RA Pocket Shrine 272/? – The Lair of the Silver Fox

Silver Fox? Sounds familiar, right? I recently made a silver fox shrine that was sold in the Ukraine Aid fundraiser. It was picked up pretty quickly, and as a result, I was approached bts whether I would consider making another silver fox shrine in return for an identical price to go into the fundraiser pot. Of course I could not say no to that – with the caveat that a shrine can never really be replicated identically but would probably look a little bit different. In this case I had the added difficulty that the integral part of the original silver fox RAPS – the acrylic mirror fox – had been a singular item in my stash. So I started off by searching for acrylic silver foxes online. I eventually found a supplier on Etsy, but in order to have the fox custom made to my specifications, I had to buy 15 of them, not just one 😬. Hence I had enough silver foxes to use one for embellishment on the RAPS lid.

Looks very discreet and classy on the outside…

If you remember, the original silver fox was the result of a craft challenge between Kate and myself. She had provided me with some silver, sticky-backed paper which I used as a background. For the “lair of the silver fox” I had to find something else.

The two silver foxes remained, but I replaced the sticky-backed silver paper with some silver sweet wrappers or whatever it may have been. It had been in my stash for so long that I couldn’t remember where it came from… typical crafter’s problem. Kate’s silver pipe cleaners were replaced by a silver leaf wire.

I kept the bottom part of the shrine as fuss-free as the original, but chose a different image from the same series. And I thought it was fun to point out the silver temples with a couple of arrows.

So all-in-all, a discreet-ish, unfussy RAPS. Here you can see original and second iteration side-by-side:

The shrine has been received by the buyer, and I hope it has matched her expectations even though it wasn’t replicated exactly. But for me, that is exactly the point of these shrines. They are *all* individual pieces of art, and even if they have similarities, they are never the same. It’s also more fun for me that way 😉.

On the topic of craft challenges (and what can result from them) – after Kate’s call for new participants in the 5 item swap, six new crafters have joined the fun. I have been paired with a fellow fan, and my envelope with 5 items is already on its way to her. I am looking forward to receiving the pieces she has chosen for me. No idea whether another shrine will be the result, but it will definitely be something that has the “silver fox’s” mug on it. 😁 Before I can tackle it, I have to tidy away all my craft supplies and create a clean slate desk, though. That’s quite an ask, as you will see when you read on…

If you have time to kill today, you can while away 40 minutes with my two videos at the end of this post. I don’t know whether you are familiar with the “haul phenomenon”, but I have been totally sucked into it 😂. There are thousands of these hauls on YT, and they are basically videos of people showing the items they have purchased. That sounds horribly commercial and superficial. More like “showing off” than “showing”. I am not a fan of commercialism and retail therapy, although I do detect in myself (much to my chagrin) that I get an odd rush of pleasure from shopping. Meh, totally fitting that stereotype of women. I try to fight that, and one way of sublimating my “desire to shop”, is watching these hauls. It totally satisfies my need for shopping if I see what other people have bought. Moreover, as a crafter I tend to watch craft item hauls. (One of my favourites are the “Michael’s Grab Bag Hauls” on YT. OMG. The stuff people pick up for next to no money!!! I can only thank the gods that I am not living in the US. My hoard would require a warehouse the size of an airplane hangar! 😂) But apart from fulfilling that shopping desire, they also provide ideas and inspiration for my own junk journal crafting – which paper products to pick up, new paper designs, other items that might work in a journal, and the titles of books that would be suitable for using in my junk journals. So, anyway, after all these preceding justifications, here are a couple of videos I made of all the sh-tuff I picked up in Germany. It explains why I needed to buy an extra bag for my return home 😬. And you’ll see why tidying up had become such an issue. Anyhow, no pressure, don’t watch if this kind of “commercialism” is not your cup of tea. Although you’d be missing my sweet lilting voice 😉.

Part 1
Part 2



41 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 272/? – The Lair of the Silver Fox

  1. Lovely shrine. That photo shoot truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

    And thank you so much for the haul videos. Exactly what I needed to rescue me from the Sunday doldrums. After throwing no fewer than four half finished craft projects because nothing is working and I am the least creative person on the planet, this really hit the spot. 💕


    • An absolute gift, you are right.
      And glad you have enjoyed the videos. Some of the stuff you already knew – since we shopped together. The books were new, though 😉
      BTW – “least creative person”? Never! But critical of your own work. I sympathise. I have just started a ju jo and am already thinking that it is meh. Funnily enough, I wouldn’t consider it meh if someone else had made it. Go figure…


      • I am just stuck today. It’s cold and rainy, I have another cold (meh), I can’t decide on a book to read or movie to watch, so I tried to finish some of my halfway done tags and I couldn’t think of anything. So I took a nap. And then I watched the videos. I also tried to watch some other people‘s videos, but they weren’t as fun. 😂 Loved the books. Oh, and I had an idea for one of your papers: One stack had this creme cable-knit pattern. That would go great with the photo of him from the Christmas pudding video (Health and safety!) with the turtleneck.


  2. Wow. Your stash is awesome. When I travel I like to find stationery stores just to see what they have that’s different to what we have in the UK. I try hard for discipline but I always end up buying something. As I was away for a year periodically I would pack things up and send them home for my brother to store for my return


    • I am glad to hear I am not the only one who has a desire to check out craft stores abroad, Pamela 😊. Usually I am reined in by the luggage restrictions, so have to limit what I buy. But yeah, I have discovered the “mail a parcel” work-around, too 😬…


  3. That’s a very pretty shrine 💕
    I’ve already done a bit of mapping both Limerick and Dublin craft shops but not book shops yet 😶 I usually leave home with only hand luggage but have to put to the cargo on my way home..


    • Lots of small charity shops dotted all over the place. (I have never been to Limerick, but I am sure it is true there, too.) There are a couple of used book stores in Dublin that you may want to explore. One of them – Chapters in Parnell Street – has a massive selection of second hand books. The store was actually meant to close last year, but there was so much support for it from the public that the retiring owner managed to sell it, and it is now back in business. A true Dublin institution.


  4. Hello, Sonja. I also like your new silver fox shrine. And I agree, each one has to be unique. I have a problem with my computer, that is why I couldn’t get in touch the last few days. The technician will be available this Wednesday. I hope you are ok. I am looking forward to the next shrine!!!


  5. I am the proud owner of the one-off Silver Fox RAPS that Sonja mentions. I thought it was a long shot asking her to craft another after they sold out to benefit Ukraine, but she came thru for me big time. 😁
    The Silver Fox is a wonderful addition to my personal RA Corner. Looking forward to growing the collection during the birthday fundRAiser in August.


    • I am so glad you took that long shot. It benefitted us all – you got a shrine, I got to craft, and the proceeds were added to the fundraising donation. Win win.
      Hehe, and I bet get my ass into gear for the next fundraiser then 😉


  6. Ode to a Lair.

    Beware, the silver fox in his lair.
    Tempting , but don’t go in there.
    You are no match,
    For his intense blue stare,
    Or gleaming hint of silver hair.
    His hypnotic charm you can demolish,
    By rubbing him hard with silver polish.

    Kathy Jones.

    I have zero crafting ability but you guys are definitely inspiring. I used to satisfy my shopping urges by buying bud vases at thrift stores. Then when I gave people flowers they wouldn’t have to return the vase.


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  8. I love your sweet voice girl and could listen to you talk all day! 💕

    Even though I’m totally uncoordinated and not crafty at all, I do like stickers and ink stamps, paper, (particularly posty notes) pens, note pads, etc. Hmmm, maybe it’s office supplies I like? IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️ Haha

    Anyway, long work day and no hubs expecting attention at home tonight . . . so I’m indulging myself by enjoying your post and vids this evening. Whoo Hoo!

    I wouldn’t know what to do with many of your purchases craft wise, but love seeing and hearing about your haul. And the books! That one from 1925 looked beautiful! I have a serious weakness for books, tall pretty men with long legs, well I think you already know! Heh😄

    Looking forward to seeing what you make, for the silver fox or whatever might inspire your creations.


    • Hehe, me and my charming dscherman accent 😉
      Stickers and stamps are just the best. I mean, crafty or not, anyone can create something with stickers and stamps. Stationary is just irresistible.
      I came back from Germany again with many books and a stash of crafty stuff. Maybe I should do another haul this weekend. Whenever I do a haul, it feels like going shopping a second time…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, if you feel like giving us another video breakdown of your haul, I’ll enjoy watching and listening.
        Your right about stickers and stamps. Even my fumbling skills can find ways to make use of stickers and stamps.😁


        • I’d like to do another haul video but am waiting for dearest son to deliver the remaining books that he carried to Ireland for me… He’s been home for two weeks, but has not had the time to carry the books upstairs to us 😂. Too busy with life.

          Liked by 1 person

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