RA Pocket Shrine 270/? – Armed & Dangerous

Kate and my “5 Item Swap” has gone to round 2. ICYMI, it’s a little creative exchange where we swap (a minimum of) 5 craft items in order to inspire a craft project. Kate has explained it much better than me HERE. We are opening the swap to more crafters, btw, so if you are interested, join the fun and send us an e-mail or comment on either of our blogs and we’ll add you to the list of participants. We currently have seven participants on the list (including Kate and myself), but ideally would love to have an even number of “swappers” to be able to pair up two-by-two. More instructions to come soon!

So, in round 1, Kate’s items for me inspired the “My Favourite Ride” RAPS. Her envelope with round 2 arrived here a couple of days ago, and here is me unwrapping it – and then going on a little tangent for you:

So, you have seen in the video what Kate sent to me. These are the 5 items I chose for the project:

We have a thin woven piece of golden fibres, a piece of brown leather, a die-cut ampersand, two scrabble pieces and two very delicate, thin, rectangular die-cut frames. My swap items for Kate have not yet made it to her, but Kate has given me the go-ahead to reveal the results of my side of the swap challenge:

The scrabble pieces determined the subject. JP. John. Proctor? Or Porter?

It turned out to be Porter. Which is funny, because I initially started by thinking of Proctor. But somehow the process had a mind of its own. (I think the ampersand’s pattern made me think of camouflage, hence Porter…) The leather became the backdrop of the shrine, with the golden fibres around the sides. The ampersand needed some context, and suddenly Porter came to mind. Cos man, has he got arms. And he’s dangerous…

That was four out of five items ticked off the list. I needed to incorporate the thin frames.

I attached them to a couple of pictures of Porter. I had some of the fibre material left, so used that as a backdrop. Now that I look at it, it kind of reminds me of hay… Well, wouldn’t mind rolling in the hay with JP, tbh…

There we go. It’s been a really loooong time since I last gave some love to Porter. I think it was 2015… 😱. But there we go. Any Porter lovers out there? I’m happy to send this RAPS to you. Just leave me a comment and I’ll let randompicker pick a winner. We’ll have to do a quick turnaround here, though, because I am heading off to Germany early on Monday morning, so if I have to get this in the post prior to that, it’ll have to be on Saturday. So deadline for comments is Saturday 26 March 2022, 8am GMT. I’ll have it all ready and wrapped to be taken to the post office and sent on its way.

And now I look forward to seeing what Kate is going to do with *my* items… if my envelope ever makes it to her… Watch her space 😉…


65 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 270/? – Armed & Dangerous

  1. Name immediately crossed my mind, seeing the video, when JP cubes fell out. And that fibre material reminded me of that famous scene in the bushes. 🤦😅

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  2. Omg!! Porter!! Swoon. I love it Sonja! Hi f you ever decide to list some of these in Etsy, I’m sure to buy some. Do you do commissions?
    Have a lovely day!


    • Glad you like it, Katie.
      And sure I do commissions, too. If you have a special request (chaRActer, particular photographs etc.), we can suss something out. Or I can put the next pocket shrines into Etsy and if someone wants to snap them up, they can go that way 🙂


  3. I tried to keep it vague-ish with the letters, but you can guess that I’m very pleased to see Portah made the cut. Forever my second favorite soldier boy.
    You continue to blow my mind d with these works of art. Just take my whole stash. I mean armed & dangerous You’re brilliant.

    (Not an entry, even if he is yummy and you could save on postage 😝.)


  4. I just finished a second rewatch of Strike Back, so Porter was definitely on my mind as I watched you unwrap Kate’s package. JP is the ultimate hero, and oh how those muscles make me quiver! If he doesn’t mind sharing a post w/the silver fox, I would be pleased to make a home for him w/me.


    • Oh, that’s a good point. I am just in the process of packaging up your silver shrine, but well, I better wait for a couple of days, just in case lady luck chooses you 😉


  5. He’s got arms (among MANY other delectable body parts), he’s definitely dangerous and I wouldn’t mind rolling in the hay with him either…. ON REPEAT!! Boy, he’s incandescent!

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  6. Lovely. Not going in for myself but for DanishChick. I know how she loves JP and I think right now would be a perfect timing for her winning this particular shrine.


  7. For seven years you’ve been able to resist John Porter 😊 Nice comeback from cool swap craft items.
    Wow, how many boxes. And you brought a tin from NZ. Still the Peppermint tin from the St Patrick’s RAPS is just lovely and brilliant 😊 (and additionally the best camouflage ever 😂).
    I also have a box for crafting stuff. 😂 It is four times smaller than your smallest box. Not good, actually a disaster. But I’m stubborn and I will not give up.
    Thanks for the wonderful items from the UkraineAid, Sonja and Kate ❤️❤️. They made my day.


  8. I like your tin collection, always ready for new handicrafts. I LOVE that THORIN tin from the video!!! If you ever have the inspiration of creating a new Thorin shrine, please don’t wait to see my message, just count me in, anyway!!! Big Thorin fan here!!! The shrine was realy nice and the winner must be thrilled!!!


    • Hehe, good to know, Poppy. So Thorin needs a new shrine outing, does he? I’ll bear that in mind – and I agree, that Hobbit tin needs to be used, pronto!


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