sparkly stuff, here is a set of 4 champagne flutes, engraved “RA 2021”. Bid HERE.

3. For a smaller budget, here is a DVD, still to be had for €10. Ocean’s 8 with Richard in a beanie. Come on, you don’t want to miss that! Bid HERE.

Thought the picture of Beanie Becker might be more enticing than the cover of the DVD 😍

4. Another affordable option is number 4 – which is potentially missing out on bids because Guylty was lazy and did not go back to photographing the “Xmas Set” in its entirety. The set consists of the RA ornaments from last year *and* a pair of socks with my Christmas RA design. Bid HERE.

I’ll be sneaking a peek at the auctions from time to time today and there’ll be an update later this evening. My hope is for a watershed #2 – with bids for all 40 auctions. That would be nice. But hey, there is plenty of time, still ☺️.

Hope you all have a lovely first of advent today. While my decorations are not up yet (I simply didn’t have the time to get the boxes from the attic and then deck the halls), at least I have got an advent wreath ready and can light the first candle. What are your plans for the day?

Talk later – and many thanks already to all of you lovelies who have started us off with the auctions! 😵


29 thoughts on “#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Reaches First Watershed

  1. Would like to add on the champagne flutes there are removable wine charms color matched with each flute with a RA character
    Thornton basket has 10 new items included with the basket
    The 5 glass set has 2 tall glasses and 3 shorter ones 😁

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  2. Great news that we’ve already passed the first rapids on River RAuction. I hope you get some time to relax today and spend time with Mr. G. I hope he’s convalescing nicely.


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  4. Just coming home from our Christmas market, we are exhibitors, and realising that the auction is in a good swing and I have time to take part, yeah
    Wish you still a nice evening of 1 Sunday of Advent


    • Oh, you must be hard at work then, Bea. Hope the business is good this year.
      And yes, you have lots of time to get into the auctions. Only day 1 over. Still plenty of time to bid 😀


  5. I can’t believe I almost missed this! And I can’t believe that you manage to put together not one but two events per year… you are amazing!!!


    • Glad you haven’t missed it, Noa. We are only half way through the auctions, so still plenty of time to take part there. And then there will be the fixed-price sale starting tomorrow evening!


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