2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

Uh, ugh, I am frustrated. My current craft project has just gone tits up and it literally looks shite. Meh. Let’s hope, this week’s round-up will cheer me – and you – up.

  1. New fan fic on the way to you, courtesy of i-did-not-mean-to. Here is a teaser for a Francis Dolarhyde fan fic
  2. Staying with fan fic, here is legolasbadass’ “Office Hours” – part 4
  3. And to make the fan fic triumvirate complete, here is middleearthpixie’s “Damaged Goods”, ch. 25!
  4. Something-poetic thinks that Richard is aging very well. Touché
  5. A gorgeous playing card design of the Red Dragon as the King by hannigram-house
  6. This repost of lumberjack RA courtesy of richardarmitagefanpage fits the cold dark January so well
  7. Some Ray Levine, giffed by riepu10
  8. Supercute Thorin fan art by kasirose212
  9. TH sizing chart that will blow your mind… I mean really, I didn’t actually see the height difference quite as pronounced as this. Posted by tolkien-fantasy
  10. Fizzyxcustard doesn’t just write but also crafts. I really love her set of altered playing cards. That King is just great
  11. A very cute Bagginshield fan art by hellsite-users-blog
  12. And this painted portrait of Thorin is really fitting for the king… by hobbitsoupbowl

There we are, a little light entertainment for the weekend 😉. Massive thanks to all the tumblr posters who are keeping us entertained!

Hmph. My February blues are starting early this year, it seems. No motivation for anything. We are also still waiting to hear back from the hospital re. all the tests. On the plus side, Little Miss Guylty (= my daughter) has finally received confirmation that she has a place in student acommodation for her semester abroad in Munich. 🎉 And I am already making tentative plans to go and visit Munich as she will be 21 at the beginning of April. Perfect opportunity to travel for the first time in more than two years. It’s something to look forward to, and I badly need that right now.

Have a lovely weekend, all,

Sonja ❤️


29 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

  1. I was watching the snow come down out my window and thought, Oh today is Weekly Round-up! I looked to my phone and there was your email! Still new to the fandom yet learning the schedule! I hope it shakes your blues a little to know how these tidbits brighten the day😊Can’t wait to visit all the links. 🤤Glad to hear you’ll be traveling —and have that to look forward to; we all need that again! And yes thank you to all the posters; I am also newly introduced to social media—such a welcome distrAction during the work day!


    • I used to be a bit more reliable with the round-ups – Saturdays, 8am GMT precisely. But now I am happy if I manage to post on a Saturday at all 😉. Glad to know that the round-up has become part of your Saturday routine!


  2. That king card is so neat. Love it.

    Armitage is like the finest wine. Oak(enshield) barrel aged goodness. 🤤

    I am so happy to hear miss G. has secured a coveted place in Munich. That’s a nightmare.

    If you do travel, I hope to be able to see you. It’s been too long. ❤️


    • We should get down to making a full set of altered playing cards, all with chaRActers. Might be a nice challenge…
      Nightmare is right! It could’ve been if she hadn’t secured her spot in the student residences. We haven’t yet found out which exact place she’ll be in, but just the fact that she won’t have to search for accommodation is already great.
      And yes, WÜ is still on my list 🤗

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      • Yay for good old WÜ being on the tentative itinerary. 🥳 Whichever place they assign her, it’ll be a huge financial burden off your mind and also a lot of time saved looking for a place. I remember well what an ordeal that was when I moved there.

        Oh, a whole set of cards sounds wonderful—and challenging. Just like my Armitage Alphabet idea I never tackled. 😕


        • WÜ is a definite! Be warned 😉
          And as a side note on the student residence not-quite-saga: She received an e-mail yesterday, asking her whether she could postpone her arrival for a month so that the Chinese student who is currently staying in the room, can stay longer as her flights have been cancelled and she can’t go back. 😡 I categorically told Little Miss not to agree to that. She only has 5 months in Munich on her ERASMUS, so giving up a month would take a huge chunk of the time away. Frankly, I am surprised that the student residences expect incoming people to change their plans – or to pay for alternative accommodation – when they stated very clearly to her in the first place that the stay in the student residences can not be extended either way…

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    • Thank you, Ricky. I really look forward to it all. Last time I was out of the country was February 2020, shortly before Covid hit. When I am going this spring, I will do a big tour, visiting not only my family, but also friends. It’ll be epic…


  3. Hello, my dear Sonja. Don’t force yourself, inspiration will come again. Andthe news about your husbad will be great too. So happy for your daughter.I wish you will travel during April and visit your Mum and Kate too. Take care!!!


  4. Glad to hear you’ve found some activities that cheer you up. My motto these days is: whatever works, do it. Short of being unkind or harming someone else, any other activity, no matter how silly, is permitted. That includes staring at hundreds of photos of some British actor online.

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  5. #3 Warning: Reading this chapter may result in spontaneous human combustion. That’s right, it’s THAT hot. 🔥 Thanks for all the screenshots and new fanfic links. Not a bad way to pass a chilly night. BTW, it’s called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for a reason, 😱 and I’m sure the wait on Mr. G’s test results can’t be helping your mood, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just think — Spring is only 50 days away! 🌼


    • *coughs* Now I know what you mean. Read the whole shebang and loved it. Pixie has really set the record straight for Ray.
      Ha! Spring is 0 days away in Ireland. It has officially started today!


  6. I’m so glad your daughter got the residency confirmation and hopefully all your husband’s tests will come back with the results you want! I cannot wait for spring, I’m so done with winter right now. And thank you so much for the mention! Chapter 25 is a steamy one, so be warned… 🙂


  7. Congratulations that Miss Guylty has her residency and I am glad that you have some things to look forward to,: travelling, visiting friends and family. Having a change of scene can be a great mood-lifter. Wishing that all will be well for My Guylty.
    Thank you for the round-up of Tumblr goodies.


    • Thank you, Esther. And yes, I am really happy for Little Miss to be going abroad for a semester. And to the “Fazerland” no less 😉. It fills my German motherly heart with joy that she will get to experience “my” country – ahem, even if it is in Bavaria and not in the North 😁

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