2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

Saturday!!! I’ve been up early because I needed to get the draw for the Porter shrine out of the way in time for the post office. So first things first – the winner has been picked, and the RAPS is on the way to… *drumroll*

Congrats, Zee. I hope the letter won’t take forever to get to you…

ETA: I forgot to add the Randompicker public record seal to the post. Here it comes.

And now on to the round-up.

  1. Riepu10 has made a nice static-over-gif gif of Sir Guy
  2. Astrovian has got a new tattoo!
  3. One of the most relatable chaRActers, here is a gif set of Gary from ITS by riepu10
  4. Sorry, more riepu10, all in a row, here is Chop dancing with Greta
  5. ICYM the little Twitter exchange between RA and actor Con O’Neill… 😂 Including it here just in case you are also on a Twitter retreat like myself. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  6. Reminder: No phones between the sheets!!! A couple of pictures of Dishy Daniel, posted by achrisevansandrichardarmitagefan
  7. The silver temple game is strong in these gifs by riepu10
  8. Did you know there was such a thing as Suit Porn Sunday? 😂 Thanks to armitangel-72
  9. Guy asking very nicely… posted by nfcomics
  10. A little convo between Thorin and Bilbo that made me laugh. Posted by glorfindelridesagain
  11. A beautiful piece of Bagganshield fan art by janainafaraujo
  12. And a line drawing of Thorin’s gorgeous locks by cypress-ess

Before we get to an unlucky 13, I better stop 😉.

So, I’m getting ready to pack for my trip to Germany. The flight leaves on Monday morning. I haven’t checked in yet, so better get that done, too, as well as put all my vaccination papers in order. Heck, have I got enough FFP2 masks on hand??? And train tickets??? Jeepers, creepers, I am not used to this travelling malarkey anymore. It has been more than 2 years since I last left the island. 😱 We currently have lovely spring weather here in Ireland, and Germany is mild and sunny, too. But I hear that temperatures will drop sharply once I am over there. Of course. So what to pack… Oh dear… And lots of loose ends to tie up before I go, among them a missed deadline for work *omg* and some translations I wanted to get done ahead of time so that I wouldn’t have to work a lot while in the Fazerland. Ah well, I still have the weekend to sort some of that…

I hope you have a lovely spring weekend, too. I’ll be checking in from Germany and have at least one post pre-written. Not sure yet whether I will be able to do the round-up… Quite possibly I might have a special guest on next week’s edition. *If* we get ‘round to it.


Sonja ❤️

53 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

    • Congrats on JP! Ever since the rap I’ve been thinking about the scene of him and Dani studying—the playful, sexy, familiar way he nudges toward her sitting with the books splayed on the bed… I imagine a flirty move he might do in RL—that was a rewind moment for me for a long time🤤

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      • speaking of Danni – Shelley Conn is playing Mrs Mary Sharma in the new bridgerton season and the moment she first appeared on screen I had to think of the exchange of Danni and Porter in the elevator (and the stabdard issue condoms *gg*) and it was such a clash with the silent composed widow Sharma 😜 strike back has obviously ruined me for life 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

        • Goodness, I saw the trailer for Bridgerton, and Mrs Sharma is in that, but I did not recognise Shelley Conn. LOL – yes, that lift scene really stood out in SB.


          • I kept thinking “I know her from somewhere” but the penny never dropped. Adam Price’s dad aka Tony Head had a small role as Mrs. Sharma’s father. How does Louise always say? There’s only ten actors in England and my cousin’s married to one of them. 😂 (She doesn’t actually say the last part, but it’s true.)


  1. Have you packed already and checked in for your trip? Looking forward to meeting your mum and your daughter as well? Enjoy your stay to your country and have fun!!! I shall be here waiting for you. Give my love to Mr Guylty. Take care…

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    • Thank you, Poppy – arrived safely in Germany yesterday after quite a bit of worry in the run-up to it. My mum had contracted Covid during the last couple of weeks and we were not sure whether she’d be negative again in time for my arrival. Luckily she tested negative the morning of my arrival…


  2. May I also say, thanks for keeping your blog going all these years, G. It’s my break from reading about Ukraine (iiiiiiiieeeeeiiiiii) these days, and…it still works. (Amazingly.) And thanks to Mr. Armitage for that, also. His life’s work, his art, continues to console during hard times.

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  3. Congratulations Zee! 💕

    Damn I love Riepu10’s GIF talents and especially Sir Guy’s. 💋Never get enough of that knight. ⚔️
    It’s always a thrill to see that anyone likes my silly funnies, so *Thank You* for including me in your lineup G! 💋

    Liked by 1 person

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