RA Pocket Shrine 274/? – Peachy

Did I say somewhere that I had sworn not to buy new mint tins anymore? Well, I was shopping the other day and was in this shop called “Flying Tiger”. I have bought tins in there before, the results of which were dishy and fishy, as well as smily and angling . Once again  I came across a tin I could not resist and so it joined my booty. See right. You know what I mean, right? 

With Mr Guylty out of the house at an appointment, the hoover broken down despite pressing hoovering needs in advance of mother’s visit, and no other obligations on my list for today, I tackled the tin. The theme was a given, of course. I adjusted the tin to have two lids. You’ll see later why.

Let’s have a look inside.

Ok, I am mixing metaphors here. The derpy grin comes straight from a video interview where RA was making fun of buns.

But hey, buns, peaches, all the same thing, right?

To balance the derp – after all this is meant to be a shrine for crushing and drooling – I included one of the recent images in the bottom part of the lid. Now comes the cool thing. The tin can actually be turned upside down and you have a totally different set-up because the “Fuzzy Treat” collage has not been glued into the tin but can be removed and placed on top of the top design.

Have 2 indeed. I liked the design on the inside of the tin and just felt it would’ve been a bummer to cover it up. And yes, it completely informed the design of the RAPS.

If you thought that was it, no. There was still the backside of the “Fuzzy Treat” that needed to be covered. After the classy and elegant offering of the Lavender RAPS two weeks ago, I felt it was time for something a little more… ehem… let’s call it “cheeky”. I feel like I should add a parental advisory here… butt you know what is coming, don’t you?

Oh yes, the “Fuzzy Treat” collage can be turned around for a cheeky glimpse of the fuzzy treat… *coughs*. Totally at the future owner’s discretion. I mean, we are all here for discreet fangirling, right?

Now you see why there is an “Extra Strong” warning on the lid of the RAPS…

So there. I have run out of all the butt jokes I can think of. Namaste.




36 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 274/? – Peachy

  1. Really intriguing!!! As soon as I have seen the first photo with the peaches… well… I thought that special part of his body, actually the scene with Dolarhyde (where he is training himself at the attic and we can see his back and more with the dragon tattoo). And, at the end, the scene from “Between the sheets”. My, my… Feast my eyes, indeed. Clever arrangement!!! I also like your previous work the fishy one with Ra in the water (poor Richard) I offer myself as a lifeguard. Always apleasure to hearing from you.


  2. This is truly inspired. You’re on a roll with your shrining and your puns are on point as well. 👍🏻👍🏻
    Now excuse my while I go back to study the *cough* techniques *cough* used for this handicraft some more.


    • LOL – I love your pun game, J!
      Hoover crisis averted – we had a second hoover in the house. So everything is dust free now. Mum is on the way, stopping over in Frankfurt right now. So I have a couple of hours for general tidying and rearranging before I have to head to the airport… Managed to get the grandson on board for airport pick-up. That will distract the mater from inspecting my mess 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thi is so funny! The fuzzy treat is awesome. 😀 I love the Flying Tiger shops, a lot of the Minis’ little items come from there. I’ve seen those mints, and I bought them a couple of times, but never in orange, the ones I got were in a blue tin, maybe peach is a new flavour 🙂


    • Flying Tiger is always fun to browse through, isn’t it? Yes, I think peach was a new flavour. I had not seen it before and I couldn’t resist…


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