Please Make Way, RA’s a Doctor

Well, he’s played a doctor before – several times, from Casualty to Golden Hour, to Sleepwalker. And now he’s got a real one in the bag. RA has been conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters.

Image: University of Leicester

Here is the link to an article: that also quotes Richard:

He was also invited to hold the graduation speech for the university graduates who were also conferred with their degrees at the same ceremony. There is a recorded live stream of the whole graduation ceremony on FB. And FAIL – apparently I recorded the whole thing without sound. Meh. Ah well, at least you have something pretty to look at. (You may need to use the password “DoctorArmitage” in order access the clip.)

Well, Richard, congratulations on this honour. It is a nice accolade to be recognised by the university in your home county. With all the things you have accomplished so far, it makes for a meaningful acknowledgment of a distinguished career. Well done!

And ETA: Here is RA himself spreading the news:


27 thoughts on “Please Make Way, RA’s a Doctor

  1. Ridiculously in so proud of him. He looks great and his sieving was lovely. I see from his Instagram post that quite a few women got photos with him. I’m assuming there was a long line of them🤣


  2. Big thank you for the photos from Instagram, Sonja. He looks very happy and great on them. And he made an excellent speech.


  3. I watched almost the whole video! I didn’t mean to but I was fascinated by the individuals who seemed so cranky. RA’s speech was wonderful but I am surprised that so few of the students got his jokes. I was laughing! Congratulations to him.


    • I liked his speech, too. It’s a tricky thing to get right. I remember at my own graduation ceremony being outraged that the speaker – some minor businesswoman – talked for ages about her own career accomplishments without acknowledging the actual graduates of the day. Hmph.


  4. His speech was well done but I thought Nigel’s? Introduction was long and comprehensive too, good to hear more about his brother and nephews. He was rather casually dressed under his gown.


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