2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #14

Very fittingly for a long Easter weekend, I will have a bumper round-up for you today. At least I hope so. After all I missed last week’s round-up due to travelling. Let’s see what happened in the meantime…

  1. I hope you have had your first cup of coffee this morning, because starting off with this item might otherwise knock you out. Rangerofthewestt has put together a shirtless compilation. 😵
  2. You may need some strong stuff after that! Here’s a gif set by riepu10 of Ray having a swig
  3. Legolasbadass’s RPF “Office Hours” goes to chapter 6
  4. I haven’t yet read it, but fizzyxcustard started a new fan fic about Lucas North called “Covert Eyes” on April 1st. Here is the link to the prologue
  5. Just because it is so silly. 😘 💋 Posted by cinephiliaisnotadisease
  6. An interesting guess by idwanid on the reason behind a particular tweet-like by Richard…
  7. Richardarmitagefanpage has spotted Damage on IMDb
  8. A little anecdote about Keith Allen that also sheds light on Richard. Posted by bigpirateboyfriend
  9. Some intense Porter stare, courtesy of riepu10’s gifs
  10. Well, of course… I think we all think the same, wheezingcrow
  11. I have to say I quite like these Warhol-esque manips of Guy. And I fully agree with queermantague’s headline
  12. Mezzmerizedbyrichard reminds us of a film (and role) that is not mentioned often enough – Chop-chop
  13. Ricky makes smoking sexy… and rangerofthewestt quips what we all think
  14. Wow! Check out this fan art of Thorin as a baby! Made by mrkida-art
  15. I haven’t watched Bridgerton s2 yet, but here is a point of discussion courtesy of mezzmerizedbyrichard
  16. A real throw-back to ancient history… Richard in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, giffed by riepu10. He does “smug man” so well… 😂
  17. I can get fully behind this episode of What a Guy Wants by nfcomics. See what I did there?
  18. A sad but gorgeous manip of Thorin by thewarriorandtheking
  19. 😂 Including this old picture here due to rangerofthewestt’s quip. Miaow!
  20. What a fitting post to end a round-up on. Manip by lifbitch

I’ll leave it at 20, partly because I have some other things on my to do list today 😉. I still haven’t unpacked my “haul” from Germany, nor have I got the Easter decorations up. Soon it’ll be too late, if I don’t get my bunny tail into gear… It’s nice to be back on blog, though. You can tell that I am enthusiastic – three posts on three consecutive days. And there will be number 4 tomorrow morning, so do tune in 😁.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


26 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #14

  1. Brilliant haul. Thank you for the goodies.

    #1 Starting the weekend off with a bang.
    #9 *incoherentwhimper* Portah is so, so hot. Yes Sir, anything. Anything at all.
    #12 So sad that this seems to have joined the lost files of the Armitage oeuvre.
    #13 Yes, pleaseandthankyou. 🤤
    #15 While I am glad they made/are making Bridgerton on general principle (because we deserve shows like this), I am not sure I trust this team with my guy after the way they (mis)handled season 2. As a romance reader, I think they bit off more than they could chew with those changes.
    #17 Oh yes, I couldn’t be arsed to go home in that situation either.

    Happy Easter and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. 🐰🥚🐣


    • I remember you saying that Bridgerton 2 was not as good as the actual book vol. 2. Meh. But well, at least it’s colourful and easy entertaining…
      Portah is back in my top 3 at the moment. Wonder why… 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will say that for the casual Netflix viewer there will probably be zero issues with Season 2. For someone who reads a lot of romance and also about romance in a meta kind of way regarding tropes and such, I had issues with it. But I don’t wanna yuck anyone’s yum. It’s still fun and fabulous and sumptuous to look at and there are many things about it that are good.

        Portah is definitely near and dear to my cough heart cough.


        • Sumptuous! (You have all the words today, Kate!) Yep, that’s fine with me. Just some easy entertaining. Mind you, I do also like the opportunity for critical discussion, so if they actually got things wrong, then that’ll be a great reason to dissect the thing. Must watch it soon.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Every single one of your posts deserves a mention, P!!! They are always great!
      And *grah* – another reposter!!! 😡 I will have to keep the name in mind and avoid their posts in the future. Thanks for pointing that out!


  2. #1 To wax or not to wax; that is the question.
    #3 Took a while but this fanfic has now reached incendiary levels. I definitely want to be a “good girl” for Prof A!
    #10 When i think of Thorin and L’Oreal, I flash on this bts moment: https://pin.it/5xw8a0E
    #17 This feature always brings to mind my fave Guy gif @ https://pin.it/2dizT9Z

    Missed you and these round-ups, G. Welcome back!


    • #1 I am more of the “free hair growth” contingent, but well…
      #3 I really have to catch up again with all the fanfic. I haven’t even followed up on Ray and Theo.
      #10 Oh yes, RA and his pony. They had a “hair thing” 😂


  3. Hello, it’s nice to have you back 🙂 What a nice collection for us! I have never read the Bridgerton books so I’m just enjoying the series on TV. It’s far away from my “usual” but I needed a break from mystery murders and thrillers and I fond myself really enjoying it. Season 2 more than Season 1 for some strange reason. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for Anthony….I’m only missing the last episode now


    • That stare was so intense… Goodness, I am not sure I’d ever recover if Portah gave me that stare. I don’t even know whether it was a benign stare or not, but it hit all the feels…

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  4. 5. That scene has always made me feel uncomfortable because of how uncomfortable Richard looks. I think it might not have been acting, but I could be wrong.
    8. Any chance you could summarize the Keith anecdote? Can’t access because not on Tumblr .


    • 5. That scene has always struck me as an improvisation by Keith Allen – RA definitely looks as if he is *not* acting but REacting. And he is genuinely peeved by Allen coming too close… Or maybe he was annoyed for Guy’s sake, being humiliated by the sheriff in such a way.
      8. This is what the post on tumblr said:
      “honestly lovely that the time i met keith allen he spent the whole conversation either complimenting me or richard armitage, also present on the picture he was signing, which implies richard armitage and i are on the same level, which is also a compliment of extreme magnitude”

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