2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

Good morning to the round-up. How are we all? Shall we jump in straight away?

A word before I delve into the list: The #richardarmitage tag on tumblr is really busy this week, thanks to the “Armitage Summer Splash” event. I am not going to link to all of the submissions individually, but suggest you check the hashtag via this link HERE. The majority of the posts are actually fan fiction and I have not yet read all of them. I might link to some of the posts, though, because they are often illustrated with nice moodboards and edits that are beautiful in their own right.

  1. A nice moodboard to illustrate middleearthpixie’s fan fic “The Other Woman”
  2. And another moodboard for Dr Scott White, as part of linasofia’s fan fic for Day 3 of the Splash
  3. Philip Durrant in a gif set by riepu10
  4. An unexpected kind of story for prompt 2 in week 1 of the Splash, about Ray and written by lathalea
  5. Shenzuul’s hashtags made me laugh
  6. ICYMI, richardarmitagefanpage notes that RA as Rassilon is back
  7. A note by musette22 (and an anon) on the cyanide capsule and Heinz Krüger
  8. And here is the gif set that goes with the scene, posted by dailychrisevans
  9. Some intense staring by RA bts of TH, giffed by riepu10
  10. An interesting gif (?) by olya-dwarf for Ray de Merville
  11. Chapter 16 of fizzyxcustard’s Lucas North fan fic Covert Eyes
  12. Hahaha, not sure why I am laughing, but I am. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

Right, leaving it there because I am in a bit of a hurry today. My friends are getting married this afternoon, and I have to dress myself up 😱. Before I throw myself into my glad rags, I just wanted to get back to something I threw out there a couple of weeks ago. Remember this?

I was going to turn this into a hat for said wedding. And well, I did. Since I couldn’t find a nice summer dress to dress up in, I felt I needed a fancy bit of head gear to mark the occasion. So I cut up the coffee cup.

And reassembled it as a mini top hat.

Doesn’t look like much. But then I broke out the decoupage medium, shaped the cardboard and decorated the hat.

I have attached it to a head band and now it’s ready to sit on my head at a jaunty angle…

Has a slight steampunk-y vibe. We’ll see how long that stays a-top

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


39 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

  1. OMG—I love the hat. I also love the present you made (I think I never got around to commenting on your other post; I’m verliess energy atm).
    Have a wonderful time. 🎩


  2. Fantastic “fascinator” hat — your creativity boundless with the beautiful handmade gift and new chapeau (oh, both a British and French reference today, I am so worldly! 😊). Have a lovely celebration with your friends today!


  3. I admit, I really thought you were joking that you would make a hat out of that cup. I didn’t think it is possible. Your hat testifies I was terribly wrong. You look great in that hat. Have fun!


    • Hehe, yes, who would’ve thought that I could pull that one out of the hat? Just a humble coffee cup… and a bit of hot glue and lots of decoupaging. That’s an antique Schiller text on there 😁


  4. Your creativity is inexhaustible, Sonya, as is that of the writers who have graced tumblr with their Summer Splash submissions. So many fan fics. So little time. How will I ever get anything else done this week?! 😂


    • IKR? I haven’t had the time to read through all of the fics yet myself. It’s just brilliant that the talented writers are entertaining us with this event. All kudos to them!!


  5. Oh, my!!! That weekly round up has started in the best way!!! This gorgeous selfie of Richard in Marseilles!!! And the “Armitage Summer Splash”, I read the stories, especially those with Thorin. And Sonja, your friends are really lucky for having in their lives. I am sure they will treasure the starfull sky (your present). And the hat was great, you looked beautiful. Have fun at the wedding!!!


    • Beautiful pic, I agree. And the “Summer Splash” really is such fun. I am delighted that they are choosing such a wide variety of chaRActers to write about, too.
      As for “lucky” – I have to say that I am very lucky to have those friends in *my* life, too. They are an extraordinarily generous and lovely couple.
      And hahaha, I was not the only one who zoned in on the starry sky. The maid of honour also gifted the night sky on the couple’s wedding day – in the shape of a painted (or printed?) canvas. We agreed that it was a genius idea 😁. And luckily they chose a different place and time of the constellations… so either have a reason to be displayed. 😊


    • Hehe, the hat got a couple of nice comments. And it was surprisingly sturdy and even survived a brief tumble off my head when I threw my head back in laughter.


  6. Just came back to say that I’ve snagged 3 photos from this post for my “RA slide show” (that plays as “wallpaper” on the desktop of my computer): RA looking ravishing in Marseille, you in your hat, and your hat on Mainie’s babe. YOU have made the slide show, girlfriend! Which means that you will appear on my screen a few times a year — but I may only notice once, because this stuff is hidden behind other windows most of the time. Thank you for all 3 photos!


  7. Thank you so much for my lovely RA things. You’ve gone to so much care to make it lovely. I’m so pleased that we all raised the amount we did for Loros. You’re a star!!


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