2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

It’s round-up time!!! (And a little note at the end about the fundraiser.)

  1. That Thorin stare in an interpretation by steff-swims
  2. Chapter 20 of middleearthpixie’s Miss Fortune
  3. Gif-art by olya-dwarf – very Matrix
  4. A little dancing, courtesy of Dr Astrov and riepu10
  5. Linasofia made a moodboard for Thornton as a vampire
  6. OMG 😂 This. A little quip from What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  7. Something that all Monty Python fans will enjoy 😉. Posted by the-ring-wasnt-even-pretty
  8. A little bit of puppy eye Ray, giffed by riepu10
  9. Fan art with age progression of Thorin – from boy to man. Made by hellsite-users-blog
  10. I haven’t read this fic (was part of Summer Splash) by sorisooya but I liked the header art for it, with the gif of Ray in the middle

It’s short, but then again it’s silly season and maybe lots of people are on holiday?

On that note: How about you, are you going on summer hols this year? My trip to Germany was my 2022 summer holidays. No plans for further trips, not least because Mr Guylty unfortunately is unable to go on any overnighters since he needs to be connected to his oxygen supply at all times. For shorter errands he can use portable oxygen bottles, but they only last him 3 hours max, so you can calculate yourself how many bottles we would have to carry with us in order to spend a weekend away…

Just a pretty picture of the Liffey at night…

While I am at it – we are still waiting to hear whether Mr Guylty will be offered to be on the transplant list. The process of evaluation started in January. According to the medical social worker, with whom we have had several meetings in the last few weeks, the whole team will get together soon and make a decision. Fingers crossed, please!

If Mr G makes it onto the list, a time of waiting will begin. And then a very challenging transplant journey that will require all of our strength. Unfortunately I have been told that once a transplant happens, I am not to communicate about it on social media at all. That is understandable, in terms of discretion for the donor family – Ireland is a very small place, and it would be easy to put 2 and 2 together and identify the recipient. While I understand and respect those privacy concerns, I also regret that I won’t be allowed to communicate about the journey. You all are part of my emotional and mental health support group. Sharing my thoughts, fears, difficulties, worries, hopes etc., asking for good wishes, thoughts and/or prayers and knowing that I have some people behind me, would certainly help me. Maybe I will come up with a way of sharing that is not public or restricted access only, and thus enable me to receive the support that I will undoubtedly need on that difficult journey. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. But that is an update on the current status.

A Note on Fundraiser Schedule

Sue made a valid point in the comments to the last post that I’d like to address here. She pointed out that it might be useful to have the fundraiser auctions end on the weekend, enabling bidders in different timezones to update their bids at the last moment. I’d like to take that on board and propose to move the start of the auctions back for a few days. If the auctions begin on a Thursday, then they will end three days later on a Sunday. Those bidders who work full-time would then also have a chance to follow the last moment of the auctions – time-zone permitting – and update their bids if needed. I am proposing a Thursday start, because I will be out of the house on Saturday 13th of August due to a family birthday. So, Thursday 11th of August until Sunday 14th of August would work for me. I hope that that will still allow eBay enough time to transfer the money to me in time for a donation deadline on 22nd August. I will communicate the dates of the fundraiser more clearly in a separate post, but just wanted to leave this here FYI.

And now have a nice weekend 😉

Sonja ❤️


42 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

  1. Just very, very hopeful, positive thoughts for you and Mr Guylty going to the top of the transplant list. Thank you for your Germany holiday recap and gorgeous photos! I am planning trip to Denmark and Norway next summer to see Bruce Springsteen — Dublin sold out in a minute even after he added a show! ❤️


    • Many thanks, P!
      Great news re. your European tour next year. Yeah, Dublin is always very keen on Bruce, so I am not surprised the concert sold out so quickly…


    • Springsteen is my absolute favorite (I’ve seen him a dozen times and on Broadway and will hopefully get to a few shows on the North America leg of his upcoming tour, if he ever releases those dates) He is amazing and I’ve never seen a bad show.


  2. Sending you and Mr. G. hugs and lots of good wishes. I’m always here for cheering up and/or listening.

    We’re planning a trip to the seaside again this year after last year’s covid break.

    The Ray gif is some romance-novel level visible swallowing. 🥰


  3. I´m sending best wishes to your husband and you hoping all goes well.
    The timeframe for the auctions sounds good to me, that was a good suggestion.
    I´ve had my longer holidays around my birthday in May but didn´t travel, I only spent a weekend in the Netherlands with my quartet, we attended a music festival, it was enjoyable.


  4. Adding my wishes for a speedy and positive move to the top of the list for Mr. G.
    I went thru a similar process with my bro-in-law in 2014, tho stem cell transplants are from live donors. Still, anonymity is required and meetings between donors and recipients are closely monitored. He eventually did meet two of his donors — brothers from Germany — and when he related the experience before a group of other donors & recipients, well, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
    I will be on a road trip visiting old friends in New York in Aug but should have time to participate in the fundRAiser. Thanks for the advance notice.


    • Many thanks, Lou. How lovely for your BIL to meet the donors and thank them in person. I can imagine that it must have been very emotional for all concerned.
      Hope you can get online in August and snap up a few things in the fundraiser. I’ll let you know the exact dates in a future post so you can plan ahead.


  5. I do hope they give Mr G the green light for the transplant. Must all be very worrying. Sending good wishes.

    Thanks for adjusting the auction dates! Much appreciated. Looking forward to it.


  6. My son and i were gifted with a week at Myrtle Beach, where my car broke down and cost almost $1300.00 to repair. We are taking my dad next year.

    This is a lovely roundup1Thnk you socmuch.

    And lastly, Mr. Guylty and the family are in my prayers. praying for a wonderful outcome.


  7. Dear Sonja, all the best for mr Guylty. Everything will be just fine!!! I am always here, if you want to talk to someone. Every day I wish for all of us. I wiill not go for holidays. I am lloking forward to the fundraiser no matter what the date will be. Give my love to Mr Guylty.


  8. Sonja, my thoughts and prayers for you and Mr G on this extremely challenging journey, for strength, love and hope ❤️ You have a lot of people behind you who will be here for you and will think about your journay even if you will not can write about it.

    Thanks fot the round-up, # 6 ans 8 show why I like Guy and Ray.


  9. Wishing you all the very best for Mr Guylty, it must be a great strain that it is such a drawn-out business. Even if you can’t share, you will have all lots of support behind you here. Thanks for the round-up.


    • Yes, it’s a bit frustrating that we have to wait so long for their decision. But then again, they have to cover all bases, so I understand that they need time for their deliberations. Hopefully soon…

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Fingers crossed that everything goes as smoothly as possible for Mr. G! And thank you once again for including me in the roundup. 🙂 💜


  11. Thinking of both of you very much and hoping the good decision comes soon! I am sure you’ll find a way to share parts of the journey, but in the meantime crossing fingers for a good medical decision from the team soon!
    more later as i’m between office and home, where it’s baking and not in the nice way xxx


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