New Pic and RA’s News in the News

Yay. New photo!

Richard posted a new picture of himself over on his IG where he proudly announced that he has written a book.

And some rags mags have picked up on the exciting news that the renowned actor is branching into literature… The Radio Times published a short piece about the news. It’s quite a fomulaic piece, which looks suspiciously like a press release text to me… And believe me, I know those texts. I write them all the time 😂

Hello! mag follows up with a sensationalist headline:

Major career announcement? Whoa!!! Well, he’s just said that he’s written a book – not that he is throwing in the towel on his acting. But never mind, this is the Hello! piece:

We welcome Eve Crosbie to the RArmy 😉😂


36 thoughts on “New Pic and RA’s News in the News

  1. Its been Drip drip drip today. Its lovely to hear from him and to have a new picture. It’s a bit dark is he sitting standing or leaning 🤣 i offered to meet him in Geneva for a coffee🤣🤣


  2. Audiobook only….. what a mean and cheap marketing trick to get more new subscribers for Audible. They know perfectly well that people will WANT to have that book and therefore will have to get an Audible account *grmbl* Not to speak of the fact that I still do not like audiobooks, even if read by Richard. Still, I’m glad he has found something else to do besides acting, just in case. I hope it will work out for him, and there will be more books.

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    • Yeah, that disappoints me a little bit, too. I would’ve preferred a real book. But well, if this was an Audible deal start to finish, then of course they want exclusivity… Rich has really become their 😉


  3. The Hello! article mentions Now & Then, the project we have been waiting for forever. Is this official? Or just an assumption based on his IMDb listing? Inquiring minds want to know!


  4. Well done Richard for writing a book. Takes a lot of discipline I would imagine. I really hope he has a good editor. Is Richard”s book only available as a narration on Audible? Can you get a kindle copy?
    Not sure about new photo. To me he looks a bit thin in the face, and as ever, I have my doubts about the hair.
    Do you think he has returned to the UK? So many questions…


    • Agreed – I actually admire anyone who is able to sit down and write a whole novel. Bird-brain me just doesn’t have the necessary stamina for that. Kudos to Richard.
      I don’t think it will be available in printed format, Zigzag. The PR says that Audible has an exclusive deal with RA for this (audio)book. But who knows, if this is a success, maybe they’ll publish it later?
      No idea where he is right now. Just from the time stamps of his tweets, he could be in either place.


  5. The photo is new to us, but since it was taken by Kaitlyn Mikayla and he’s wearing the same jean jacket as in his IG profile pic (first used in March?), can we assume the images were taken at the same time? Perhaps even during the photoshoot for The Nobleman in January? I am clueless about how professional photographers work. Sonja, care to weigh in?


    • Here’s what I believe: This (new) picture is part of the shoot with Kaitlyn Mikayla from last year. There has already been a very similar picture to this published. (Photo on his White Boar website). A shoot works like this: The photographer determines a number of different set-ups and shoots thousands of photos on the day. Then she edits the loot down to the best images and puts them through post-production. Photographers often drip-feed photos from one shoot over a longer period of time. So yeah, my guess is that this all from that one shoot last year.


        • My hunch in this case is that RA himself was the client of the shoot, i.e. he asked and paid for it. So the photographer will have provided him with a previously agreed number of post-produced, ready-to-use images, to use whichever way he wants. That also sounds likely from the POV of him needing (head)shots for his new production company’s website. Rather than use his existing actor’s headshots, he might have decided to get new images for that.


        • Well, I think that he was given a portfolio of shots and he is using them as he sees fit. But theoretically, the remaining images belong (copyright-wise) to the photographer, and she can use them (sell them) as she sees fit. Hence the late dribble of images.


          • So he purchased some of the photos and some were bought by the Nobleman for the spread in their Jan issue. And others (possibly) remain in Kaitlyn’s possession? I think I finally understand how the process works. Thanks.


  6. I love this photoshoot, he looks gorgeous (despite the man-spreading which he is prone to!). Interesting that the Hello article describes Now and Then as a film, rather than a BBC drama. either it’s shoddy journalism or they know something we don’t.


  7. Quanta grazia 😂
    Fascination with science and tecnology… well well well. Going to sit near the river and wait for the e-book.


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