Last Words 2021

The last hours of the old year have come. It’s quiet – the latest Covid variant is shutting us down again, and in fandom terms, many of us are currently otherwise engaged. Stay Close is finally streaming on Netflix, and those who can, are already right in the middle of the pleasure of viewing a new piece of work by Richard for the very first time. But that is not convenient for all of us. In my case, for instance, I do not want to get started with the show today and then be forced to stop somewhere in the middle because I want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with dear Mr Guylty. Instead, I am planning to watch the show early next week when I will have ample time. (More about that later.) Anyway, for those who can’t watch now but want to while away the time until this evening, I have prepared a little distraction. Click the image below to be taken to the site.

Now, how did that work for you? I hope you got what who you wanted 😉.

In the meantime, Mr A has sent us a New Year’s message instead of his customary Christmas message.

I like this message, because sentimental old fuddy-duddy me is very much into the whole “the things that divide us are far less important than the things that connect us”. It’s a typical people-pleaser thing, so I have that in common with RA. I like unity, especially in the form of community. It is what has made this past year special for me, despite all the challenges. We have come together for two fundraisers and generated two rather large gifts for Mr A. That has only been possible because of the feeling of community within this circle, and I thank you for your kind, generous and altruistic participation in those projects.

Richard speaks about the trauma that we are all going through, and that chimes with me. It is not only the ‘newsfeed of fear’ that he cites, but the constant stress and pressure of the ever-present fear of the virus. With the intangible danger always hanging over us like Damocles’ sword, I have needed the distraction provided by the internet, my crafting, our fandom, and Richard himself, more than ever. Not least because this year has been tough for me in terms of finally acknowledging the poor state of health my dear Mr Guylty is in. I am a ‘represser’; I sing in the dark and I ignore as long as I can. Unfortunately with Mr Guylty in hospital three times this year, that has not been possible anymore. We are now at a point where it has become an *existential* matter. I still don’t like to write about it, even think about it. Because to write about it, means to acknowledge that it is real. And that is why I have not really let on quite *how* serious it all is. I am hanging on to my happy place here with the finger tips, if you know what I mean. – Mr Guylty is due to spend next week in hospital for a week of tests to see whether he will be suitable for a transplant. All of this fills me with nauseating fear, to be quite honest. And to now circle back to the beginning of this post, that is why I am not watching SC right now but have scheduled it for next week – a much, much needed distraction.

But I don’t want to end this year morosely. I am an optimist by nature, and even though I *always* hope that the “next” year will be better, I truly do set all my hope and confidence on 2022. I hope for good news for Mr Guylty. I hope for a victory over the virus. I hope for a little more freedom for us all, and a return to travelling to see our loved ones again. Let’s hope the universe and/or your deity of choice will help us get there.

As for Mr A – these are my customary end-of-year wishes for him, as always simply dispatched into the ether in the hope that he will receive the sentiment even if he doesn’t read the words.

Dear Richard,

You speak about your intentions for the next year, and your goal to do the best job you possibly can. That’s a worthy plan, an inspiring message to your fans, and something to aspire to at all times. From my perspective, you are quite good at “putting your best foot forward” – I have enjoyed your audio work (some of which I actually re-listened) and the glimpses of your new projects. And I still can’t quite believe that you joined our birthday celebration for you by donating The Jacket ™️ to the fundraiser. It has meant a lot to many of your fans.

If I have learnt something this year, though, it is also that with all the hard work we put in to do our best – whether as an artist, a writer, a blogger, a mother or a friend – we also need to take the time to *enjoy* our blessings. I know what it feels like to be constantly on the hunt for the next job, and the insecurity that comes with being idle. It is good to be busy – yet the Covid-enforced pause may have also been an opportunity to slow down and enjoy life as much as we can, within the restrictions that are forced upon us.

With that in mind, I hope that your 2022 will be full of new projects, exciting opportunities, inspiring experiences, and moments of joy that will create lasting memories. I can’t wait to see Stay Close, look forward to The Man from Rome, and all the other incredible stories you will hopefully share with us. May the 2022 be a chapter without drama but with a happy ending.

Enjoy the piste, (don’t) break a leg, and cheers!

Much love,

Sonja ❤️




86 thoughts on “Last Words 2021

  1. Oh wow. Sending you and Mr. Guylty all my best wishes for the best possible news. (((hugs)))

    Thank you for all that you do. You are a wonderful person and friend who gives so much to all of us. I thank Mr. A. for many things, but most of all for letting me find you when living in the same town didn’t do it. To many more wonderful experiences together in 2022. I will certainly never forget 2021 and our adventures with The Jacket™️ and all the fun we had.

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  2. The fact that you have so much stress and anxiety gnawing at you, and yet STILL find time to share your end-of-year messages with us (and with RA) speaks volumes about your character, Guylty. I haven’t been following you long, but I foresee an enduring bond forming.

    I sincerely wish you good news on the health front, and may 2022 bring us all what we desire most.


    • *hugs* Well, I have to say that writing here is everything but a hardship. It probably goes under escapism. The „happy place“ that provides distraction and joy. And it is also a place of my own, unrelated to Mr Guylty, so it is a place where I am not reminded of the worries and fears I have for him 💔.
      Happy new year – and the same good wishes back to you, Lou.


  3. Sending the warmest New Year wishes to everyone here (and Mr A of course.). But most of all to you, Guylty, with thanks for all you do to make this such a happy place, and the hope that 2022 will bring better health to Mr Guylty, and joy to you both.


    • Thank you, Jenny. It was fun, it still is fun, and here‘s hoping that the blog will still be fun in 2022 (my tenth anniversary in the fandom 😱). Happy new year to you!


  4. Hoping all the best to you and Mr Guylty; sending all healthy wishes/prayers/vibes.

    Thanks for all you do for the fandom and looking forward to more fun in 2022. And thanks for that great game/quiz! I got Harry Kennedy! Not what I was expecting, but I’ll gladly take him. 🙂


    • Thank you, Susie – any wishes/prayers/vibes gratefully received. ☺️
      Hehe, Harry… Well, he is the soulmate for anyone who approaches life with a smile 😉. I actually haven‘t tried the quiz myself but I suspect I could doctor the outcome because I know how I associated the answers with the results 😁


  5. Happy New Year and fingers crossed for Mr. Guylty. I’m an optimist to the bone too, so let’s hope the best for the next week – and 2022 🤞🤞🤞


  6. I do wish your husband all the best regarding his health, facing our own or love ones mortality is one of the hardest things we have to deal with. Thank you for your blog and once again for all your work regarding the auctions.
    Best regards Rachel

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  7. Happy New Year! Sending extra special wishes that Mr Guylty has a positive outcome next week. May you and your family have happiness in abundance throughout the coming year. ❤️


  8. My result was Guy of Gisborne!!! I liked the guizz. Happy new year, My dearest Sonja.Happy to be a member ofthat great community/team.


  9. I run the quizz for the second time and when i had a dilemma, I chose the second best answer for me. This time the result was THORIN, so I am ok.


  10. Happy New Year, tahnk you for creating this happy place for us and the sense of commUNITY that it brings. Hope everything will go well with Mr. Guilty and that 2022 will bring a new beginning for all of us and the end to the threat of the virus and all (or most) of the restrictions that it imposes. Big hugs


    • You are welcome – and I am very happy that I am joined here by so many people, and so many *new(er)* fans. Thank you for the good wishes – and happy new year to you, too.


  11. Thank you for all you do, I´m keeping my fingers crossed that your husband will get better, best wishes for a better 2022 for you and your loved ones, my thoughts are with you… I got John Thornton btw… Hugs 💗💗.


  12. Happy New Year Sonja, sending you love and hugs, and thank you again for all your hard work and the joy you bring to us in this corner of the RA community. My very best wishes to you and Mr Guylty for a positive outcome wrt his health.
    What a lovely message from Richard, and the accompanying photo isn’t bad either 😉 What’s next for him? Now and Then?


  13. I scooped up John Standring
    Almost perfect
    I know it’s not the same but my neighbour had a liver transplant in the midst of the pandemic and it went wonderfully well
    He is back to work as a head teacher


    • “Scooped up” 😂. Well done! He’s a keeper!
      Afaik they have come a long way in terms of transplanting organs. When you read about it, however, it comes with all kinds of caveats. Well, I guess they are trying to bring across that there are high risks involved…


  14. Sending you and Mr Guylty my best wishes and hugs. For 2022 I wish you only good news about the things that really matter. And thank you Sonja for all the moments of joy in 2021.
    Your quiz is cool. I am destined for Guy of Gisborne, what was to be expected.


  15. Sorry I’m late with the New Year wishes and very sorry to hear of your husband’s health problems. Thank you for holding the RA fort together Guylty, you’ve really done so much work with the auctions and just keeping everyone’s spirits up, which lord knows, we need so much xxxxxxx
    I hope 2022 will bring more of what you both need.


  16. oh no I was too late to the party – quiz already disabled… 🥺

    I am late with my new years wishes as well but I hope you all have a very happy new year indeed! 😁 and also an extra health booster for Mr Guylty! 🤞🤞🤞

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    • Sorry about that. I actually did not realise that the quiz would only be up for a limited amount of time. I’ll have to see whether I can actually rescue it…


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