2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #44

It’s Saturday!!!!!!!! *waves at Besotted*

Let’s get into it straight away.

  1. A new picture of Ray Levine surfaced yesterday by way of Netflix. Astrovian has posted it
  2. Some intense Guy scowling, courtesy of riepu10
  3. Mininottingham is in full Christmas mode. You have to look at this images in full size!
  4. Big thanks to riepu10 also for giving us the opportunity to enjoy moving grey-temples-and-specs porn
  5. Armitangel-1972 posted this cropped version of a photo taken at a con. I think it was actually RDC5 – that backdrop (and the black hoodie-leather jacket combo) looks familiar. Not sure whether this is never-before-seen, but it is actually a special image because the rule put out by RA at RDC5 was “no props”. Well, he couldn’t resist this, it seems
  6. This is The Look™️, according to astrovian
  7. I was never a Richlee shipper, but I do like this fan art produced by raz089
  8. Including these screen shots of RA in the Hello! interview, purely for that first tag by astrovian
  9. Total throw-back to ten years ago, and I do not remember seeing this bit from BTS of TH, but hell, I had to laugh out loud at Richard’s reaction to Sir Peter’s instructions – and SPJ’s reply. Posted by mistress-gif
  10. Mezzmerizedbyrichard combines an old quote from Richard with some recent gif evidence *lol*
  11. A gorgeous painting of Thorin by talynrae
  12. When I look at Richard, that is exactly what I say, too 😂. Gif of Lucas North by riepu10
  13. Richard doing child voices. Note to self: Listen to some of his Christmas stories again. Comment by grimweaver
  14. *snorts* Hehe, this may be a bit crude, but somehow the analogy works. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  15. Super cute Bagginshield fan art by abc-ok
  16. Fun meme entitled “Anatomy of a himbo dwarf” by thorinswaggerson

Nice haul this week.

And now the final Christmas countdown has begun. The tree is up.

Last batch of biscuits to be baked today. Need to write more Christmas cards – I bought far too many Christmas stamps, so they need to be used now, even if it is late. (Thank goodness that strictly speaking Christmas lasts until January 5… so still extended deadline for Christmas wishes…) I haven’t wrapped any present yet 😱. Also some on-going Etsy orders, a few hand-made gifts to make, and grocery shopping to organise. With omikron on the rise, I might return to food delivery 😐.

And what about you? Ready for the festivities? Tree up? Pressies all bought/made, turkey ordered, larder stocked?

And what do we think, will we get a Christmas message from Mr A, or were his donation appeals it, as Servetus asked? Or possibly the text accompanying the JustGiving site that RA set up for donations to Pancreatic Cancer UK, as Esther surmises? BTW, Richard truly has very generous fans. Within three days of setting up his latest donation site, over £3,000 have been raised there by 122 contributors. That’s pretty cool!!!

Anyway, have a lovely weekend, all, and a happy fourth of advent tomorrow!

Sonja ❤


17 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #44

  1. 5. Iirc that was an anthology of Fannibal Art/Stories (?) the cast were gifted. There’s another pic of him holding a fanbook, but I think this was something else. 🤔


  2. What Kate said. I think they were trying to fill out their numbers for subscriptions to the project (which also included various bling apart from the book) at the time. I bought a copy. It’s really interesting as an example of the genre, although I do not love Hannibal.


  3. #5, #9 I haven’t seen some of these photos before. As I can see on Tudum, Richard still lists NYC and London as his hometown.
    Sonja, Santa Claus has already liked your Christmas tree 😊. Turkey instead of goose? Is online grocery shopping with contactless delivery not a better option than food delivery? Happy fourth of advent!


    • Some of this stuff is so old, I have almost forgotten it 😂
      Yeah, never been a massive fan of geese, I have to admit. Too fatty for my taste. I prefer chicken or turkey.
      And my bad – I meant food delivery as in groceries. Anything else would be far too expensive, anyway.


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