#2022RABirthdayFundRAiser – Breakthrough Post #1

Milestones, landmarks, mileposts, breakthroughs. Call it what you will but one thing is certain: It never ceases to amaze me how generously the fandom steps up to the plate and bids in the auctions. Bidding started today more or less as soon as I had uploaded the first handful of listings. Yep, that’s right, even before I published the kick-off post, the first bids had already come in. Once the announcement had been made, it took only half an hour for 60% of the auctions having been activated with a first bid. And as soon as I posted a link spam on Twitter with the (then) as-yet-unbidded-on items, more bids came in. By 8pm, we had made the first breakthrough!

You know what the first breakthrough means, right. I’ve put a magnifying glass on it:

Needless to say that the number has risen further since then.

So a big thank you already to the early birds bidders who set us off. Fantastic response so far, and we all know that bids and prices will continue to change over the next two and a half days. There are sure to be some items that will stay within an affordable price range. But we also have a few items that have already garnered a lot of attention, if not a bidding war 😉.

The forerunner in terms of all stats is currently Kate’s Guy of Gisborne trinket chest. With the winning bid currently at €202.50, this listing has had the highest number of views (106), most watchers (10) and most bids (30). Not unexpectedly, the trio of Crucible posters is proving once again most attractive. Currently at €201.00, 6 people are watching this set, and 23 bids have come in for it. In third place is the Staged DVD. No wonder, as this little gem of a DVD is hard to come by. 89 views and 26 bids have garnered a current high bid of €76.50. Thank you!

As I head off to the Land of Snooze, I am leaving this link here for your consideration. Armidreamer has written a whole blog post about her Daniel diorama, including a few more pictures of it. Have a look at this little marvel. Maybe you’ll leave it a bid, too.

Daniel’s diorama of delights – a box with a handmade 3D scenario

I’d also like to thank those who have made donations of money to our fundraiser. I am particularly happy to say that a couple of names popped up in Paypal that I did not recognise. It is nice to know that the fundraiser reaches beyond the group of people *active* here on my blog or over on Twitter. Thank you to you; your participation is much appreciated!

Over and out for now – and I’ll be back tomorrow morning with the overnight developments. ❤️


7 thoughts on “#2022RABirthdayFundRAiser – Breakthrough Post #1

  1. Wowzers!! That’s… wow. Rock’n’Roll everyone. Great showing!

    I am sorry I can’t follow along as much as usual, but I’m in packing chaos. It’s dreadful. Can’t wait to be done.

    Thank you for everything, you’re a star, Sonja.


  2. Wow amazing start, all item with bids, on the first day.
    This photo with Porter is cool and so funny (and that one with Lucas too) 😂


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