2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #28

This is the last round-up before the big fundraiser begins! It’s strange how quickly it suddenly sneaks up on us, right? So the final sprint is here, and with all contributions to the auctions and sale now received, I am planning to get some items struck of my to do list today. Add remaining items to my Excel sheet, photograph remaining items, write a couple of listing texts, continue drafting eBay listings, reactivate the Etsy/Pattern page, create thumbnails for Etsy. Optional: draft update posts, create pictures for update posts, hoover the stairs and clean the bathroom. But before I get to that, here is this week’s round-up:


  1. Richardarmitagefanpage has found out more about the release date of Man from Rome
  2. Middleearthpixie’s Miss Fortune goes to chapter 26
  3. And last week’s Guy/Porter crossover fic has been continued by middleearthpixie
  4. 😂 Same energy indeed. I definitely would choose Armitage, though. Posted by elim-flower
  5. Fully agree with onlywifetothorin555 – that was the scene that made me think Thorin is among RA’s best performances
  6. Guy gets some down time in mininottingham
  7. Fizzyxcustard’s Spooks/Pilgrimage crossover “Betrayal” has been updated to chapter 7
  8. Surprised Guy, courtesy of riepu10
  9. Some intense scenes with Father Quart, giffed by gupalss
  10. Also by gupalss, a TBT the interview with Harlan Coben… some nice smiles in there
  11. Sorry for the three-in-a-row by gupalss, but wanted to mention this gif set of “early Ray”… Grmph, I really think they got his look kinda wrong in that. There’s something about the hair and the jeans that makes him look dad-ish. Or were the 1990s that bad 😱
  12. I quite like olya-dwarf’s slide shows
  13. *sniggers* Nfcomics has got it right there with What a Guy Wants

Sweet! That’s a nice number to lead us into the weekend. Off I go and strike a few items of that to do list. Here is my to do list for you:

  • Mark 2022 RA Birthday Fundraiser in your calendar (starts 11 August)
  • Check that your eBay/social media accounts are in working order
  • Bookmark eBay site https://ebay.ie/usr/guylty and Etsy/Pattern https://scissorsandsmiles.patternbyetsy.com
  • Put a few pennies aside for Etsy sale
  • Make sure you are undisturbed by any distractions during fundraiser week
  • Get ready to have fun


I’ll be back with a few teasers over the next few days.

Happy weekend!

Sonja ❤️


20 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #28

  1. There should be an extra warning for #9 i 13 😉, especially for #9 and his smirk 😊. The 1990s were even worse in terms of fashion, so we can be glad that they did not give him a blue or pink tracksuit 😂, but I also don’t really like that hairstyle, too much hairspray or something like that (the 1990s were like that too).
    Nice to do list for us 😊. Have a nice busy weekend, Sonja.


    • That hair was more like a helmet 😂. But well, I guess I was a bit biased because I find that photographers tend to be rather stylish… and that look was not 😬
      Working through the list. Have ticked off a few things, so it’s going alright…


  2. I totally agree with point 5, Thorin was a strong performance all around but that scene is most definitely very intense.
    I think next year I will have to plan my hols around the fundraiser as I’m pretty sure being abroad will get in the way of me getting the items I want rather than ending up with what’s left 😉 Even so the items are always very pretty and cute so I’m sure I’ll find something to contribute too even if I’m a bit late.


    • I agree, being on holiday usually means that days are more spontaneous and less plannable – which is difficult when a timed auction is on. Hopefully you can still take a look and even snap something up. Fingers crossed!

      Liked by 1 person

    • 😂 I’d usually skip household chores at the drop of a hat. Today, however, I actually did the hoovering because it felt like less of a chore than creating 25 eBay listings 😬. But well, that was only procrastination, because those listings WILL have to be created… tomorrow…


      • Oh I HEAR YOU on that score. We have a tax deadline in the U.S. in April, and I have a lifelong collection of friends who know not to bother me in March, because…I’m too busy finishing some other project, instead of doing that tax return. I get everything done for the year in March, ha ha ha!


  3. #1 wish we had some word on when/how the rest of the world will see it 🤔
    #2,3 highly recommend both of these, plus pixie’s Playing with Fire ended on a happy twist for Thorin & Leda
    #9 just finished the book and Oh. My. God. is Fr Quart in trouble 😲 with a capital T
    Appreciate the reminders and to-do list, Sonja. Currently recovering from covid 🤧 so the brain’s a little fuzzy. Can use all the help I can get. Cheers!


    • Oh no, so sorry you caught the bug. Hope you are on the tail-end of it and feel refreshed next week. It better not come in the way of the fundraiser 😉
      I really have to catch up with the fan fics. I read the Porter/Guy cross-over and loved it.


  4. Some lovely pics here, thanks Guylty and 6) I love Mini Guy’s man cave! 11) I agree about Ray’s 90’s look. He should be wearing a bucket hat, over-sized T-Shirt and baggy flares – but at least there was no horrible facial topiary as in Between the Sheets.


  5. Thank you so much for the mention. It was the only post I’ve posted in a while. I took a break from tumblr.

    Can’t wait for the teasers of auction items!!


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