RA Pocket Shrine 266/? – Silver Fox

The little swap I did with Kate the other day, was truly inspiring. Restriction can often lead to inspiration, and so it was with the 5 item swap. As a reminder, this is what Kate sent to me.

While I settled on the black cardboard, the fabric swatch, the gold leaf and the dagger and bell, two other materials initially spoke to me: The silver pipe cleaner and the silver crocodile skin paper. Well, you have seen the title of this post, so you might guess where this is heading… And so, once I had finished my swap project, I simply continued on…

Silver theme inside, silver box outside. I didn‘t have any silver candles at hand, but you get the drift. And can you guess what I put inside?

There‘s only *one* silver fox on *this* blog. I mean, with that shiny silver fox in my stash, I *had to* create this shrine.

The silver temples speak for themselves, so I left it quite simple. And if you look closely, you might even see I added the faintest bit of sparkle on those silver-greys on his temples… Love it. (The white and blue heart is actually a magnet that can be removed!)

Celebrating the silver…

Yes, that totally warrants a second photo. 😍 And from what I have read so far, most of you are equally taken with the distinguished strands of grey… Fox-ay!!!

As for where the shrine is going… tune back in here on the blog tomorrow. I have a plan…


56 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 266/? – Silver Fox

  1. Just goes to show that everything will be needed at some point when you’re a crafter—leftovers from a swap, a long ago shiny fox purchase. We have to keep it all.
    I’m a sucker for a monochrome look and this is done to perfection. I’m in love! 🤍🤍🤍


    • I had no idea that „zoro“ means fox!!! (And I am now thinking of „Zorro“ (wrong spelling!!!), the wild west character from black and white movie times. So he was basically a clever fox…


  2. Yes, yes, yes!
    You spoil us with a new post each day. And even more with this theme. How should I ever stop my addiction? Looking forward to hear where this piece of art goes.


  3. One of my fav shrine beside the green one you have created ( long ago). Normally silver and white are cold colours, but this shrine warms my heart. Silver fox rules!


  4. How did I miss this post? I guess same way as I missed the sale…Sunday evening…Well as you know this shrine is my knew favourite and I’ll keep hunting the Silver Fox until it will be MINE 😉


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