#2022RABirthdayFundRaiser Kicks Off: NOW LIVE!!!

The day has finally come upon us again. We are kicking off the 2022 RA Birthday FundRAiser with the auctions of fan items over on eBay. I won’t bore you with the technical details. You know the drill. Private auctions… blablabla… non-commercial… blablabla… by fans for fans… blablabla… but CLICK THE ITEM HEADLINES TO GET DIRECTED TO THE EBAY LISTING. You will find more details about all the items as well as more photos in the respective descriptions.

But let me just precede the list of items with this: The obvious purpose of the fundraiser is to generate a nice donation for LOROS, a hospice care provider in the UK. LOROS needs to raise more than £6 million every year to deliver their care and support for thousands of terminally ill patients and their loved ones. However, our donation is also a token of appreciation for our shared favourite actor, Richard Armitage. Instead of buying him a birthday present, we will transfer our final proceeds from the eBay auctions (and the Etsy sale) through his mother’s memorial page, accompanied by a birthday message. LOROS is close to Richard’s heart ever since the charity looked after his mother in 2017. So our donation will serve three purposes: supporting the vital work of a charity, expressing our appreciation to Richard, and remembering his mother. However, the proceeds of the fundraiser are not just monetary in form. With our fundraiser we are also raising awareness of the work LOROS is doing. So likewise, your participation in the fundraiser does not have to be monetary. Your tweets, every message on any platform, every blog post, every comment and reply, are currency when it comes to spreading the word and raising awareness for a good cause. They add to the final proceeds – and the karma that we are hopefully creating, too. Plus, it will hopefully be fun for you to take part in a community effort. If you are new here, please join the fun, make yourself heard and delurk. If you are an old hand at all this – thanks for coming back another year.

I now declare this bazaar open.

**** The headline of every item is a link that takes you directly to the eBay listing. You can click on the image to enlarge.****

Astrov Set

Just for fans of Dr Astrov, played by Richard Armitage, in the 2020 production of Uncle Vanya: This is a notebook decorated with images of Astrov. It comes with a matching keyring, also with a picture of Astrov. Donated by Poppy.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 14:52:02 BST

Coaster Set

One for your work desk, one for your coffee table: This is a set of 2 coasters with 2 images of Richard Armitage. Keep your surfaces spill-free and discreetly enjoy a fangirling moment! Donated by Poppy.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 14:54:35 BST

Into the Storm – DVD

The hottest high school teacher East of Attu Island can be seen in this DVD of Richard’s 2014 disaster movie Into the Storm. The DVD is region 2. Donated by Jane B.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 14:56:30 BST

Sir Guy Canvas

A real work of art, unique and original, for all fans of Guy of Gisborne: This canvas has been painted grey and incorporates a picture of the hot knight. Ribbon and leather in yellow and black are reminders of the Gisborne crest. A key dangles freely on the canvas. Made and donated by Susanna.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 14:58:56 BST

Uncle Vanya – Theatre Programme

Due to the shortened run of Uncle Vanya in the Harold Pinter Theater, this genuine theatre programme of the play is actually a true collectible. Featuring cast photos and notes on Anton Chekhov. An unsigned programme but in perfect condition. No tears or creases. Donated by ZedEffEye.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:01:08 BST

The Seville Communion – Book

Can’t wait for Richard Armitage’s next project to grace the screen? In that case here is the book that his film The Man from Rome is based on, donated by ZedEffEye.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:03:03 BST

Stay Close – Book

The book that sparked Netflix’s Stay Close – for those who prefer Kopfkino to the real thing. Just read Stay Close, and think of Richard. Or Ray Levine, for that matter. A used softcover book, donated by ZedEffEye.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:05:11 BST

The Martian Invasion on Earth – CD

Escape to audio heaven with this audio CD of HG Wells’ Martian Invasion of Earth, performed by Richard Armitage et al. Donated by Jane B.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:06:36 BST

Wolf Clasp – Hair Clip

Guy of Gisborne would’ve worn this himself: This is a unique and handmade hair clip. Made from pewter, there is no other item like this anywhere, carefully handcrafted. The clip features the wolf’s head symbol as seen on the clasps on Gisborne’s gloves and leather jacket. Made and donated by Celeste.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:08:30 BST

Ray Fan Set

Stay Close to Ray Levine with this fun fan set. The set comprises an original, unique RA pocket shrine that features Ray in his dark room, as well as a hardcover edition of the Harlan Coben thriller.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:13:12 BST

Porter Pack

A set for fans of John Porter from Strike Back: Strike Back DVD season 1, accompanied by a silver scorpio charm with green gem and a camouflage strap. This gorgeus set will be sent in a colourful cotton bag. Donated by Graza.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:15:23 BST

Staged – DVD

Going back to RA’s early film work, this is Richard Armitage playing his first lead in the short film Staged. Comes with an accompanying letter in which director Darren Denison explains about how the project came about. Donated by Paula.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:17:11 BST

Spooks 9 – DVD

Lucas North’s adventures as an MI5 spy continue in this DVD box set of Spooks, season 9. The DVD is unused, unopened and in spotless condition. Donated by Graza.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:18:24 BST

RA Puzzle

He is a puzzle! Literally. While away an afternoon with a unique puzzle of Richard. 100 pieces to handle and combine into a large image collage. The puzzle was custom-made for the auctions and is a one-off. It comes in a sturdy cardboard box that displays the puzzle image. Donated by Esther.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:19:33 BST

Uncle Vanya – Paperback script

The new adaptation of the Chekhov classic Uncle Vanya by Conor McPherson accompanied the recent stage production (Harold Pinter Theatre, London). This is the text as published by Nick Hern Books (2020).

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:21:43 BST 

Sir Guy’s Treasure Chest

Where does Guy keep his prized possessions? In a little chest. And so should you. You could be the new owner of this little treasure. Perfect for keeping your jewellery in, or for storing paper clips and other stationary on your desk. All under the watchful eye of Sir Guy… Made and donated by Kate.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:23:09 BST

Robin Hood – DVD

Let’s go back to the legacy work – Richard as Sir Guy in Robin HOOD. The DVD is of RH vol 1, ep 1 – 5 and consists of 2 discs. It’s a region 2 (Europe) DVD, so bidders need to be aware that their DVD player is compatible! Donated by Pamela

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:29:19 BST

Sleepwalker – DVD

If handymen with medical degrees are your thing, your dreams will come true with Dr Scott White of Sleepwalker fame. This DVD of the film is a German release, i.e. the DVD blurb is in German. EDIT: Apparently the DVD only has German soundtrack, despite saying that it also has English sound. Donated by Pamela.

*** FYI: I have just heard from Kate who had a similar issue with her own Sleepwalker DVD. Apparently there is a work-around available to access the English language soundtrack of this DVD. The menu of the DVD may be broken but English works when you access the language settings through the DVD player’s audio/language settings.***

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:25:15 BST

The Lodge – DVD

Not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but a must for every RA film library, this is a DVD of horror film The Lodge. Unused and in pristine condition, it is still unopened in its original wrapper. Donated by Pamela.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:30:40 BST

RA Fan Set

From the depths of the archive, a fun RA fan set emerges: The pack comprises 2 coasters and a set of stickers of RA from images taken ca. 2013, as well as five 6x9cm stickers of RA images by Robert Ascroft. Donated by Young.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:32:14 BST

Total Film – Magazine

This issue of Total Film mag contains an interview with Richard Armitage. Sourced for your pleasure, this is Issue 313, which comes with a one-page interview with RA. Unused and in pristine condition.

This auction will end on (14 Aug, 2022 15:33:18 BST

Psychologies – Magazine

Remember when Richard was interviewed in Psychologies Magazine? No? Well, then you need a copy of said magazine. It was published in February 2020 in the run-up to the release of The Stranger.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:34:56 BST

Percy Pack

Complete your collection of RA films and shows with the Percy Pack. Richard played Percy Courtenay in the 2007 BBC production Miss Marie Lloyd. The set contains the DVD, a print of the lyrics to Marie Lloyd’s song “The Boy I Love” two photographs of Richard as Percy, carefully edited and then crumpled to look like a genuine vintage photograph. Donated by Paula.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:36:27 BST

Sir Guy Set

You can wear Guy on your chest – and in your pocket. This fan set comes with an unworn and new white cotton t-shirt (size L) that features the words “Guy’s Girl” in gold lettering, as well as a small RA pocket shrine.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:37:53 BST

The Crucible posters – Set of 3

SUPER RARE!!! Your chance to get your hands on not just one but all three of the beautiful posters of the 2014 Old Vic production of The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage as lead. The posters are new, have never been hung on a wall, and were bought at the theatre during the play’s run in 2014.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:41:23 BST

RA Notebook

This gorgeous book can hold your secrets, has space for your photos or will work as a place to write down your contacts. The hand-decorated book contains embellishments and pictures of Richard but leaves plenty of space for you to add your own notes. It has been lovingly wrapped and comes with two gorgeous bookmarks that also display pictures of RA. As a little extra, this journal set will be sent in a fun, alpaca-decorated cotton bag. Made and donated by Graza.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:43:00 BST

Peach Fan Pack

Positively peachy! If you are a cheeky fan, this fan set is for you. It comes with the peachy RAPS and a peach recipe book. The book is used and shows minor signs of usage, but all pages intact and no creases and tears.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:44:16 BST

Thorin’s Buckle

An amazing hand-made fan object: This is a box made from and decorated with card stock. It is a sort of “explosion box” that will expand when you lift the lid. Suspended inside is Thorin’s buckle as a pendant. Donated and made by Jane B.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:45:37 BST

North & South Set

The perfect fan set for anyone who loves Mr Thornton from Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South: The set is comprised of the Thornton Lavender Vibes RAPS and a copy of Gaskell’s novel. The book is pre-loved but fully intact.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:47:01 BST

Berlin Station Season 2 – DVD

What’s better than Daniel Miller? Daniel Miller *and* Trevor Price. See the „twofer“ in the Berlin Station DVD of season 2. Note: This is a region 1 (Canada, U.S. and U.S. territories) DVD that will be mailed to North America only! Donated by Suzanne.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:48:44 BST

RadioTimes – Magazine

Completing your RArchive? Here is an issue of the Radio Times. The 26 June – 2 July 2021 issue contains an double-spread article about RA, entitled “I’m often asked to channel misery” and pictures of RA as Astrov and himself. The magazine is in pristine and unused condition.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:50:06 BST

Diorama of Delights

This time Armidreamer’s butterfly net has caught Daniel Miller. He can be found nestled amongst flower petals in a Perspex display box. A miniscule dark-chested Thornton can be spotted scowling in a bird cage. Incorporating five-ish lovely items from Nokisuu, as part of the Five Items craft challenge, and inspired by the tale of Roman emperor, Heliogabalus, who smothered his guests with thousands of petals. Made and donated by Armidreamer.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:51:33 BST

Capt. America Set

Capt. America was Richard’s first foray into Hollywood, playing a supporting role in the Marvel super hero franchise. This set comes not only with the DVD but also a coveted Marvel collector’s card of Heinz Krüger, the Nazi spy played by Richard, and a matted photograph of Heinz. Donated by Paula.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:53:23 BST

Sparkhouse – DVD

This is a DVD of the BBC drama Sparkhouse. It originally aired on BBC One from 1 to 8 September 2002. Written by Sally Wainwright, it is a modern take on Wuthering Heights. Richard plays John Standring, one of the best loved characters in RA’s oeuvre.

This auction will end on 14 Aug, 2022 15:54:29 BST

Let the games begin!

Bidding is now open for all of the 34 auctions. Reminder that we will ship worldwide, even if by some technical mistake the listing might say otherwise. (Excludes one clearly labelled item.) You should be able to view the listings in English as I am publishing them through the Irish eBay site. Please remember to bid responsibly! While raising funds for a good cause, I don’t want you to remortgage your house. 😉 Your shares, comments and cheers are equally valuable. Feel free to share direct links to the listings on your social media pages, cheer on the bidders, discuss the items and send some love to the kind makers and donors who are making this fundraiser possible. But most of all: Let’s have fun!

Also, the donation button is live here on the blog, should you feel like making a monetary contribution to the fundraiser and associated costs. Just click on the donate button in the top right of the sidebar or here:

I’ll be back with updates here on blog, usually at the start and/or end of each day until the auctions finish on Sunday afternoon.


35 thoughts on “#2022RABirthdayFundRaiser Kicks Off: NOW LIVE!!!

  1. Hi Guylty the Sleepwalker dvd does not have the English soundtrack on it. It has either Dutch or German. It was sold by Amazon saying it was English but it is not.
    The Lodge dvd is not a region 2 dvd

    Best wishes Pamela x


  2. Reblogged this on nellindreams and commented:
    Guylty hat wieder die Armitage-Fans und ihre Kreativität mobilisieren können für die 2022er Ausgabe der RA Birthday Auctions: Bieten oder shoppen für den guten Zweck + Spaß und Fandomsocialising (… es geht doch nichts über ein gepflegtes Denglisch…). Wer Lust hat, bitte mitmachen!


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  4. Congrats on the auction thus far. The Crucible posters are really raking in the dough. Lots of other lovely things too. I’m keeping an eye on several. Unfortunately it appears the dvds I could use are all region 2 or 4 while those I already have are region 1. Just my darn luck.
    BTW, I see that all bidders thus far have kept their identities private. How does one do that?


    • Hehe, looks as if the Europeans are more likely to get rid of their DVDs 😂.
      Those Crucible posters are an absolute bestseller. They made a really big price in the last auction, too.
      As for private identities – I have enabled anonymous bidding for everyone. Your identity will not be visible to other bidders on the bidding page. However, of course you will see your own name when you access the listing 😉


  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! The fundraiser is here, now, live… Come on, RA Army, for LOROS and all those who fight for dignity in their life.


  6. What a great collection! Thank you to all the fab donators and your great work S. Different items catch my eyes, so let the “battle” for a good cause start


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