RA Pocket Shrine 267/? – HooRay [And Hooray Indeed]

A huge big thank you to all readers here for their prompt and shopping-happy reaction on yesterday’s charity flash sale. Even without prior notice, orders came pouring in within minutes of publishing my blog post. Kate’s tags and RAngels were hot sellers, with all but one, single tag snapped up last night. A huge massive thank you to Kate for donating her fabulous creative work, as well as to all buyers for shopping for a good cause. – The shrines also proved popular and sold out quickly. There are still a few other items left, and the listings are still online, but selling out is not necessarily the aim of the flash sale. I will eventually take them down in the next 24 hours and then donate the proceeds up to that point.

Meanwhile, a big thank you to all buyers. Your purchases have generated proceeds that are *definitely* in excess of €500 net! In fact, we are close to €600, if I am not entirely wrong with my spread sheet calculations 😂. A fantastic result that I had not expected.

On the topic of donations – I was in a hurry yesterday when I published my post, and completely forgot to go into detail about the charity the donation will be sent to. As a matter of fact, I am not 100 % sure yet, but Kate and I were veering towards a charity that is directly based in Ukraine, rather than an international aid organisation. One option is the Ukrainian Red Cross. If you have other suggestions for organisations that are directly based Ukraine and where our donation could directly go into the country, please leave them in a comment below.

Thirdly – some of you will have already received notifications via Etsy that your items have been dispatched and are on the way to you. At this point that applies to the pocket shrines, junk journals and t-shirts, which are all being sent from Ireland. The tags and RAngels will be sent from Germany (probably tomorrow). Oh, and while I am at it – I just wanted to (belatedly) embed a mini flip-through of the junk journals on offer here. For some reason, Etsy did not show the mini video in the gallery. Meh. But anyway, for the record (and because there are still 3 junk journals available):

And now, for some light entertainment: one of the – as yet unrevealed – pocket shrines that were up for grabs in the flash sale. This is shrine 267 – “HooRay”:

In case you are wondering – I styled the picture on my favourite t-shirt. It depicts the dial on top of the camera where you set the shooting mode. But the inside of the RAPS is more important, right?

Morning Ray is getting ready for a strong brew and a croissant… But since that is not necessarily the kind of look (in Fester’s words: “orang utan’s love slave” 😂) we favour for a shrine (or do we? 🤔), I thought it best to include a slightly more conventional scene.

HooRay indeed. Ray scrubs up nicely…

There we go. Ready to be admired.

A big thank you to the kind buyer of this shrine. I hope you’ll enjoy the little tin of love! 😘


24 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 267/? – HooRay [And Hooray Indeed]

  1. Apologies for being so late to the party! Work deadlines. I’m trying to buy a few things but it says that there’s no shipping to the U.S. Apologies again if I missed the explanation about this. Will I be able to snap up a couple of remaining items, please?


    • Hello LoLo – no apologies necessary!!! And OMG, I am so glad you tried buying, though. I was fiddling with the delivery settings this afternoon and inadvertently changed the settings to “domestic only”. GAH!!!!! So I have reset the thing, and it should be back to international now 😅

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      • Ray was a real ray of light (feel free to use that for inspiration) as a chaRActer when I don’t always love his roles or what they turn out to be (or don’t; I was just reading an old post about BS and unrealized potential of a certain Mr. D. Miller).

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        • Another good one. Yes, Ray of Light will probably turn up in a shrine, sooner or later 😉.
          Oh yes, Daniel Miller was such a lost opportunity! I really wonder what they were thinking…

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  2. Hooray for that fantastic result and thank you again for including me. Most of the packing and postage-ing is done and tomorrow I will either beat the DHL site into submission or go to the post office—one or the other. I will let you know when we have confirmed liftoff for all my shipments.


  3. Nearly €600 in a single day?! Wow! You and Kate really outdid yourselves. I am in awe of your crafting talents and pleased as punch to participate in this charity sale. 🤗


  4. That´s a great result and I like that RAPS 😉🥰 just like the idea to donate the money to a Ukraine based charity 💗.


  5. OMG, my friend has been visiting and your kind sale completely passed me by. What a brilliant idea Guylty and Kate and well done all of you on the fantastic amount raised – I’m sure it will help significantly in Ukraine. ( I will donate to the charity, as have been a bit overwhelmed by all the choices so far.)


    • Hehe, typical. That one time you are not online, this happens ;-). But well, look, I think a real life visit actually takes precedence ☺️. And any donation counts, no matter whether alone or via fundraiser :-).

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