Happy Easter 🐇

Is it premature to wish a happy Easter on Good Friday? Well, in any case, it looks as if my fingers are itching and I can’t resist getting back into blogging mode. On Sunday, my Social Media break will be over. In all honesty (and with all due respect) I can’t say that I *overly* missed Twitter. However, I do think that I tend to be better informed – both in terms of fandom/Richie as well as world politics – when I am active on Twitter. So, yes, I do look forward to be being back on Twitter and to engaging with fans there. Mind you, I’d also love it if the master himself would communicate again…

Back to Easter. Have you decked the halls in all your traditional Easter decorations? I have a much loved collection of handmade Eastern European Easter eggs *waves at Hariclea* which I usually display this time of year. However, with my travels occurring roughly two weeks before Easter weekend, I never got round to decorating. So the house is still bare. Except for one room.

That’s the mantlepiece in my craft room. Before I headed off on holidays, I made those decorations on the branch. I don’t have to ask you whether you have recognised the profile?

This is one of my typical cheapskate projects, and you may already have figured out how it came about…

Those of you who have bought items in the last couple of fundraisers, may be familiar with the little freebies I included in my shipments. I designed a couple of silhouettes of RA and of Thornton which I cut out with my Cricut.

When “weeding out” the decorations, I was left with the negative cut out. At the time I was making the freebies, I somehow felt that the negatives were too good to throw away. So I kept them, without knowing what I would do with them.

And then a few weeks later, I came across a heap of coloured, transparent paper in my stash. Those of you who have children may know what I am talking about – the kind of paper you make window decorations with, or paper lanterns. Typical craft projects for children. I must have bought a boatload of the stuff back in the day… And then the idea was formed.

I sandwiched the transparent paper between two of those negative cut outs, and voilá, with its oval shape, the EastRA egg was born.

So Mr Thornton is now dangling in multiples on my mantle. Not sure if I would get away with this in the sitting room, so the decor is confined to my craft room at this point. And maybe, once I have tidied away my haul of antique books and craft supplies which I amassed on my trip, I may even find the time to do some more traditional Easter decorating in the rest of the house… For the moment, though, I am pleased that I have saved some paper scraps from the rubbish bin…

So, happy Easter to you all. I hope you have a lovely holiday, or at least a few restful days, preferably with sunshine and mild temperatures. Spring is here!

Oh, and before I go, I wanted to send a massive shout-out to the lovely ladies who were so kind to leave a review on my Etsy store for the items they bought in the last fundraiser. I saw your reviews coming in while I was away. (Some Etsy sellers use the messaging function on the platform to send a thank you note to reviewers, but to me that sometimes feels like breaching privacy, so I can only acknowledge the kind reviews by general announcement or via my Instagram.) I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your reviews! First of all, it is hugely valuable to get feedback from customers – and when positive, it really gives me a massive boost in confidence 😊. But it also is a factor which influences the Etsy algorithm, with good reviews pushing my store further up in the search results on the Etsy page. Many, many thanks therefore to Ramona, Sassenachlou, Graza and Grace for taking the time to rate and review their purchases. 😘

PS: If you have the time, check my blog on Sunday. I may have an EastRA egg of another kind for you…




32 thoughts on “Happy Easter 🐇

  1. Happy Easter to you, too. You see for once I am not late to the party, because I am a lazy bone this weekend.so I can comment (ha).
    I have decorated only the living room, the most decoration in my home is at Christmas season. The eastRAegg is a really good idea with the transparent paper. It looks very nice. Mr Thornton has the perfect profile


    • Hehe, welcome to the party 🥳.
      I agree – Easter is not really as big a decorating feast as Christmas… I might get my Easter eggs down from the attic tomorrow…


  2. Brilliant use of leftovers. That’s a sign of the true crafter. Happy Easter! I haven’t even hung up the eggs I bought during our shopping trip—lazy Kate. 👎🏻


  3. Happy Easter to you too, the silk paper Thornton’s are swell 🙂

    I’m coming for a worktrip to Ireland in the end of May, to Limerick to be precise but I thought if we’d meet over a coffee or something when I’m on my way back home via Dublin?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, had I known you’d be so enthusiastic, I would’ve made some for you and brought them along to Munich. – On that note, I haven’t found the item I brought along for you (and then didn’t have when we met) but I will send it to you, soon 🙂


  4. How could that profile be mistaken for anyone else?! And to think RA ever disliked it. So sad.

    Your idea to create AND conserve while cRAfting is quite clever and the results are lovely. Enjoy decorating and have a hoppy Easter. 🐰


  5. Happy happy Easter 🐣! Hope you had a lovely trip! I love the decorations 😍 o swear whenever I bump into nice wrapping paper etc I think of you, I always hesitate recycling as wrapping paper when used has become really nicein recent years. Love the decoration idea! I’ve been swamped but will catch up over weekend. Sending best Easter wishes xx ps finally found my Easter eggs too, could not remember last year sadly but I will at least make painted eggs next week for my Easter. Axx


    • Hello hello, so lovely to hear from you, Hari! And I like the thought that you are reminded of me when you see nice paper 😍. Wrapping paper has really become nice. Sometimes it looks nice enough to be framed and hung on the wall as an artwork. Hope you have put your Easter eggs on a branch, too. Have a few restful days!


  6. I hope you have a great Easter with your family. I only have a couple decorations and 2 Beatrix Potter kitchen towels. I guess really have not though to much of decorating for Easter other than to find daffodils and tulips somewhere as most the time we have no spring flowers outside yet and a Easter lily. This year we will have Easter next Sunday as my husband works and my middle son is 2 hours away on call for work and can’t make the drive in case the on call phone ring he has a 1/2 hour to answer the phone and get on his computer. My oldest son is going to see middle son as he lives 45 minutes away this weekend and we will all be together next weekend for the big dinner and all the treats.


    • Hello Katie, lovely to hear from you! – Ah, even with a week’s delay, what matters is that you are taking the opportunity to get together as a family. Those occasions are getting fewer and further between, the older the children get… I am also thinking of bribing my son to go to Munich with me and visit his sister again – only so I have both kids to myself for a weekend *haha*…


    • Agreed. I like that there are a few “traditional” reasons for decorating the house and making it look pretty. I guess we could change decorations according to the seasons whenever we like. What is keeping me from doing so, is storage issues. If I had as much other seasonal decoration in storage as I have for Christmas, our attic would burst 😂


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