Tee-Tee-Tease #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

I’m running out of headlines for the teasers 😂. But I am not running out of things to tease. As the final teaser for this year’s eBay auctions, I would like to highlight the fan sets and other items that we have put together. Fan sets are a much-loved fixture in the auctions, usually combinations of fan items such as DVDs with other paRAphernalia. This year is no exception, and some of the kind donors have packed a few gorgeous treasures that will enhance their new owners’ fangirling experience. Add to that the usual array of DVDs, programmes and other curios, and you have a veritable pool of fan essentials. Here comes the gif:

Just to whet your appetite: In the auctions you will find fan sets such as Graza’s beautiful “Porter Pack” that combines a Strike Back DVD with a beautiful silver Scorpio charm and a camouflage strap. There is also Paula’s “Percy Pack”, including the Miss Marie Lloyd DVD, the printed song lyrics and a couple of hand-aged photos of Percy Courtenay. Esther has been at the printer’s again, and this time she has produced an original and unique RA Puzzle. We also have other DVDs in the pot, such as Sleepwalker, donated by Pamela, and audio CDs such as The Martian Invasion on Earth, courtesy of ZedEffEye. Also donated by the latter, is an original theatre programme from Uncle Vanya.These are just a few of the items on offer. So you better come back tomorrow and check it all out.

All donors will be mentioned in the listings tomorrow, but I’d already like to say a big thank you to the supporters whose items are going into the fundraiser now. Some may have sent their items previously and I am only getting to include the pieces now, but thanks are due to…

Poppy, Jane B., Nokisuu, ZedEffEye, Celeste, Graza, Paula, Esther, Kate, Pamela, Young, SahRA, Suzanne O, Armidreamer and Louisa.


(We also have a growing number of contributors to the fixed-price sale, but I will thank them separately in the upcoming teaser for the Etsy items.)

On the hunt for some images for the listings, I read through last year’s birthday fundraiser saga with my selling limit that caused the delay of our fan-fronted auctions. 😅 Goodness, such snafu. Funnily enough, even though I was told back then that my selling limit was only going to be raised temporarily, it looks as if I am still allowed to sell up to €10,000 worth of stuff.

Well, don’t hold back, ladies. 😉 But no further small-print to add today, you’ll be relieved to hear. So all that is left for you to do is sit back, another sleep and then tomorrow afternoon (GMT+1) the fun starts. I’ll be proof-reading the listings for the umpteenth time and get the announcement post ready. Excited!!!


17 thoughts on “Tee-Tee-Tease #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

  1. Big thanks to you for your work, Sonja. I know the problem with the selling limit must have been very stressful for you last year, but for us it was not a snafu but an extension of the fun. And now I better see how the fruit dessert I made for my very own Lion turned out 😉 😊. See you tomorrow 😘


  2. Love the idea of the fan sets. Looking to fill two spots in my dvd collection, but concerned they might not be Region 1 or region-free for U.S. players. Will they all be labelled?
    GMT+1 is 6 hrs ahead of CDT, correct? Setting my alarm for 6 AM now! So psyched 🤪


    • Oh great, there will be several DVDs in the mix. And yes, I will note the region info in the listings (on eBay), so hopefully you can find the shows that are missing in your collection…


    • Happy to do so 🙂 And at this point, I know what needs doing and I am better organised than at the beginning. I am actually feeling quite relaxed, given that it is the day before the auctions start. (Hope I haven’t just jinxed it…)

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  3. Looking forward to the celebrations! I’ll be making a contributions towards your fees as per usu 😉 Towards the end of last month i had my yearly reminder for my Crucible anniversary… i haven’t counted the years 😉 Still so fresh in my mind, always a lovely time to celebrate and i love looking at all the wonderful fan crafting 🙂 Thanks to you and everyone donating and participating and organising! xx


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