Discuss… or Just Giggle

Anybody need some harmless fun? Well, I had some this afternoon with KellyDS aka Nowhereinparticularra and Getting Caught Up In The Mechanism. KellyDS slid into my DMs – well, actually my e-mail – and quipped that the recent new picture of RA as Father Quart reminded her of those “How my friends see me” memes, and specifically “How I see myself”… 😂 And sure enough, thus prompted, good ole Guylty fell down the rabbit hole…

Credit to KellyDS for starting me off with the saintly Twitter saviour… the rest just came by itself 😂

Well, have I assigned the appropriate images for the respective categories? Or do the pictures need to be reshuffled? What do you think? 😉


24 thoughts on “Discuss… or Just Giggle

    • And much needed giggles after the sad news from this morning. I actually meant to make mention of Dele in the post. She will be missed – she was lovely and I will always remember her happy and sweet participation in many a card swap.


  1. Not sure if How It Really Is is how I picture him now. Doesn’t he wear eyeglasses? He might still be squinting, but he could be holding the glasses in his hand or, better yet, they could be on the top of his head and he’s forgotten he put them there. 😂


  2. OMG—I‘m wheezing. Very good, though we might need an even more confused pic for “how it actually is“ some days. 🤭
    But the “how it is“ is absolutely perfect. Well spotted, Kelly. We may have to rebrand our facetiously named Uncle Richard‘s Fan Arbitration Services. Father Richard‘s Fan Arbitration Services or better yet Saint Richard‘s? 😂😂


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