2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

Hello and excuse the delay please. I currently have my mum staying with me, and this morning we ventured out for some shopping. I have now sent her into the garden with Mr G, so hopefully will have half an hour to get the round-up compiled.

  1. Starting off with a fan fic. This is middleearthpixie’s modern Thorin AU Playing with Fire, chapter 28
  2. Riepu10 celebrates the UATSC news with a gif set of Chop and Urban
  3. Middleearthpixie has compiled her top 5 Thorin moments. What are yours?
  4. These are some really gorgeous Thornton gifs, made by x-whispers-of-october-x
  5. Fizzyxcustard’s Lucas North fan fic Covert Eyes goes to chapter
  6. A Hobbit-TinTin crossover… seriously… that’s just so bizarre, I had to include this. Posted by dimdiamond. PS: Anyone else think that Capt Barnacle and Thorin could be brothers???
  7. I have to say, this Thorin figurine looks pretty good… Thewarriorandtheking took it on an outing to the beach
  8. May he never inject botox into this beautifully expressive face… Gif set of Ray Levine by riepu10

Sorry, it’s a bit short today. But here is a little fun extra I came across.

Thornton School of Music… Who would’ve thought…

Imagining Mr Thornton just getting ready to take his kit off and then go and sing under the shower…

Have a good weekend!

Sonja ❤️


13 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

  1. I love that Thorin figurine, gorgeous 💕 have a great time with your mum. I’m at the airport waiting for the flight to go to see my parents in Italy for a week.


  2. 1. Can’t say enuf about this fan fic; pixie’s really outdone herself in ch 28. Thorin’s in for the surprise of his life!
    3. Too many to count, indeed! For me, any moment btwn Thorin and Bilbo ❤️
    7. My Funko Pop Thorin is jealous. So realistic. The hair just needs a few more waves.
    Thanks for this, and enjoy your time with mom. 😁


  3. NIce to hearing from you every Saturday. 3. I couldn’t agree more with you. I would add the scene with DU BEKAR, when the dwarves are coming out of the Erebor and when Thorin is recovered from Dragon Sickness. My love for Thorin keeps going… and going… and going. Enjoy your time with your Mum. Those moments are precious.


  4. Hope you are enjoying some good family time and thanks for squeezing in a round-up. My favourite Thorin scenes are when he confronts Bilbo holding the acorn, their hug at the end of the first film, whenever he looks majestic ( all the time) … Oh so many! And Richard playing Captain Haddock is perfect grumpy casting – funny that Andy Serkus voiced him in the Tin Tin film.


    • I think my favourite Thorin scene is probably the whole madness sequence – because in the end he comes through it and that marks the turning point for the character and the whole film.
      “Grumpy casting” 🤣
      How was your weekend away, btw???


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