Recent Rescued Comments

Every once in a while there are comments that are too good to be lost in the comment section.

Exhibit A: Armitagebesotted is a New York local and could not rest until she had identified the location for the shoot with Kaitlyn Mikayla from last year. Here is what Besotted has to say:

By the way, I have identified the locations of those two plaid shirt photos, which may have been done the same day as the white turtle neck sweater shot where RA is standing in the 1950s era telephone booths on the ground floor of the New York Public Library. The plaid shirt shots were done in the same building, in an easy to access, main hallway (second floor, east side, for anyone who knows the building) that has an exterior window with a bench at its north end. In the blue book shot, he’s sitting on the east side of the bench, note that the exterior sunlight is on the right side of his face. In the other shot, he’s standing on the west side of the same window, and either leaning over the bench to lean against the window, or perhaps standing on the bench. Note that the exterior sunlight is on the left side of his face. Anyone want to meet me there and be “the model” for a re-creation?

Fab work, Besotted, thanks for sleuthing that out. And I like the idea of recreating the shots of our favourite actor on the exact same location. If anyone is heading for NYC and wants to get in touch with Besotted, let me know and I will hook you up!

Exhibit B: Kathy’s odes! Readers of long standing know exactly what I mean, but some of you newer readers may not have come across Kathy’s poetic musings yet. Here is her latest oeuvre, on the Silver Fox’s Lair, as well as an older one on Serv’s blog (2013!!! *eeek*) which Kathy reposted here.

Exhibit C:

I’ve made Quarty do endless press ups…

Ooops, I have no idea how that found its way into this post… 😉


25 thoughts on “Recent Rescued Comments

  1. Grrr … my comment disappeared two times.
    Wondering how many takes were necessary to have this scene good for the film.
    Maybe less than I need for a comment.


  2. I’ve been away for a couple of days (laptop now fixed) and I came back to actually find not one, not two but THREE exhibits!!! Exhibit A: I would gladly arrange a trip to NY right away, but I need RA himself for the reshooting of those photos. Exhibit B: I loved the poems, especially the one of the Silver fox. Exhibit C: Speechless…


  3. great finds 🙂 i like the idea of the shoot in the public library.. on days when it bothers customers of course! But i love the ideas of silent public libraries and walking around and all that his outfit kinda matched the location too 🙂
    great poems as usual, been missing them..
    and ah… very diligent exercising, impressive he manages to look towards the camera and not fall flat on his face 😀


    • The check-shirt-and-grey-jacket was positively librarian 😂. But yeah, i wouldn’t feel bothered at all if I were suddenly witness of a photo shoot with RA in my local library 😍.

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