RA Pocket Shrine 276/? – Picture Puppy

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far. In Ireland. It was, wait for it, a staggering 25.9°C!!!! For our North American friends: That is 78.6F. 😂 I wasted the good weather – it was not only warm, but also dry and sunny! – and stayed inside all day. *wrist slap* But I didn’t waste my time. The reason I stayed put was that I had spontaneously grabbed an Altoid tin and started working on a shrine.

In a two-dimensional photograph, this image comes out as a bit of a “Where’s Wally”. Don’t you love that background paper of all the cameras? It was sent to me by Graza ❤️. Perfect! A camera-adorned tin can only mean one thing: Ray.

Here he is in his studio, hanging up some pictures he has just developed and processed.

Yep, with that look and the forehead crinkles he is the “picture puppy”. But seriously, Ray is like a cute little pup. One of the most loveable chaRActers in a while. On that note: I must rewatch…

A pretty simple RAPS, but this is one of my favourites. I love the little photo drying-line. The shrine also comes with candle holes for the candles, but I forgot to set that up when I was shooting it…

I think I’ll put this in the fundraiser, hoping there are a few Ray fans out there.


39 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 276/? – Picture Puppy

  1. You can’t go wrong with anything Ray related. I especially like the “clothesline” of photos. What WILL you think of next?!


  2. Gorgeous! 😍 Love it, and love you photos❤️ The little photo drying-line is so cute and increases the number of Ray’s photos in the RAPS. 😊 😊 😊


    • Touché, Graza, that was exactly what I wanted – more photos in the shrine. Theoretically the future owner would add some pictures of her own if she has particular favourites… And btw, all happened because I desperately wanted to use some of your paper. The background paper behind the clothesline is from one of your paper pads 😍


      • Yes 😊, Ray has many cameras 🥰. I think I’ll make an appointment in his studio. I like both the studio and its owner. You made a beautiful shrine, definitely also one of my favourites. 😘

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  3. Oh yes, there are plenty of Ray’s fans here 🙂 I LOVE the new shrine, the touch of the line of little pics it’s awesome. Well at least you “wasted” your sunny day doing something nice and that you enjoy…me… a little less as I stuck in the house positive for COVID 😦 It finally got me, I blame work. I have strong cold symptoms, fever in the evening and now some cough but it could be worse. So thank you for cheering me up with this
    little gem 🙂


  4. One of the best shrines you have EVER done!!! And yes, the idea of that photo line was brilliant. Ray… A very good and innocent cηaracter, victim of the circumstances…


  5. This is one of my favourite RAPS, I´m really fond of Ray and the photo drying-line in the background is “das Tüpfelchen auf dem i”, so lovely, well done, I´m looking forward to seeing all the bids it will get 💗😊.


        • Yes, exactly. Speaking from my own experience, I mainly photographed digitally, too, but I also had a darkroom in my basement where I developed my own film and processed my photos. I think a lot of photographers enjoy the old process and use it for their more artsy photography…

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  6. Also love love love that clothes line of pictures. One of your more inspired additions, G. Ray shooting pictures of himself being dressed up as his character? omg, my mind is breaking over the concept, the, the, what is it exactly…the breaking of the fourth wall???


  7. I am on holiday near Hay on Wye the capital for second hand books, guess what I found for a pound lol
    Yes Harlen Coben’s Stay Close
    Just finished it and enjoyed all the changes but one, I didn’t like where he sent our lovely Ray at the end.
    He was too sensitive a chap!


    • Ha, that’s a great holiday read. Especially when you can imagine RA as Ray! (Must confess I haven’t read the book so don’t know the differences with the show.)


  8. I wondered if anyone else was going to notice Ray’s adorableness. I liken it to John Standring. Puppyish is a good description.
    Sorry I’m late commenting. I’ve been in Norway the last 3 weeks.


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