2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

Summer has arrived in Ireland 🌼! I am just back from a cup of coffee in the sunshine on my doorstep. With a few weekend chores under my belt – changing the bedlinen, moving a plant box, hoovering – I can now relax with a bit of tumblering… Join me!

  1. Starting off with a chuckle on astrovian’s quip about a still from UATSC
  2. Sorry, astrovian again, but this derp is just too good 😂
  3. Narniaandthenorth joins those in the know 😉… reasons for watching Spooks
  4. Dirty, dishevelled campfire Guy courtesy of riepu10
  5. Middleearthpixie’s Playing with Fire goes to chapter 26
  6. I wasn’t so keen on this photo when it first appeared but I am getting to like it better now. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  7. Let’s give some love to the lesser known chaRActers, too. Here’s Philip Durrant, snarking and clapping, giffed by riepu10
  8. Oho. A fan fic with Father Quart. The cover art alone is already 🔥… 😱. Written by linasofia
  9. I love this drawing of Ray de Merville – reminds me of the TinTin comic books. Posted by jaskierthelover
  10. Chapter 12 of fizzyxcustard’s Lucas North fan fic Covert Eyes
  11. Guy, uncharacteristically philosophical 😂. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

There we go. Hope you are having a good weekend! What are your plans? I still have a few stupid chores on my list – set up the guest room in advance of my mother’s visit next week 🙄, sign up for new bank accounts because my bank is closing down 😡, give Mr Guylty a hair cut 💇‍♂️ – but then I hope to transform this ⤵️

into a hat for an upcoming wedding 🤪 😱. No, really. 😂. We’ll see how that goes…

Happy weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


18 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

  1. Lovely roundup. I am in complete agreement with Guy—both re. the campfire mood (I’m having one of those days) and his philosophizing.
    Ha, I just got done cutting Mr. Kate’s hair. Seems like our chore lists overlap today. 💇🏻‍♂️


      • While annoying for me, I will share one of my “those days” mishaps for your entertainment: I was die cutting something and cleverly attached double-sided adhesive tape right away for easier placement. Then, when I had removed the protective covering, I fumbled and dropped my cutting dies and everything to the floor. Naturally, the cut shape fell glue side down and stuck to my floor. Not only did I destroy it while trying to pry it off, I was also left with sticky residue on the floor. FML. 🙃


        • Damn. That is the sort of thing that would spoil my whole day, too. Commiserations from me! So far no mishaps on my side. (Not counting being run over not once but twice this morning in the entrance to the supermarket – first by a thief who ran out just as I was walking in, and then by the security guard who chased behind him. Luckily I didn’t fall, but boy, I was stunned 🤪). The day is still long…


          • And my streak continues… I just tried making pizza dough, but didn’t add water. I was just churning my flower-yeast mixture around in my food processor for minutes. 🤦🏻‍♀️


            • 🤣 Sorry, but I had to laugh out loud at that. Well, at least you can still add the water; nothing is lost. I, however, restarted my application for a bank account three times (no lie) because the effing online system kept crashing me out. Hmph.


              • I have achieved dough. 🤪 Just pray I don’t burn anything.
                Argh, that sounds absolutely infuriating. 😬 Stupid online stuff is the worst.


  2. #11 😂 That couldn’t be better said.
    Sorry, but you will have to find something nicer for a hat for an upcoming wedding 😉 And have a nice visit from your mom (and stop cleaning 😊, your mom is a guest, not an inspector 😉; uf, I can get smart because I don’t expect guests 😂). Give Mr Guylty a nice hair cut.


  3. Guy is so very right about human stupidity 😉 And yeah, I have to agree also about Spooks! Enjoy your mum’s visit, I’ll be off to Italy next weekend to visit my family 🙂


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