2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

My great annual Social Media hiatus has started. That is a bit of a misnomer, as I am only staying away from Twitter. I haven’t been active on FB for years, so no need to rein myself in there, and IG is also not a major time-thief for me. So, since Ash Wednesday I have stayed away from Twitter, and I apologise should anyone have sent me DMs or tweeted at me there – I am not checking messages, either. Instead I have been enjoying a bit of a break from fandom, only occasionally reading on blogs. But the retreat is only temporary and I am planning to continue blogging for the duration of Lent ☺️. Before I dive in, just a little note on the contents of this post – there will be a “personal health update” further down. This is not a trigger warning as such, but just for anyone who has had traumatic health experiences, you have the option of ignoring my update on Mr. Guylty’s health and scroll past the heading “personal health update” and go straight to the round-up header for the weekly round-up.

The war in Ukraine is still very much on my mind. And with the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl under fire, I am experiencing yet another throwback to the past. I remember the reactor melt-down in 1986, and how scared we were. Even 1,500 kilometers to the Northwest of Chernobyl, we were afraid of the radioactive rain. I was 15. – On the way to a hospital appointment with Mr Guylty on Thursday, I passed this electricity box on the street. It is somewhat encouraging, and I hope that it will prove true. The Ukrainians have proven tough, indeed, and yet my mind boggles at seeing the reality of refugees from a European country.

Personal Health Update

This is going to be a long tangent, because this is an update for those who have been following the developments on my homefront. You can skip this and hop to the round-up behind the header image below if not interested! The hospital appointment mentioned above was my first opportunity to finally be included in the management of Mr. Guylty’s further treatment. If you remember, Mr. Guylty was in hospital in early January, undergoing many tests to see whether he would be suitable to be included in the lung transplant programme. We hadn’t heard back from the hospital yet, and the team responsible has not yet made a decision on whether to offer including him in the programme or not. But the hospital had scheduled two appointments with a) the surgery team and b) the transplant programme director. While no offer has yet been made, they obviously want to prepare us for the decision that may come up in the near future – whether Mr. Guylty wants to go for a lung transplant or not. The meeting with the surgeons left me hopeful. Their assessment of his current condition is that he seems suitable for a transplant. Apart from his lungs, his health is good. He is “young” enough, not overweight, and has no underlying conditions. This is important because post-transplant, patients will be on immuno-suppressants for the rest of their lives, which will make any infection, cancers etc. much more difficult to treat. If there were any indications of such chronic diseases apparent now, it would make him unsuitable for a transplant. But the surgeons signalled that they did not see any reason why he should be excluded from the programme. Reason for hope. The meeting with the programme director was slightly more unsettling. His objective was to prepare the ground for the upcoming decision, *in the event* of Mr. Guylty being offered the chance of a transplant. That decision has to be taken by the patient themselves, as a transplant is by no means a guarantee that everything will be fine and hunky dory. The procedure takes between 3 and 8 hours (depending on single lung or double lung), and the recovery time after such serious surgery is long. The success (survival?) rate of the surgery is 90% – but that is only the surgery. The first 30 days post-up are actually the critical time. Moreover, it is a major commitment – on an ethical level in terms of honouring the donor organ that has been gifted by a bereaved family, as well as in terms of a lifestyle change to a life-long dependency on medication and continual monitoring by the hospital. The doctors do not take that decision for the patient. They do not say “you *must* have a transplant”, they only recommend it but are very clear about the risks, too, and do not leave any illusion about the difficult journey ahead. It is, in a literal sense, a decision about life and death, or about sooner or later death. And that is scary. Very scary. It is the unpredictability of both the surgery outcome, as well as the progression of his disease, that makes it so hard to weigh the options. – I am an optimist at heart, and even though risk-averse, I am veering towards the transplant option, based on what the doctors have said about Mr. Guylty’s suitability for transplant. Mr. Guylty himself was ambiguous at first but is coming ‘round to the transplant route, too. We will have a few more weeks of making up our minds, as the team have not yet made their final decision whether Mr. Guylty will be offered a place in the programme or not.

Right, sorry for that deep dive. I hope I am not upsetting anyone who has been or is currently dealing with serious health issues. I will try to label future health updates with trigger warnings so that readers have the option to skip. But just to say – even though this is a fan blog, writing about what is going on in my life rn is therapeutic for me. There is no obligation for you to comment on these updates, at all. Replies are welcome but are not expected, and I absolutely understand that this topic is difficult, and not everybody is willing or emotionally able to engage with it. No justifications, explanations or apologies needed. It already is helpful for me to simply write down some of what is currently occupying my mind, and I am grateful if you are willing to tolerate such on a light-entertainment blog such as this. So, thank you!

And after all this, let’s finally distract ourselves with said light entertainment.

  1. Richard graced the crowd when at the What’s on Stage Awards in London. Fan photo reposted by richardarmitagefanpage
  2. Daniel Miller running up the tower ruin on the Teufelsberg in Berlin. Ha! I’ve been up those stairs myself!!! Gif by serik27
  3. And a screenshot of a tweet by T.M. Logan, author of RA’s upcoming audio book, posted by richardarmitagefanpage. Goodness, RA looks really young in these pictures
  4. Is this really a selfie? If so, how did he manage to take it? One of the above pictures posted by astrovian
  5. Massive fire has destroyed one of the film locations for NS, reported by astrovian
  6. Larger versions of the new pictures posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  7. Damaged Goods by middleearthpixie goes to ch. 45 (and I still haven’t caught up)
  8. Haven’t read any of these, but these are hot one-shots about Daniel Miller by enchantzz
  9. Picture porn for mole lovers 😂. Lucas North. Posted by achrisevansandrichardarmitagefan
  10. A few pictures of RA in selfies at the WOS Awards, posted by astrovian. I take it the fans were cropped out?
  11. And some of the official photos from the red carpet at WOS Awards, posted by jassy2101
  12. “Thorin’s blue pirate shirt” 🏴‍☠️ posted by thewarriorandtheking
  13. Don’t know about you, but I had to laugh out loud at this moving image ad for Harlan Coben’s latest book, voiced by RA. Knowing that the two are “buddies”, it almost felt like a joke to me. Posted by astrovian
  14. Iviasha has made a gif fan art… inimitable 😉
  15. Legolasbadass’ fan fic Office Hours is on ch. 5. (Haven’t read this myself yet.)
  16. I agree with fizzyxcustard and have to ask: Is there ever too much of a good thing???
  17. Oh, and this is apparently the root of the complaint. Astrovian very calmly reacts to criticism. And I say once again: Is there ever too much of a good thing??? Please continue, astrovian!
  18. Grey temples forever! I’m with astrovian
  19. *snorts* Always, Guy, always. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

Hey, nice long list today!! No doubt all thanks to the WOS awards and the audio book promo. Not complaining 😉

I am going to lock myself in my craft room now. I want to get some stuff made. For reasons.

Have a nice weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️

79 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

  1. Posted a response on Tumblr already, but thought I should’ve responded here. Don’t know what I’m doing, besides chasing my dog around the dark trying to get him back inside without waking up the neighbors. Then I’m gonna sneak back in bed for a few hours I think.

    Anyhoo. . . probs already said: Every year I always tried to give up Jesus for lent, but the nuns wouldn’t let me and my mother sided with them every single time. They insisted I give up something I liked. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Regardless, glad you aren’t completely logged off.
    Good morning ☕️😄☘️💕

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  2. I’m sending you a big hug, Sonja! I know what it feels like to go through a transplant process, successfully or not. Few years ago my Mum was examined to see if suitable or able to be in. We didn’t make it to be part of the programme, but I can understand what you’re going through and I wish you all the strength and blessings that you will need! Thanks for updating and reach out whenever you want. Wish you a peaceful hiatus during the Lent, to recharge and focus on what’s important; the world is going mad – though some humanity is left – and SM are evil… thanks God RA is a lovely sight

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    • Many thanks, Rita. It’s a terrifying prospect, that decision, but it will also be terrifying if the answer is no, as you have experienced with your mum. And as a carer, it is also hard to keep up that strength. I am very grateful that I have this place and so many kind people here who are lifting my spirits. Thank you ❤️

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  3. A transplant is a big step for someone to take even if the aim is to improve their quality of life. So much advice from the medical experts needs to be taken on board but I hope that a decision will be made soon by the doctors so you and your husband can move forward . I have been thinking of your situation and will keep you both in my thoughts . 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Deirdre! Yes, moving forward is what we really crave. Being stagnant at a crossroads is always worse than actually having some kind of path clear ahead. Hopefully we will know soon.



    #18. Makes me wonder if the “The Curfew” read reveal of grays all over was a direct answer to Astrovian’s comment, i.e. “So there, fangirls!” (Since he seems to be a little under-employed and looking for things to entertain himself with these days. No complaints, bring it on, Richard!)

    And good luck w Mr. G, G.

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    • Re. 16 & 17 – I was wondering whether the complainant did not understand the nature of tumblr – and of fandom. I mean, come on, who would complain about pretty pictures????
      18 – I am always doubtful about Mr A reacting to his fans, or reading what we say, but I’d like think that this was a little bone he has thrown us 😉
      Many thanks ❤️

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  5. Hi G, sorry my early morning rambling was so self involved. I probably shouldn’t be commenting while distracted.

    First, regarding a possible transplant for Mr. G, I wanted to ask if you’ve heard of how this transplant drug, Rapamycin was discovered. It’s also a very entertaining and insightful podcast.

    The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub – WNYC Studios


    [Search domain wnycstudios.org] https://www.wnycstudios.org › podcasts › radiolab › articles › dirty-drug-and-ice-cream-tub
    AVIR MITRA: There’s some spiritual leader on an island in the Pacific Ocean. And one day, he has this vision in a dream. In this dream, he’s like a bird, and he flies over the ocean. And when he does that, he sees in his dream this island that has, like, cliffs, and it has, like, volcanic craters.
    • • •
    It looks like it might also be on apple podcasts if that helps:

    It does fall under the “educational” and informative, but it is worthwhile if you have the attention/interest to listen to podcasts while working or driving.

    🍀 💟 🍀
    I haven’t read any new or updated fics yet in so long. Keep trying and start then have to pay attention to the men in my house. They are a demanding pair.

    Re: [9] that Lucas North image is pretty darn nice and makes me think of Sir Guy. (Maybe I have a one track mind?)

    [16] and [17] 100% agree!

    Thank you for once again, including me on your list of fun.
    You have my best hopes and thoughts for your hubs girl.


  6. Hi Sonja *waves*
    Thanks for the round-up.
    Thanks for the update on what is happening with Mr Guylty too. I hope the medical team pull their finger out and quickly make their mind up if they’re going to accept Mr Guylty onto the transplant programme or not. You don’t need to be kept waiting like this and have their indecision hanging over your heads. I can only imagine the stress you’re under whilst the medics are dithering. *hugs*
    Sending love to you and Mr Guylty. xx


    • Yeah, it feels a bit like a sort of limbo. But well, they have many people to look after. (I was actually surprised to see quite a few people with their oxygen tanks on their backs when we were in the lung department in the hospital. It puts things into perspective…) I trust that they have the time frame in mind. Hopefully we’ll know within the next 2 to 4 weeks.


  7. Hi, Sonja. Please don’t apologize for writing about Mr. Guylty’s health situation and about your feelings about it. And I have to admit that it is the silence that always worried me. Tbh I had to read the brochure from one of our transplant centers to find out at least a little how many conditions must be met and the basis of decisions made by the patient and doctors. I was surprised that they included a patient’s poem there because as a rule, no one here pays attention to such things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mr. Guylty. I hope that crafting helped a little and let you break away for a moment.
    #5 I was hoping to see it sometime. #2 Ha, you’ve been up those stairs youself. I think I need to go exercise for this now.


    • Thank you, Graza! Yes, they provided us with a booklet, too, and it was tough reading tbh. Even if he gets in the programme, it’s a tough journey ahead with many restrictions and caveats.
      And yeah, silence is always ominous. In this case it hasn’t really been a negative development as such. It was more a case of wondering what to say at all because there has not been a change in circumstances yet. And to some degree I am still trying to forget about the issue because the fear is sometimes too much to take and completely disables me.
      #2 Those stairs are actually not too bad. And the clip is not quite the truth. They have spliced two different staircases together in that clip – there is the outside staircase (which is only two storeys, iirc) and then there is an inside staircase that is about 5 storeys. (If you haven’t already, you can read more about the site in my post from 2016 here: https://guylty.net/2016/08/16/day-2-of-armitage-week-tracking-berlinstation/)


  8. I‘m gonna have to do this in stages. First of, I am keeping you and Mr. G in my thoughts and hoping with all my heart for the best possible outcome. I hope you get good news—and soon. I‘ll get to the Ricky stuff in a separate comment.


  9. #4 If those are selfies, I think he might have upgraded his selfie-game to a ring light tripod with or without a remote release. In the one where he looks straight at the camera, you can see the reflection of the ring light in his pupils.

    #11 I am not loving these. He looks decidedly unrelaxed here IMO. Prefer the fan selfies.

    #13 I was emailed this (thank you, Graza) so I wouldn’t miss it being off Twitter and it’s like that prototypical movie trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster. Like what Cameron Diaz‘ character does in The Holiday. I keep expecting him to finish with “And that‘s why they pay me the big bucks!“ Funniest thing about it was that Mr. Kate was in the room while I listened and he went “Is that Ricky? I recognize him by his voice.“ and I couldn‘t help but say “Congratulations, honey, you are now me.“ I mean, that is how I busted myself as a fangirl back in the day. By recognizing RA‘s voice without seeing him.

    #16/17 What a weird complaint. New pictures are new, thus they are news. It‘s not that complicated. I agree with astrovian—calm your tits and scroll on by (though she phrased it much more nicely; not sure I would have been as patient).

    #18 The gray is killing me—in the most pleasurable way. More please!!

    Phew, sorry this is so long. I do miss my Twitter rambling outlet. Poor Mr. Kate has to listen to my random complaints about my novels now that I can‘t scream them into the void. LOL


    • #4 You are right, there is a ring light there. Interesting – why would he have a ring light? That’s quite specialised equipment (even though readily available nowadays. I have got one myself, for YT filming purposes, and many beauty vloggers on YT use it. Haha, there’s a thought – RA doing some beauty vlogging in his spare time 😂)
      #11 The official photos from the WOS awards did not really make me scream with delight, either. Unrelaxed is right!
      #13 😂 on Mr Kate recognising RA’s voice. That whole trailer made me laugh – it was just so typical, sensational ad drama.
      And no worries about being long! Quite the opposite 😉

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  10. Keeping you and Mr G in my thoughts Sonja xx
    #16 & 17: That was my response in the post comments – no such thing as too much Richard!!
    #18: Aside from the fact that his grey hair is damn sexy, I’m not feeling the (quite large) age gap so much now that he is allowing it to show through lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Mezz!
      Yep, I like that he has kept the grey hair (at least for the moment). I was somehow reminded of Richard Gere and what an uproar (in a positive way) it caused when he decided to stop dyeing his hair – and it did not diminish his sex appeal in any way.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ha ha! Richard Gere and his grey hair! there’s the story: my mother was somewhat of a fan (not to any more extent than watching movies with Richard Gere if they were on TV (we had only 2 channels, so definitely no “overdose” of TV watching) but long story short – I grew up with a proportionally larger amount of Richard Gere films than others AND years later I saw an older film, where he still had dark hair and almost didn’t recognise it was the same actor! 😁


    • I’m finding it very comforting that he has grey hair and I don’t, despite him being a good few years younger than me. In every other way though, he is much fitter and more youthful than I am!


  11. Dearest Sonja, I think the news are positive. Mr Guylty has a chance to enter the programme and everything will be ok. Even with medications he will have a quality of life. And you will have many, many, many years together. You will be stronger and tied up together. Give him my love. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Try to relax yourself with handicrafts. And the RA world is always standind by you (me included). I send you my love xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Fingers crossed that he will be included in the programme. I think it will be his best chance, and it will mean that he can be much more active than he has been for the last couple of years.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts xx


  12. Dear Sonja, I just want to wish you and your husband well, and hope you have a good outcome – sooner rather than later. You will be in my thoughts. XX


  13. Dear S, thanks so much for sharing the updates on Mr G, i was wondering how things had gone but wasn’t sure if he was still in hospital with the assessments etc. It’s not an easy decision at all, but i think on the positive note, it is very good to have the option and it sounds like he has all the other good health requirements to make a good candidate. I think they also talk to you all in great detail because of the risks and they have a responsibility to inform you of every detail, but also because they want to make sure you are able to commit knowing the expectations and the long term commitment the decision implies. I am sure it is not easy, but again on the positives, in spite of medication etc it would allow more freedom and better quality of life, wouldn’t it? Sending you both much strength and all good vibes for a positive offer and also energy and good thoughts in terms of considering the decision. I am glad though we’ve moved in the pandemic enough so that you can also be properly included in all conversations with the doctors etc. I think it is a good time when you are both still young, yes you are! and in otherwise good health to benefit most from the outcome. Time is so crucial in many medical things. Sending many hugs of support!
    I will get to Mr R anon and the fun stuff, but he’s well pickled and preserved and therefore can wait 😉
    Lots of love, xx


    • You are absolutely right – they need to inform patients about everything so that we can make an informed decision on what we really want. A successful transplant would definitely provide a better quality of life – even despite the life-long dependency on medication and the regular hospital check-ups. So yes, I also think that the transplant would be the way to go. I hope we will soon hear back from them.
      😂 „he is well pickled and therefore can wait“ – well said!
      Big hug back to you!


  14. I’m a little late to this but wow, that is a very tough decision, Guylty! I am glad Mr Guylty at least has the option to choose. Sending you (((HUGS))) through this all.


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