A Quick Mobile Heads-up

You might be wondering where I have gone to. Well, I am buried in packaging material and packing slips. It doesn’t help that my national postal service had a 12 Hour website outage, starting last night at midnight while I had 17 postage labels in my shopping basket. It had taken me 1.5 hours to input all the info – not just name and address, but for customs purposes you need to add item description, item value and appropriate customs tariff number. And of course you need to click through the options for size of shipment and choice of service. I was not amused when all that vanished before I could buy the labels.

Plan B involved getting things packaged up that doesn’t need customs info. And so I am delighted to say that a number of shipments destined for Europe and „Rest of World“ have been dispatched.

The postmistress was visibly displeased when I turned up with that bag. But what could I do? Their website was down, and so she had to do the work herself…

The plan is to package up the rest tonight – and hopefully be able to buy the labels online. The website appears to be online again, so that would help. And then I only need to take the UK and US shipments to the post office for scanning tomorrow morning.

I am writing to you from my volunteering day in the museum. I didn’t want to cancel three weeks in a row, so decided to come in for a short stint today. But hence I am writing this on my mobile.

As soon as I have all the postage bought, I will be able to suss out the final proceeds of the fundraiser. I have already been transferred the money both from Etsy and from eBay. No trouble with the latter this time. I noticed that they have left my selling limit at €10,000. Not that we needed it this time. However, I will give you a few hints re. our proceeds.

As you know, we made 2 big watersheds on eBay. So put that on your notepad. And then underneath you can write a matching number for Etsy! Because yes, Etsy was a MASSIVE success!

As I said, final numbers as soon as I know all the postage costs. Fees have already been deducted by eBay and Etsy, so no nasty surprises there.

Also, we have a three figure sum of donations, too, which will nicely bump up our totals.

I have now deactivated the Etsy listings, but donations are still open. Sorry, can‘t get the link button in here because I am on mobile but in case you are looking for it, you can find it in one of the earlier posts this week.

Christmas has come to the museum…

Edited for typos.


7 thoughts on “A Quick Mobile Heads-up

  1. oh my lord what a postal nightmare… and the postmistress should nay complain, eh, she gets paid her wage to do exactly this and you are an amazing customer of AN post! If it were a commercial business you’d be entitled to a very special discount! Good luck with the rest of the lot and so sorry UK is now ROW (i swear it stings every time i walk past a Royal Mail postbox, it’s screw up my mailings completely 😦 )
    Thanks so much to everyone for their lovely craftings, to you for the Herculean effort of going through all of this again and again and to everyone for putting money towards the good cause, Axx

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  2. Ditto – so sorry we’re now awkward to send to (and send from! Ffs😕) Your postmistress needs some hefty complaints to her manager – she’s always giving you trouble, isn’t she!
    So glad both types of fundraiser were successful 😊 Please don’t rush to get my parcel out, take your time! 😘

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  3. Sorry to hear about postal site down time failure. Some post workers behave very entitled here. Especially with Covid. We’ve found some locations closed more than 30 min earlier than posted hours with no note on door indicating any sort of emergency. Leaving several of us customers standing around with arms full of packages.
    Luckily we have a few different locations we can try. But it’s frustrating because my Pekingese likes routine and after his social calls at the post, he likes his late afternoon walk. The grief he can display is audibly embarrassing if he thinks he’s being shortchanged too. 🐾🐶🐾

    I do appreciate our postal system and don’t want it to go away. But I don’t appreciate some of the workers acting like they’re working in a cotton mill for low wages. Higgins anyone?
    Thank you for the heroic efforts you always put in on these fundraiser events. 🦸🏼‍♀️ If there are any shipping delays, I would hope we are all understanding and patient.


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