#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Day 3 And Seven Hours To Go

Good morning, all. We might have a thriller on our hand today. Overnight, things have moved slightly, but not yet across the hoped-for watershed. Bummer.

Yep, I had to make this especially. The hardship.

But let’s not fret. The countdown is now on. We have about 7 hours until the auctions finish – and usually there is a hot finish. In case you are still looking for a Christmas present for yourself, here are some suggestions for you.

Items below €20

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Into the Storm DVD
€ 5.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North and South - DVD
€ 12.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Ocean's 8 DVD
€ 15.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Strike Back Pack
€ 16.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Uncle Vanya script
€ 19.50

Items below €30

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Other Queen Audio Book CD
€ 26.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North & South Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Murderer's Son Audio Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Authentic Love Love Love (2016) Playbilll + magnet
€ 29.50

Apart from these lovely items, there are amazing one-offs available that would justify higher bids. Check them out on eBay HERE. The auctions will end from 6.22pm (GMT) onwards today, with the last one finishing at 7.08pm. That’s going to be an hour of excitement and fun – join me over on Twitter! In fact, since the auctions finish within 60 seconds of each other, I won’t be able to live tweet it all – so I’d love it if you felt like promoting and live-commenting some of the items, too. Just for the fun of it all.

After the auctions have ended, I will have to deal with some of the admin. However, a note to bidders: In the past, I had to manually send invoices to (some?) auction winners, which put me under massive pressure: Keeping up with the auction finish, then sending invoices, while live-tweeting the next auction. Auction winners were worried when they did not receive the invoice *immediately* and flooded my inbox with messages, which added to the delay. With eBay having switched to their own payment system this year, it seems as if the invoice issue that used to plague previous auctions, has been solved, so hopefully there will be no delays. In case there are, please remember: If you have received an automatic notice from eBay, that you have won the auction, then the item is yours. Guaranteed. Even if it takes me a couple of minutes to send the actual invoice that contains a payment button. So please be patient with me. Especially as I will also have to push the fixed-price sale live shortly after the auctions have ended.

The fixed-price sale will go live at 8pm (GMT) tonight.

With the little disclaimer to please also cut me some slack there, in case I am a few minutes late, due to tying up the eBay auctions. I promise to do my best and get the first batch of the sale online as soon as possible! Reminder: There will be a second batch of items released tomorrow morning, around 9am (GMT), so you have a second chance at being the first to see 😉. The fixed-price sale will be hosted at https://scissorsandsmiles.patternbyetsy.com/shop. The site itself is already live but currently does NOT have any fundraiser items on sale!!! All fundraiser items are clearly labelled as such, containing the hashtag #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser in the listing title and displaying the red fundraiser bauble (see right) on the listings’ thumbnail. The proceeds from listings labelled such will go into the fundraiser! Since this is my own Pattern/Etsy site, there will be other items on show, and you are welcome to browse, of course. I will publish a separate post here on blog to notify you when the sale has gone live.

Lastly – monetary donations to the fundraiser are possible, too, via this link:

Click the image to be taken to my Paypal account where I am collecting all proceeds/donations in one place. On the Paypal site, you will see my name and avatar, and below the options “request” and “send”. Choose “send” in order to donate and please label your donation “Holiday FundRAiser” so I can identify it easily.

And now, countdown ON!


12 thoughts on “#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Day 3 And Seven Hours To Go

      • The perfect combination of these two elements 😂
        Guylty, thank you so much for taking my handmade items for sale!!! I was so excited and couldn’t take my eyes off your lovely photo that it took me more than 20 minutes to find the really big link *shop HERE* 😂 so that I did not see your other photos because the bauble frames have already sold out which really made me very happy😊😊😊 I saw that Sahra wrote that she liked your photo of the Hobbit house at the ornament and I can’t thank her on twitter. So a big thank you to all buyers! And the items from other donors are breathtaking. Guylty, thanks for your hard work and have a good night!


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