2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

Hello and happy Sunday. I was wasting time yesterday and neglected my round-up duties, but while Mr Guylty is out to look at an exhibition today, I thought I’d quickly jump in here and put the round-up together.

  1. More reading material for you with chapter 23 of Miss Fortune by middleearthpixie
  2. Oh, interesting! Here is a crossover!AU of Spooks and Pilgrimage. Written by fizzyxcustard
  3. TBT IDK 2013??? Gifs of RA at the Fault Magazine shoot by riepu10
  4. What a cute idea! The organisers of the Armitage Summer Splash, fizzyxcustard and lathalea, have created a “certificate of participation” for those who contributed to all 30 prompts. I am linking here to middleearthpixie’s certificate
  5. And here is a neat edit made for lathalea by sweetestgbye
  6. Wow, look at this gorgeous clip (with music!) of NS made by olya-dwarf
  7. *giggles* NFcomics with a cheeky What a Guy Wants quip
  8. Enigmaticlook has put together pictures and explanations of all of Lucas North’s tattoos

Short – so that you can go out and enjoy the summer sun. Ireland’s heatwave has just begun. 25°C 😂.

Sweet. I’m loving it, actually. However, I am not outside today but doing some much-necessary house-keeping. No, not literally. (Not a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination.) I am putting together an inventory of items donated for the auctions and Etsy sale. I have received further items in the post and have been alerted that more are on the way. Exciting!!!! Even without a contribution by Mr A himself, I think we’ll have another fundraiser with lots of fun items to buy and bid on. More info to come.

And now, happy Sunday!

Sonja ❤️


11 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

  1. 3. I never gave much thought to what happens bts at a shoot, but these new (to me) images opened my eyes. Note the clip on the back of the cableknit sweater to make sure it fits JUST RIGHT. 🔥 Wouldn’t want to photograph RA in baggy clothes! 😉


  2. # 3 it should be you Guylty 😊, we’d have many great photos of RA (or maybe it’s you (hmm, blond hair) and we just don’t know it). # 8 I always wanted to know what book was found in Lucas apartment, thanks.
    Love Ireland’s heatwave.
    The birthday auctions fun begins! An alerted about two sets of items to cross the Irish Sea also from me.


  3. Dear Sonja, I am sure you had a great time arranging the things for the fundraiser. I am so excited!!! Well, it would be nice, if Richard had donnated something for this year too, but, who knows? Maybe in the future again (fingers crossed). Every week I wait for your Round-up, your kind words, the photos, the stories, all. Have a nice time!!! (By the way, today, here in Cyprus, it was 39 C).


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