#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Evening Update Day 2

Guess what – we are actually already in the last 24 hours of the auctions. The last 20 hours, to be precise. But this is a little update looking back at the activity so far.

I got my €1,500 wish and then more. Here are a few stats for you:

The top three auction items are still the same although they have swapped places a bit: The Red Wine Set is still ahead, but the Crucible poster set has caught up in second place, followed by the Astrov kit.

For some new stats, I have taken this screen shot for you: The items with the most bids.

I am glad to see the mini Astrov book getting some attention, as well as a handmade item, Kate’s North & South sign. Thank you to all bidders.

All items have now received a bid, hooray!

Yet, here is my little wish before I go to bed… Can we make the next watershed??? I’ve got the picture ready… And theoretically it would only take upping each bid up by €5 to get there. But well, I know, there may be more movement tomorrow.

A few cool items to consider:

And many more, also within above price brackets. As I said in my previous post – the auctions will end from about 6pm GMT onwards. Could be an interesting last hour 😉.

And now goodnight, and talk tomorrow!


One thought on “#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Evening Update Day 2

  1. Go, Bidders, GOOOOOOOO! *Puschel schwing*

    Ich bin sehr zuversichtlich, dass du das nächste Watershed-Bild nicht umsonst gebastelt hast, Guylty. 😉


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