Stay Close Promo Cont’d

Usually I am the last to receive a Google alert about a news piece about Richard, but hey, this morning I woke up to a new piece I hadn’t seen yet. It’s a German language news clip from Euronews and besides bits of the SC trailer it also has a small interview snippet with Richard that must have come from Euronews’ own Zoom interview of him. The clip is overlayed with German commentary, but I have translated it for you below.

“Stay Close“ – A Harlan Coben New Year’s Eve thriller

If you don’t feel like fireworks or celebrations with no more than 10 people on New Year’s Eve, you can can look forward to some excitement on the small screen:

The next thriller series adapted from a book by bestselling author Harlan Coben will start on the well-known video platform on December 31st. The title this time: “Stay Close”.

Part of the team is British actor Richard Armitage, who already stood out in the previous series “The Stranger”. Harlan Coben is delighted that his latest piece for Netflix is ​​premiering on New Year’s Eve.

“Richard and I are rooted in the tradition of the American Christmas specials such as Bob Hope or Christmas with the King Family.

Richard Armitage is equally enthusiastic. “When my agent called me and said, ‘Oh my god, even Charlize Theron is addicted to’ The Stranger’ and telling all her friends about it,’ I thought, ‘Great, if even Charlize has seen the show, we’re on to something! “

“Stay Close” is – of course – about suddenly reappearing dark secrets from the past. The other leads are Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt and Sarah Parish.

The new series is part of a five-year contract which Harlan Coben signed with Netflix in 2018. As part of this agreement, the successful author is to produce a total of 14 of his novels into Netflix series.



5 thoughts on “Stay Close Promo Cont’d

  1. Thanks for this, Guylty. It’s been an embarrassment of riches this week, hasn’t it.

    Bob Hope? The King Family? Strange comparisons indeed. Is Mr. Coben kidding or what?! And RA on Ms. Theron. He couldn’t possibly make that remark with a straight face, could he?! I think I may have to start drinking early.

    Happy New Year to all.


    • The reference to Bob Hope and the King Family went more or less over my head – presumable American cultural references that I have no experience of. I can sort of understand that he was talking about typical TV fare that is on at Christmas and thus becomes part of the routine of the season. (In Germany the equivalent would be watching a series of 1950s films about Austrian Empress Sisi – on TV every year over the holidays. In the UK and Ireland, I think The Sound of Music holds a similar place?)
      For some reason I felt that the comment about Charlize Theron lacked context. What was the actual question, I wonder? RA’s comment didn’t seem to fit the convo at that point. (Or maybe it does and I just have to rewatch.) Also, I kept thinking, well, Charlize Theron produced RA’s film Brain on Fire, so maybe it is no wonder that RA and The Stranger were on her radar?)


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