New Picture?!

Let’s go for a seven-day-streak, just to make WP send me another notification…

Since I am staying away from Twitter these days, I have to get my Social Media fix on other platforms. So on my daily skulk on IG, I noticed this.

I spot a new profile pic.

Presumably also from the shoot with Caitlyn Mikayla

That shoot has definitely resulted in a large variety of shots with different looks and poses, and I really like that. Ok, this particular one with the camera not so much. He’s holding it like a gun – well, I guess you “shoot” with it, too. But in any case, it’s the sort of silly stupid play with props that I find distracting when the prop in question is somehow out of context. And old Super 8 cameras are. Even for people who want to break into the film production business. Unless that is literally the equipment they intend to shoot with. Which I doubt. But yeah, I think the connotation of the picture is definitely his aspiration to get *behind* the camera. In that sense it has an added layer of meaning.

Any thoughts on Richard’s brand new jean jacket? Looks a bit stiff.



50 thoughts on “New Picture?!

  1. I obviously have far less control over myself than you. I didn’t notice a) a jacket or b) that it’s a video camera.
    I noticed hands front and center, special mention to left thumb and right forefinger, and intense eye, and elf ear, and gray temple. It’s a good thing I‘m not trying to oof his photos.

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  2. So will there be an oof?
    The jacket definately needs to get washed several times, the housewive in me is sure that it loses colour. And then it will be soft. Crazy what comes up as first impression …


  3. I really like the look in his eye here. I can’t decide if I like the ‘play on props’ with holding the camera as a gun. it’s distracting. I love the stance of holding a gun and because of his past roles as a spy it makes sense, but it being a camera is possibly too cheesy. I can’t decide. I do like the jacket though. I like the color and that it’s not broken in yet; Richard suffering for his art 😛

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  4. I have not even had time to answer the Craft Challenge or Serv’s blog on his heartfelt LOROS msg, or news of Netflix’s Damage — on the absolute CRIME against humanity if dad-bod was no longer for public consumption. Further evidence over-50 still sexy for MANY! No doubt we will find him so always, just like Paul Newman, Sean Connery et al. I have been in Armitage Audioland, with a steady diet watching over and over AUJ, DOS, BOTFA (not normal!). Plus new discovery, that crack-is-whack Tumblr, get pics all day that “mezzmerize”—cannot do my job! Listening to audiobooks I appreciate even more his myriad talents but I hope it is too soon for him to stay behind mike or camera. Dad-bod, and all his other porn-parts, plus acting! need to stay front and center for all to appreciate for long time to come!


  5. Damn, _why_ does he have to be so pretty!

    Noticed another artist acquaintance just fell into the RA trap last month when she noticed a few posts on twitter.

    She’s done beautiful illustrations for some of Neil Gaiman’s books. Snow Glass Apples, Troll Bridge, Chivalry. Poor woman, has no idea what she’s in for. Haha

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  6. I noticed nothing but his eyes. Those azure blue pools of dreaminess. But that’s always been my downfall. Thanks for breaking down the rest of the image. Gives me something to study (swoon over) the rest of the day. Ooof indeed!


  7. the eye eh… very effective Mr Armitage, THE weapon of choice :-p my choice that is 😉 I was wondering about the weird stance, thought it is an effective way of steadying the image. It’s out of context , but the eye is too distracting, not thought about it, but is the eye in the actual center of the picture? Feels like it. There is a definite thing going on in the composition as his finger points to the eye and so does the black strip underneath the white top f the camera where Canon is engraved. And then it points upwards to the point on his hairline, clever , simple and so effective. And then the exposed neck.. ehem, hawt. I only noticed the jeans when you said, but you’re right jeans are all back in fashion, full 80’s turn around, all shops are selling them here, from shirts, dresses, etc. Not fond of it, but it suits his colouring, sets off the eye and the greys. Never thought about it, but he must have cool undertones…

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    • 😂 “weapon of choice” indeed.
      Well, in terms of composition, the eye is not in the centre of the picture. The camera lens itself is (approximately) the centre. But to me it seems that the eye is indeed the intended focus of the image because it is – literally – in focus, whereas the camera lens is slightly fuzzy. So we are *meant* to notice the eye more than the camera.
      The black strip under the Canon logo – I actually find it slightly distracting that the photographer has not straightened the image to make the writing (and black strip underneath) look horizontal.

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    • You’re right, Armitagebesotted, the fingers also, and the jaw… I tried to maintain the professionalism proposed by Guylty and tack a look at the clothing. And I found on the back of the neck a glimpse of a white T-Shirt. 😁 We should always listen to the professionalists 😁

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  8. I like the colour but not the jacket so much but OMG I love this picture (and others from the photoshoot, e.g. the White Boar photo). She has brought out an irresistibly angelic but determined look in his eye, which is a rare expression for RA. Oh, and his hands – ooff!


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