2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

Time flies when you are having fun… And that is exactly why I am so late with my Saturday round-up this weekend. With our lovely friend from NI once again stopping over in Dublin on his way back from his many travels, we had another adventurous weekend. It started with the customary culinary feast that S____ always has in store for us when he stops by. This time it was horse steak. Now, as a German and non-vegetarian I have no hang-ups about horse meat. And I have to say that the meat is actually exceptionally tender. I found it better than any (beef) steak I have ever had. But even better than all the food is the social aspect. Not only is he a wonderful raconteur, but you know what it is like when you have visitors – you are more likely to make an effort and go out and do something cultural. But actually, you are here for the round-up. So before it gets even later, I’ll give it to you.

A little caveat ahead of the list: Unfortunately I did not have time to delve into the Summer Splash stories this week. So when I am linking to stories, it’s mainly for cool cover art 😉

  1. Here’s a moodboard for Raymond de Merville made by Linasofia
  2. I enjoyed enchantzz’ fun memes
  3. A moodboard by lathalea on prompt 12 of the Summer Splash
  4. The characteristic Armitage face palm move, giffed by riepu10
  5. oooh, love it. Fizzyxcustard has created a journal spread for Thorin. That is right up my street!!!
  6. More hand porn courtesy of riepu10, this time a declaiming Astrov. And is it just me or has Armitage huuuuge hands??? And also: man, he looked GOOD as Astrov!!!!
  7. Put together by waechter-des-nordens, this set of photos of Lucas North almost have a fashion shoot quality
  8. Another moodboard by lathalea, this time for photographer Ray. Very nice!
  9. Brave, gentle, strong… a Guy gif set that tells a story. By sansansource
  10. Lathalea posts a whole slew of Shalinizhara’s moodboards for the Summer Splash. Some dark and beautiful work there
  11. Office hours, part 9, by legolasbadass
  12. A gif set of Chop and Urban by riepu10
  13. Hooray, mininottingham is back again. Here is Guy, mowing the lawn 😂

As in the last couple of weeks, please do check the #ArmitageSummerSplash tag for lots of goodies – and if you can, do leave the participants a little love in the shape of a like, a reblog or a comment 😉. I wish I had been better at taking part in the project, but I was really busy this week with work. And I won’t have that much time to take part the coming week, either. I am actually heading over to Munich again next Thursday. Yay. Yes, I was already over there to visit Little Miss Guylty in April. But this time I am taking Master Guylty with me. He wants to visit his sister, and I just thought I’d take advantage of that and get the rare pleasure of a holiday break with my grown-up kids out of it. So Master Guylty and I are setting off on Thursday morning – fingers crossed that the chaos at Dublin airport will be manageable and we will make it onto the plane… And then we will have four days in Munich before Master Guylty goes back on Monday and I move on to Regensburg again to see my friend before I head back to Ireland on Friday. I probably won’t be able to do the round-up next weekend (although the laptop will travel with me, as usual, for work).

Anyway, sorry for rambling on. But for now – enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great start of the week.

Sonja ❤️


13 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

  1. I marvel at the endurance of all the SS writers, especially those under pressure from readers of their regular fanfic to post more chs.
    4&6 Ever notice how RA’s signature moves — face palm, reaching for a wall, cradling a face — have the added benefit of accentuating those gorgeous hands? Just sayin’.
    Safe and trouble-free travels Sonja. ✈️


    • Completely agree, Lou. The fan fic writers are on a roll at the moment. Great fan service on their part.
      Yep, looks as if RA likes using his hands…
      Thank you – I am glad I have my son travelling with me, at least one way…


  2. Hello, dear Sonja. I am glad you had a great time with your friend. A new trip to Germany? And with your son? How lovely!!! Enjoy yourselves and with yor daughter too. I loved no 4 of this round up. More surprises ahead… for all of us!!!


    • Yes, some very special quality time with grown-up children. Doesn’t happen very often anymore, so I have to grab the chance when I get it 😉 Thank you xx


  3. Amazing creations of all. Guy, mowing the lawn and on a deckchair, made me smile.
    Nice preparations for that fabulous trip, Sonja. Have fun together!


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