Our #UkRAineAid Proceeds – Transferred

Did you know that the history of *all* our fundraisers actually started with an impromptu response to a humanitarian crisis? Way before the fundraisers grew into an annual birthday – and later a holiday season – celebration to funnel our gift budget for Richard into charitable causes, the very first fundraiser on this blog was in aid of the earthquake victims in Nepal in 2015! It was a really small, privately organised affair. Only 3 items on offer, no eBay auctions, but tedious bidding by e-mail. But the response was mighty, and we raised a massive amount. It grew from there. We supported the Syrian refugees with a craft auction later in 2015 (still with e-mail bidding, but this time with more items), and moved to e-Bay based auctions in 2016 (still in aid of the Syria crisis relief). So the charity sale for Ukraine has been a return to the roots.

We already had a very nice result in the works yesterday. But overnight we had two more sales as well as a donation. The last two shipments have gone into the post, today, and all buyers should have received their dispatch notification by now. And so I am extremely pleased – and equally amazed – that we breached the €700 mark (US$775 or £590). Once again a big thank you to all supporters, whether buyer, donor or multiplicator. The exact final amount came to €712.36. I have rounded up the sum a little bit to €725. That is US$800 or £608. I have transferred the donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross in the hope that our money will that way go directly to Ukraine and benefit the people on the ground. The Ukrainian Red Cross is currently involved in helping people not only by delivering medical aid but also by providing shelter, food and basic necessities. I wish we could do more to help, but this will help alleviate some of the crisis. I pray to the universe for a swift end of the war and the restoration of Ukraine as an independent country without further bloodshed on either side.

Finally, for a little bit of light relief, I would like to refer you to Kate’s post from earlier today. As you may remember, last week’s Biker Guy RAPS was the result of Kate and my inaugural 5 item swap. We have just started our second round, but are also hoping that other creative minds might like to join in the fun. Read Kate’s blog post where she details the rules, comment or shoot us an e-mail and we will connect us all to form swap teams – and then off we go for some crafty distraction. And who knows, maybe the results will go into future charity offerings? It would be lovely to have more people on board. Remember: craft time is me-time! 😉

Peace & Love!

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23 thoughts on “Our #UkRAineAid Proceeds – Transferred

  1. Oh wow. Over 700 €? I never dared to hope we could raise this much. Amazing. Simply amazing. When fandom is good, it is really, really good. 😭
    Thank you for organizing and thank you to everyone for participating. You’re all stars. ⭐️ 🌟 💫


    • IKR? I had not really thought that possible. In truth, I hadn’t even calculated how much we could generate if all items sold. The surprise was even better. And yes, this fandom really has the power to be extra good. All stars indeed.

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  2. This is so touching. I am thinking of joining the 5 item swap. At least, I shall try my best, have fun and help wherever is possible. I am thrilled of being o memeber of he Armitage army. Sonja… thanks for everything!!!


  3. Great result! Thanks to both of you! Wow, it started with 3 items and e-mails. It’s like a legend.
    What a day. An hour ago Richard posted on twitter a you tube message from LOROS‘s nurses and his own thanks for foundraising together £60,080. You and Kate are not on Twitter now and I think you should know because these thanks are to a great extent for you because you both have a huge part in it.


    • Oh, thank you for passing that on, Graza. That’s really interesting – a YT message from LOROS to Richard? And GBP 60.000? Wow that really is a lot of money. And it goes to show that it really is a good idea to continually support *one* particular charity on a long-term basis. It really makes a difference. But all credit to everyone who donates, no matter whether in our fundraisers or not. Lots of people individually = one big donation. So nice of RA to pass on the thanks to his fans!

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      • Yes from LOROS‘s nurses to Richard. The collected sum has exceeded GBP 60.000. Maybe that’s why they sent you also a lovely thank you letter a few days ago. Yes, so many people donated individually or collectively. I emailed you a link to this video on you tube. The message is lovely.


        • Thank you. Great, I read it. Really nice of RA to share the personal thank you by the nurses for his fundraising with us. And even nicer of them to take the time and record a message for him.


  4. I was touched by the nurses’ video and even moreso by Richard’s message. If anyone ever wonders where he got his self-effacing nature, note what he says about how his Mum would react to all this attention. Apparently Emerson was right. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  5. Wow, what a great result, I´m proud of our fandom and glad I could contribute to this result 💗. The Loros video and Richard´s reaction are really lovely 💗.


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