Our Gift Has Been Transferred #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser

The good deed is done. It may be a bit early for Christmas gifts, but – as we say in German – the money from the HoHoHoliday FundRAiser was “burning a hole in my pocket”. Meaning: I couldn’t wait to pass it on. I have transferred the grand sum of £3821.04 to LOROS via the tribute page to Mrs Armitage on much-loved. You will find our donation there, but I have made a screen shot of the note that accompanies our donation.

With the donation now transferred, we can put the fundraising to bed for the year. In case you are interested, together with the big birthday fundraiser in August, we have raised the enormous sum of €16,952.29 this year alone! And that is not even counting Richard’s associated donation of another €6,300 which he matched to the proceeds of Guy’s Jacket™️. I am blown away by your generosity, especially so shortly after the birthday fundraiser. Thank you. – The fundraising has been running since 2016, benefitting a variety of causes, but the total of all our fundraising proceeds is now just under €30,000! Or €29,804.07, to be exact. An amazing effort by you all!

Before you go…

and while I have you here: With all the fundraiser excitement happening, I completely forgot to announce that the customary Guylty RAdvent CalendRA is back for another year.  As is custom, it has been running since 1st December, so 10 windows have been opened already. You can find the RAdvent CalendRA HERE. Because Christmas never gets old. And that is also the motto of this year’s advent calendar. After much silliness with puns and Christmas jumpers in previous years, I have indulged in some vintage designs this year. For your convenience, this is what has been revealed so far. (Click images to enlarge)

It’s a bit of a chaRActer potpourri. In some cases it is worth-while reading the small print. Just sayin’. Which one is your favourite so far? More windows will open every day. Check it out yourself. Also, Kate is also posting an advent calendar every day over on Twitter. She is showing her fabulous RA window ornaments that were a hit in our fundraiser sale. Check her Twitter for more every day.




58 thoughts on “Our Gift Has Been Transferred #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser

  1. Fantastic 😊 And thanks for the link to the Advent Calendar – you are truly amazing! When did you have time to do all those fabulous manips!? They are brilliant! 😃❤️🤣


  2. Thank you, Sonja.
    Hihi, I didn’t know that designer socks were so expensive, I never bought them 😉 From your RAdvent CalendRA is Day 1 my favourite so far. And from Kate‘s RAngels the RA on the box RAngel which I managed to get.


    • Haha, Graza, you know what? I actually googled designer socks to find out the average price. They range from €20 to over €100. So I settled for 60… I think a donation to LOROS actually looks much bigger than 71 pairs of designer socks 😜


      • Can you imagine this torment in the morning which socks to choose from over 70 😂
        I just googled designer socks to see what they look like and Mr. Graza noticed it. His reaction: socks??… I have socks… you needed some. What a relief that he doesn’t want designer socks at these prices 😂 😂


          • Yep. But Richard’s socks are nice and I like the reckoning 😊. Hmm, maybe these fancy socks last long. Because we are not skiing we can afford to try it out once 😉 😂. Last time I had skis on my feet (I borrowed skis from my brother, so they were too long and the shoes were too big), most of the time I was sitting on snow on my … 😂 😂.


  3. What a wonderful effort! I owe you all awe.
    Guylty, your Advent Calendar is inspired and far too good not to use elsewhere, as armitagebesotted said. Impossible to decide which window I like the most, I’m spoilt for choice.


    • Glad you are enjoying my advent calendar. I really had fun coming up with ideas for it and trying to adjust it to Richard’s characters… I’ll have to figure out how to use them.


  4. It’s been a great fundraiser and for the best cause. And your calendar is realy clever. I loved 11ht (Thorin) and tHe Pilgrimage. Where can i find your previous? As I have said before, you are an amazing person full of love and compassion. I’m lucky knowing you, my dear Sonja.


    • Aw, thank you, Poppy 😘.
      I’ve posted a link to the advent calendar on my thank you post this morning. You can go back and open all previous windows, too. They are all there.


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