Shrinkitage? 😱

After yesterday’s wig wam bam, let’s continue with some notes of absolutely zero value and merit.

One of Mr Armitage’s greatest assets – imho – has always been his height. 6’2”, 6’2½”, 6’3” – his height has varied, even when announced from the horse’s mouth. For a person used to the metric system, those numbers do not mean that much, anyway. Converted into metric, the variety does not really look so stark, from 1.88m via 1.89m to 1.90m. But in any case an impressive height, considering that the average height for a man in Britain is 5’10” (1.77m). Doesn’t look like much taller, but as you know, ladies, every inch counts! 😉 One consequence of Richard’s height was that Mr A is always easy to pick out in any ensemble. From the chorus line in Cats…

Cats theatre programme ca. 1994 – can you spot him?

to the Hobbit promos and charity work

and photos off- and on-stage

Richard is always easy to pick out. Just look for the tallest guy in frame. Except for when he makes himself deliberately smaller.

And so imagine my horror, when it recently appeared that Richard was *not* the tallest guy on set for SC. Exhibit 1:

Fester and Ray stay close… and Youssef Kerkour dwarfs Richard…

And then this:

Richard looks up to Harlan Coben at the Netflix Book Club

To add insult to injury, I was unfaithful and recently started listening to an audio book that was *not* read by Richard Armitage. In fact it is Clanlands, the audio book accompanying Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s – yes, he of the line of Durin – Scottish road trip. And to my horror, I had to listen to this snippet:


Has Richard already started shrinking???


Nice ribbing, McTavish! I wonder whether Richard has heard (of) this scandalous slander. Mind you, Richard *did* look rather short on the set of TH

It’s time for Richard to go back to greater heights!!!

44 thoughts on “Shrinkitage? 😱

  1. Graham Mc Tavish is even taller?????????????? Let’s not talk about Lee Pace who was for sure taller, either as a human or as the elf king Thranduil. Ok, it’s time to rewatch the VICAR OF DIBLEY, the two episodes, for obvious reason (the vicar herself)!!!

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  2. Yes, at the Cats show he is at the back row, fourth from the left. And at the Charity event, again back row, at the left side almost to the middle. He is tall…


  3. Thanks for the nice photos. It did not surprise me at all that there are people who are taller than Richard. Probably because Mr Graza is still a centimeter taller than the highest version of RA 😊. Looks like I have a soft spot for some tall guys 😉.


    • Within the business he is one of the tallest actors. Most of them seem much smaller than him. But yes, in the greater scheme of things 1.89m doesn’t really seem extra tall at all… I certainly have several friends who are taller than that…


  4. Trying to be inconspicuous. Exactly. Richard does that often, and it bugs the living daylights out of me. Same thing with his comments about his nose (IMHO it’s perfect the way it is; has to be to balance that strong chin). But I digress.

    Graham is 6’2″. Lee is 6’5″. So Richard is perfectly situated between them and shouldn’t ever listen to McTavish’s musings, delivered strictly for laughs. BTW, the 1st Clanlands is also available as an audiobook and I suggest that version to enjoy the McTavish and Heughan comedy show to full extent.

    I, too, was surprised that HC towered over RA, but that is no reason for Richard to slouch so during that interview. If he is shrinking slightly (happens to us all with age as gravity does its thing) it’s even more important for him to own his impressive height, stand up straight and have confidence in his awesomeness. Modesty be damned!


    • He really likes to slink into the background, doesn’t he? Well, he’s mentioned it often enough that he felt very awkward when he suddenly shot up in puberty. That experience has probably left its marks…
      Lee really is what I would call tall. 1.88m – sure, not short, but not really that unusual either.
      Man, Richard really looked as if he was sliding off the chair in that Netflix interview 😂. Surprising – he’s such a stickler for good manners otherwise. What would Mama Armitage say about slouching like that? *tuttuttut* But well, it all goes back what I said at the beginning of this reply – childhood trauma. He will never truly understand why we think he is handsomeness and awesomeness combined ❤️


      • I noticed the slouching in the chair, too, on Netflix interview. I have wondered whether Richard knows how much his fans love his nose and find his profile *gggggg*—is that the correct term? I will check the Armitage Dictionary. It makes me sad to know he was bullied over it when it is such a wonderful, distinct feature of his.


          • Obviously still has issues. Didn’t I hear him say in a SC interview that the tats on his hands would help distract from his face as he held the camera up to take pictures? I doubt these comments could all be jokes. There’s something deeply disturbing about his lack of self-confidence. Childhood trauma, sure. But at what age do you start getting over that? Don’t get me wrong. It’s not for lack of sympathy I say this, but a genuine wish for a happy, more self-confident Armitage.

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            • Same here, Lou. It’s just so sad to be thinking that this wound has never healed. I can sympathise with it, to some extent, as I doubt *I* will ever get over the cruel name-calling I received when I was a chubby child.


  5. The pictures are fun to see again, thanks for the laugh, it´s really not that often that our man is the smaller one 😊.


  6. I queried with my doctor why I was shorter than I used to be. He said you lose half an inch or 1.27 cms for every decade over age 40. Mind you Harlan is 60, so should have lost an inch 😂

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    • That sounds about right. I reached nearly 5’9″ in my 20s, and that was still true into my late 40s. Now just into my mid 60s, I seem to be only just over 5′ 7, although typically I appear to be almost 1/2″ shorter at the end of a day than at the start!

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  7. Hard to say why Richard try’s to make himself shorter. My youngest son is 5’9 with very long legs and a short upper body. There are certain times he will stand with his legs further apart than normal as not to lean over as far. If his upper body was to more to size with his legs he would be over 6 foot. I really don’t think Richard would want to be short either, my oldest son is 5’3.


    • From my observations of Richard on screen, his proportions appear relatively equal, that is, long arms, long legs, long torso.

      I refer to the Sleepwalker (2017) foreplay scene between the characters of Scott White (RA) and Sarah Wells/Anna. Scott’s arms are so long that he easily plants both palms against the hallway walls, further balancing himself by spreading his long legs. He removes his shirt; there’s that long torso. And just for an extra dollop of ooof!, he picks her up and with a single long stride crosses the threshold to the bedroom.

      I rest my case. Take a moment to compose yourselves. 😉


    • Better tall than short, I say. But it’s all subjective, isn’t it? I’ve been on the shorter side all my life, and wish I was taller – maybe tall people wish they were shorter?


  8. He has always slouched through the waist a bit when he sits. He bends at the waist in a chair, not at the hip joints. Which is so nice for us, because it makes him “present” the, ahem, pelvic area so…nicely. And because his legs are so long, they are barely even on the chair, and gravity encourages them to…splay open. He rarely bends at the hip joints, places his weight on the bottom of the pelvic bone, and stretches his spine up straight. It’s most obvious if his clothing has horizontal stripes which collapse on top of each other. Look at old interviews — some of the British chat tv shows, and that one where Caroline Goodall interviewed him. I’ve always wondered if it’s how he relieves the back pain he mentions every now and then. The really, really amazing detail is that no skin, not one iota sticks out of his abdomen, despite the slouching. Come on, who else’s abdominal muscles are that tight?


  9. Ode to Tallness

    Does it matter at all.
    If RA is tall?
    Kinda sorta, for me.
    Cause I’m tall too,
    You see.
    So I could maybe wear heels,
    If we went out for meals.
    No arguments ever with this tallish guy,
    Cause we’d naturally see eye to eye.
    If I offered him a lift.
    It would sure make me blue.
    If he didn’t need a ride,
    But a lift for his shoe.

    Kathy Jones


  10. A tall man is catnip to me and I do feel a slight irrational disappointment if RA isn’t the tallest man in the room (and I share your guilt about listening to another Audible narrator!)


  11. Richard is about the same height as my husband (he’s 1.87m), which I guess is tall but I’m so used to it, it doesn’t seem so tall to me anymore. Here in NL people tend to be quite tall anyhow, Mr E sometimes feels like he is small compared to others we see walking around. I remember when I met RA, he almost felt smaller to me than Mr E, but maybe because he is more slight in stature in real life than he seems in pictures.


    • He really has a way of making himself appear small, doesn’t he? That was my impression, too, at the various SDs I have attended. Possibly because he deliberately wants to make himself smaller so he doesn’t intimidate the fans (who, by virtue of mostly being women, are generally shorter than him)?

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